Wednesday, October 10, 2012

9 weeks old

Today little man turned 9 weeks & had his two month checkup at the pediatrician. He got his first round of shots, the dTap & so on. They gave him a shot in each leg & a vaccine orally. Adam held his arms down while the nurse did it. The second she did it, Matthew's face turned bright red, almost as red as this blanket pictured above, no joke & was silent for a few seconds before bursting into the saddest cry I had ever heard. It made me feel so helpless & overwhelmingly sad. As soon as it was over I gave him his bottle & held him as tight as I could, telling him "mommy is here, everything is ok, I love you" over & over again. 

I think the shots made him sleepy, because he has been sleeping ever since we got home from the mall, which was after the pediatrician. & I had to wake him up to feed him a little while ago & he went right back asleep, I couldn't even get a photo of him awake because he would cry if I woke him up & he was just too tired. I'm assuming his legs may be sore, & he is worn out from a long day. Poor baby. 

I may have a picture upload, but I can't get enough of this face. He smiles all the time. The pediatrician sheet said "they may respond to you with smiling", well he does EVERY TIME. If you talk in a high pitch baby voice, fake sneeze, play pee-a-boo, sing, anything that may entertain him, he just puts on a big smile for us. My favorite is when I walk away, come back a few minutes later, & surprise him. I have gotten a total of like 5 giggles now :) Very brief giggles but I love it. 

He was literally "using the restroom" in this picture, because right after he made these faces he left me a big surprise in his diaper. He has graduated from the curled up knees to his chest, & grunting noises, to just making the faces now, so i'm guessing he is just handling the formula better now. He looks like he is about to deck someone :) He also makes a face where he raises one eyebrow when I do something silly.

He has really turned a corner in the social department. The latest new thing is cooing noises. Yesterday when he was in the swing, Adam & I were just randomly conversating & next thing we know, Matthew starts making a "oooooo" sound every like 10 seconds. It was so adorable, I started talking back with him like him & I were having a conversation in "oooo" language. He also has a fake cry now, its like a loud cry that lasts a second or two at the longest & fades out. Its adorable. 

I've got to teach this little one how to dress the proper way :) This was the second time wearing shoes, which he tolerated well, I don't even think he realizes they are there. These were 0-3 pants, but they surprisingly were very tight!! 

Look at that scrumptious tummy. We started using huggies, along with pampers. Pampers are still our favorite, because of the blue line that pops up indicating they have wet their diaper, which saves you from have to open it without knowing. Just a convenience thing. He doesn't leak out of either of them, they are both super absorbent. I had no idea there was such thing as size 1-2, but that's what we have him in now, till we decide to bump him up to size 2. These still fit pretty well though.

Flirting with mommy!! We can't get enough of each other :) haha. He is just the sweetest little thing I have ever seen. He loves all the attention he can get, some times when you lay him down he will just stare at you, with this look like, "when are you going to pick me up lady?". He enjoys laying on his boppy during the day, the TV will catch his eye when he is on it, & he is in a trance watching it. 

This is the second time we put him in his bumbo chair, below is the first time. He sits up pretty well, but his little head is a bit unstable. Plus he doesn't like to be in it right now. He is in the "I want to be held" stage. The Georgia weather has been getting chilly the last few days so he has been sporting the cute little vest outfits from Carters. Along with lots of socks, hats, & long sleeve onsies w/ pants. We have him in 0-3 month, he can't fit in newborn any longer. I've noticed that 0-3 month & 3 month fit pretty much exactly the same. 

First time sitting in the bumbo at 8 weeks old. I was so proud of him, what a big boy. His legs look so tiny when he is in this chair. He loves to talk to me when we do something different like the bumbo, swing, play mat. He gazes at me when I talk to him, just staring so contently.  He has been putting his hands down a lot more now, rather then putting them up by his face as much as he used too. 

Already a singer!! I always catch him in the perfect positions, & perfect facial expressions. I've been doing a lot more "neck" exercises, the bumbo, boppy, play mat, & just letting him practice while laying on top of my chest. As long as I am patting his back, or talking to him he does pretty well with it, other than that he starts to scream about it. 

Little frat boy right here. He loves having his head propped up, laying flat is not his thing. Our days look pretty much the same, we sleep in till around 12, after his 9 a.m feeding, he feeds at 12 & then sits in the swing while I eat. He normally falls asleep, & then we go about our daily errands or routines, he either sleeps or we interact with him on the floor with the playmat or boppy. Does anyone else feel like its feed & sleep, feed & sleep, feed & sleep all day? I can't seem to keep him awake, after he feeds he just wants to go back to sleep. If I keep him up too long he just starts crying. We haven't really got on a sleep schedule, because Adam works Friday & Saturday nights till 3 a.m & then is home all week so we either go to bed really late or around 11, I know its important to get on a sleep schedule, but he normally sleeps between 4-6 hours, so that works for us.  

This was my "good morning" smile. My mother sent him a video of herself talking because she lives in Houston, Texas. She talked in a high pitch voice & he just smiled the whole time. It made me sad to think she is so far away from her grandson, but i'm glad we are going to get to visit as much as possible. He is a lot better with being naked now, as long as he has a blanket on him or barely on him. The small swaddles are too small, way too tight. So now we are using the medium swaddles which have been a lot comfier. He sleeps with the sound machine on, & pacifier in his mouth. 

The shirt says it all!! Matthew is now feeding every 2- 4 hours, with a 4 oz bottle each time. During his night feedings he normally will only take 2 oz or so & then fall asleep in the middle of the feeding. I have stopped breast feeding for now, I don't want to say I've completely given up forever on it. But it has actually helped him, he hasn't been having upset tummies, or gas problems which is a lot easier on us because he is very calm now. We've noticed he won't take a cold bottle, it has to be warm. He has been spitting up a lot, the pediatrician just said to make sure we keep him sitting up for a while after his feeding, but as soon as we burp him it just comes out. Not sure what's going on there, but we are going to work on keeping him up during his feeding as well since he is bottle fed. He is too funny when he eats, if Adam starts kissing on him or touching him at all, he will make these little grunting noises & stop sucking on the bottle, like he is saying "don't touch me when I eat", he even shrugs a little & moves away from Adam. 

This is Matthew's Cousin Thomas. He is exactly 3 months older than Matthew. Look at my little man catching up!! I can already tell they are going to be the best of friends. I can't believe Matthew was smiling the whole time while Thomas kept pulling on his sleeper & ears. I went to pick Matthew up & didn't realize that Thomas had his hair & Matthew shrieked, I felt so bad. 

About the same length & same height!! I don't want to rush things, but I can't wait to see what they both look like when they are older. There are so many things to look forward to when you have a child. The smallest of things are the most important & special. 

I'm not sure why he likes this so much, but he just loves to be sitting up & standing up. Even though he is really wobbely, he just loves it. Smile on his face & everything, as soon as you put him down he gets upset again. We had to tuck his vest in because it kept riding up in the back. I didn't spike his hair or put it in a mohawk, we gave him a bath this morning, put him in the car seat, & this is what it looked like afterwards. He has got so much hair!!

Matthew has 5 1/2 grandma's, one being a step grandma if that counts. They are all amazing, & I love them. I know Matthew already loves them too. Can't you tell? lol. Matthew still hasn't shown any interest in toys, he will grab our fingers, hair, & shirts, but when you try to get him to grab a toy, he holds on for a second & lets go. He does like toys that make noise, he won't touch them, but he likes to listen to them, it soothes him. Our favorite is the crackle elephant, twinkle twinkle dinosaur. & the link toys that make rattling noises.  

I've noticed when we give Matthew before bed he sleeps longer. But I think it is the same for Adam & I as well. Maybe when you are cleaner & you have that warmth on your skin it just lulles you to sleep, not sure. I always put the aveeno lotion on him before bed, he likes to be massaged. He is so still & calm in the bath, doesn't make a peep. Just stares in the same spot until we are done. He always his fuzz in between his fingers & toes from sticking his hands in his mouth, & getting them sticky. Not sure how it gets in between his feet though. Either way he doesn't really open his hands, so it builds up in there.

I feel like I should get an agent for him, or am I just a mother obsessed with their baby? I've noticed over the years that some mom's think their baby is the cutest thing in the world, but to other people they defiantly aren't the cutest, is that wrong to say? lol. Either way, I think he is the cutest baby on earth, but i'm his mother :)

This was at his two month appointment today. He weighs 11 1/2 lbs, & measures 23 inches long. He is growing right on track. This was the first time he held onto his toy longer than a few seconds, but he still eventually let go. I tried to put it on his feet so he would realize he was making the noise, but I think he is still too young to make the connection. 

This is also a new thing. He has begun chewing on his hands, sucking on his thumb. Which leads to sticky fingers. It is pretty precious though hearing the "num num num" when he does it though. He does it a lot more when he is hungry, trying to give me the hint that its time to eat. 

We have a lot of guitar onsies because Adam loves to play the guitar. I'm so glad I have all of these smiley photos to show him when he is older. I just recentley got back into scrap booking again. I'm up to date on Adam & I, the pregnancy, & now I need to work on the giving birth part & the beginning of his scrap book. When it's on paper & hand made its so much more special then just showing him a bunch of pictures on the internet. 

& I had to end this with my two favorite boys. Adam is a big fan of the computer game W.O.W (World Of Warcraft). He may not look like a nerd, but he defiantely is one at heart. I know it probably wasn't the best for Matthew, but Matthew literally sat like this in the same position, not taking his eyes off of Adam's computer for 2 hours. I couldn't believe it. He didn't need his pacifier or anything, he was in a total trance. He loves hanging out with daddy though, & Adam kept talking to him, so it was a little chance for the two of them to bond together. 


  1. Yay, I love all of his smiling pictures, they make me smile! I look forward to his weekly updates!

  2. Aww...hat a cutie!! I love all the cold weather outfits! Kaden loves the iPad, computer, tv....anything electronic ;)

  3. I live in Georgia too!! What a handsome boy you have, I can't get over all of his hair! Be thankful that he sleeps so well, Cooper is not a good napper at all and I literally hold him all day long besides the ten minutes he is in his bouncer while I take a shower and the 10-15 minutes he will tolerate on the floor. I love that he loves to be with me so much, but sometimes I really wish that $160 swing wasn't going to waste lol!

  4. what a cute little man! don't blink too much because the weeks and months fly by!

  5. He is such a cuuuute baby! Honestly...precious! Thanks for your sweet comment today! So nice to "meet" another mommy!

  6. I just found out this past weekend that I'm having a "little man!" I hope he's half as cute as your little guy. I love your Bumbo cover btw. Where did you get it?