Monday, October 29, 2012

Looking Back

The night Adam & I met at his old apartment. My friend Shannon & I worked at Hooters. I remember her walking around showing a picture of her room mate on her phone (which was Adam) her, her boyfriend, & Adam all lived together. I called her one random Thursday night & asked her to hang, we ended up playing a little beer pong, I don't drink beer, so I let Adam do the honors. We stayed up all night sharing our secrets & getting to know each other & we have be inseparable since. Starting a relationship with honesty was the smartest thing I ever did.

Fall last year. As you can see, I change my hair color a lot. I moved in with him a few months after I met him & then 10 months later I found out I was pregnant. 


It's funny to look at those shoes & know that he is now wearing those shoes. You never realize how fast time goes by until you sit back & think about. Babies just grow with you.

My little sugar in my tummy. 

The day he was born, one of the happiest days of my life. I can't believe he is wearing newborn clothing in this photo, its so baggy on him. He couldn't even fit in a newborn outfit now if I tried. It's amazing how something so little can take your breath away.

Sharing our first family moment. I felt an over whelming since of joy holding Matthew & watching Adam cry. It was such an amazing, emotional experience.

Going through photos brought me back to my skinny self. Last summer, when all my clothes fit. I had a breakdown in my closet today trying to find a black cover up/jacket that fit. I only weigh 15 lbs more than I used to, but apparently that is a ton when it comes to clothing.  Oh to be skinny again.  

& why not have a little Halloween throwback :) As you can see I favored the play boy bunny costumes!! Or things that made me different/stand out haha. 


  1. Oh darlin.... He is precious. But I completely agree with you on wanting to be back to "normal weight" again. With me, I am finally down 5 lbs past pre pregnancy but still have at least 10 more to go... I swear our little angles make us expand more so than just with added weight. The things I wore before (5lbs heavier) still dont fit right!!! I don't get it! I started doing beach body work outs. Hip hop for abs 1st, I lost 10lbs in a month. Now I'm doing Insanity. 5 lbs in week! It is trying but worth it, and easy to do with not being able to go to the gym with a baby. In the home no equipment needed. A mother's dream! ;)
    (BTW, you should think about putting the Google friend connect gadget on the side of the blog, you don't come up in my newsfeed :(, but i have you on the side bar of my blog of those I follow, so I can see your posts that way.)

  2. love this post. such as sweet memories and isn't it surprising how we can get from then to now? you have a gorgeous family

  3. It is crazy when you look back at how things come to be, huh? Your family is so precious! And I am sure you will get to where you want to be with your weight - your body went through pregnancy and giving birth and it's got to take time! You still look great regardless!

  4. I wish I looked half as good as you do after having a baby! Don't worry you look amazing!