Thursday, November 1, 2012

3 Months Old

My Precious Matthew is now 3 months old. I remember Adam saying "I can't wait till he is three months, so he will start socially smiling & giggling at us", turns out he started way before 3 months!! He melts my heart with every little noise he makes, & his smile is so loving. I did the weigh myself, then weigh him & it looks like he is roughly 13 lbs. Not so sure on the height, they make you wait two whole months till their next appointment. 

Matthew is defiantly "chubbing" or as my dad would say "studding" up. Even though Matthew is smaller than his cousin who is 6 months, Matthew feels heavier!! He is packing it all in. He is finally discovering what it feels like to be cold, with all this wind in Georgia & cool air. 

We had an awesome first Halloween, went to a mini festival, watched movies, & handed out Halloween candy. Matthew sported his little onsie here, & was also the cookie monster during the day. I wanted to give him some candy, but of course not yet :)

We haven't gotten rid of the "plug" yet. I think he is already emotionally attached. I feel so bad taking it away when it calms him down SO MUCH. I don't think he cries for it when it's been out for a while, but if he has it in & it falls out, its game over. He is starting to hold on to his toys more, grasping this one above, these little links are perfect for their little grip & they are textured. He is beginning to put everything in his mouth now, not just the hands. Every time I begin to give him his bottle his hands instinctively go up & hold it, not full on, but hold it just not lifting the weight of the bottle by himself. 

Little man wasn't in the camera mood though on Halloween. Let me just say I love footed pajamas, I need something to cover his hands though because the scratch mittens don't fit. But if we don't swaddle him at night his little hands get so cold, any recommendations on something to keep his little hands warm?

Did anyone see the news story on new mothers not taking photos with their babies? I can see why in a way I guess. But if you take care of yourself & don't let your self go then I don't see why you wouldn't want to take photos with them. Don't you want to show them how good you looked when they were little lol? Not sure if that news story makes much sense to me. 

I didn't dress up this year for the first time in my whole life. That's right my mom dressed me up ever since I was a newborn, I guess I just didn't have a reason to this year. But daddy threw on his batman hat & was ready to go :) I should have had Matthew be a cookie & me be the cookie monster!! 

Before we weren't fitting into the stroller, but now he has chubbed up a little more & can finally fit in it decently. I love this stroller, its so awesome. I just don't like that you have to purchase everything that goes with it, annoying.  We use a head support for now so that his little head doesn't fall into the straps. 

We attempted to get a cousin photo. These are Adam's sister's four kids. Rose, Sera, Sebastian in the stroller), Thomas, & then our little Matthew. Rose was a cowgirl, Sera was dorothy (my fav. since I was born & raised in Kansas), Thomas was a dragon & Matthew the cookie monster. 

Nutrition:  Matthew is taking 4oz every 3-4 hours, like I said before I think we may bump it up soon, but we don't like having left over formula all the time, it's expensive as it is. He only some times will drink more than 4 oz. 

Social:  Matthew is very vocal. Cooing, Caaing, screaming, screeching  Any way he knows how to speak, he is doing. We catch him talking the most when he thinks no one is around. The screaming is a new thing we have encountered this week. He thinks it's funny, & giggles when he does it. He smiles at almost everything we do.  I love it when he watches us walk around or walk away from him. It's awesome to see how he is developing. 

As you can see his hair is so long. I love it. This is him passed out on his boppy after a long day of mommy/son shopping. Let me just say it's nice to have two of all the "covers" whether it be for the boppy, changing pad cover, bumbo....because once they throw up on it, you don't want to use it till its been washed, so unless you plan on doing laundry everyday think again :)

Loves standing up & seeing everything we see. He wants to walk, & crawl so bad. He is swimming on the floor now, & when we stand him up he likes to sit down. He is pretty close to sitting on his own surprisingly. I actually got him to sit alone for 5 seconds the other day, I was pretty amazed. He still doesn't like tummy time though, once he starts crying he doesn't want to stop.

Clothing: 0-3 months & size 2 diapers. I figured out this week that off brand diapers do not fit the same as huggies & pampers. The size two generic brand wouldn't even tighten around his tummy. Also, the newborn & 0-3 month socks are too small for him, we are wearing 6-9 month socks & the white onsies that are 0-3 months won't fit him either, we have to use 6-9 month for those too. 

Sleep:  I think we may have a sleep schedule!! Maybe not a great one, but at least we have one. He goes to bed with us around 2 a.m & then he wakes up around 10-10:30 so we get a good solid 7-8 hours of sleep finally. Well, for this week at least. Of course he sleeps 2-3 hour stretches during the day as well, but this is his main sleep stretch. & I'm ok with it!! 

Matthew got his first big boy bath. Adam & I got in the bath together w/ him, & he thought it was hilarious  He kept looking at both of us like "what are you both doing in my hot water?" haha  We played with the ducky, & splashed around for a little bit. This was the first time he had his whole under half under the water because with our blooming bath it doesn't really have water that pools in it. He decided it would be nice to pee on us as well. 

Look at my little guy growing!! I wonder if he will grow into those big feet :) I think I see the most difference in his cheeks, eyes, & legs!! 


  1. If he loves to be swaddled check out woombie...I swear by it. We have the convertible woombie so when Claire started to roll over we could unsnap the arm holes and wean her into an arm out swaddle. I cant imagine going to bed that late but if thats what gets you and 7-8 hour stretch woohoo!

  2. ahhh your little man is so cute!! love his costume. hope you had a great halloween!

  3. He is such a cutie and his smile is absolutely adorable!!

    Thank you for the sweet comment. In excited she's finally here and I can't believe she's almost a week old!

  4. ahh your lil guy is just to cute. Love his halloween costume such a cute idea, and dont worry he will definitly grow into his feet. My daughter had the hugest feet ever when she was born because she was only 6 pounds but now at 7 months they look so tiny on her lol

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  6. He is the cutest cookie monster! And look at all that hair...happy 3 months!

  7. Such a cutie!! I agree with you about the news story - why wouldn't you want to be in pics with your baby?! I always want to be in the pic, but normally it's just me and her hanging out which is why most of the pics on my camera are just of her! But whenever my husband's home I'm always begging him to take our picture LOL

    And you guys go to bed LATE!! I fall asleep by like 10 lol!

  8. Matthew is the cutest little guy!! Love seeing how he's growing and of course, you look great! We recently did the big boy bath much fun!

  9. Matthew is such a precious baby! I love how he began smiling eearly for y'all- too sweet.

  10. what a cutie! love his cookie monster outfit!