Wednesday, November 28, 2012

4 Months Old

Matthew is 16 weeks old. Technically 4 months, but technically a week away from it. Some people go by weeks, some go by months, well I go by both. I finally got a good one of him smiling for me. He grows so much each & every day. Next week is his 4 month appointment. I have come to a final decision on the immunizations. I'm going to get them, BUT i'm going to space them out. That way he doesn't get a whole bunch all at once, & he will hopefully be in less pain. Lets hope my pediatrician doesn't talk my ear off about how she would rather do them all at once. 

Health: With the stand on with me/without me trick on the scale. It looks like he weighs 15 lbs now. Possibly 25 in tall? maybe 24. He didn't end up catching anything from us. We were both sick for a little over a week, but he only had one cough that sounded like build up, & a few sneezes. He is now wearing size 6 month clothes, with the exception of a few 3 month clothes still fitting snug. I never knew the sizes of different brands was going to be so jumbled, same with diapers. He is wearing size 3 diapers now. 

Nutrition: I've stopped trying to give him more than 4 ounces at one feeding. He either falls asleep or starts getting fussy because he doesn't want it anymore. But the feedings are coming closer & closer together so i'm assuming he is making up for it. He started teething this week. The symptoms we have experienced so far is decreased appetite during the feeding, increased fussiness & chewing on his hand in one spot in his mouth, along with some drooling.

Sleep: We are STILL getting 8-9 hours of sleep. He is such a good little baby. We have practically sun proof window curtains, so that really helps & he sleeps right beside us in the rock n play, swaddled with his pacifier. He goes to bed around 1-2 & wakes up around 8-9 to feed & then he goes back to bed until 11 or 12. I'm a stay at home mom right now, so that totally works for me. We have tried to break out of the swaddle a couple times, but he wakes up more & gets fussy without being swaddled. 

Social: We are hearing a lot of "mamamamamamaa ahhhhhh", he tends to like to "fake cry" as we call it, but still try to talk at the same time he is trying to cry. He smiles all the time. He loves peek-a-boo, or when you disappear & come back. His favorite song is probably "the itzy bitzy spider", and ABCs he tries to sing along, its absolutely adorable "ahhbahabaaaabaa". I hope that makes since to the other mommies out there :)  

Toys: Lots of playing with his regular toys, teethers, rings, & crackle noise ones. Still not a huge fan of the play mat, we have only had a few successful days on the mat. He has now discovered how to take his pacifier out & put it back in. Only some times he doesn't put it back in & throws it somewhere not within his reach & starts crying lol. Every time he gets something in his grip its like his natural reflex to bring it directly into his mouth. 

All decked out in his hurley outfit. I was so excited to get to put him in all new 6 month clothes, more shopping :) I love the Hurley, Under Armour, Calvin Klein stuff. Gap is cute too. I'm all about finding the good stuff at TJ Maxx, & Marshalls. I love when he sleeps like this, just chilling!! We still use the nap nanny downstairs, but his little feet/legs are just about hanging off the end of it now. 

His bear jacket finally fits :) This was the one item of clothing his daddy picked out without any of my help. It's from gap, & it has the softest hood. I'm not a fan of these kind of pants, my favorite are the ones with the built in feet, that way you don't have to worry about socks falling off & they look super cute. 

My favorite carrier "Baby Bjorn". I tried the Ktan, & a oversized skirt looking one my mom got from etsy, but neither of them were as simple as this one. You don't have to do any wrapping, twisting, turning. It just snaps. You can use it for a newborn too, just face them the other way towards your chest. Plus this one can be used for both mom & dad & is size adjustable. I throw this on when I'm shopping since he is barely sitting up on his own & the car seat doesn't fit on all the shopping carts. 

Taking a walk around the neighborhood. I swung on the swing with him in this, just a little swing of course, but he sure did love it. We are finally getting giggles out of him, & lots of them. It's so cute. He loves being in the carrier, especially when he is facing this way because he can see everything. 

Postpartum: I have 10 lbs left to loose to get where I want to be. But highlight of the week was my jeans fitting again, I was so excited to go out shopping with cute jeans on again. I was buying cheap jeans because I knew I wasn't going to fit in them long, & now I get to wear all my Buckle brand jeans again. I haven't exercised much at all, its hard to get motivated when you are a stay at home mom & you don't have tons of people to impress obviously. Matthew has officially gotten out of the newborn sleepy stage & is up A LOT & wants all my attention. 

We made a lovely ginger bread house last night while watching Christmas movies on TV. Adam actually helped me this year :) I love doing little things like this. I can't wait till all the real festivities begin like ice skating, nut cracker, & 25 days of Christmas on ABC family. Lets hope Georgia gets some SNOW this year, because last year it happened once & it didn't last longer than 10 minutes or stick on the ground :( 


  1. He is just to cute. That's great that he sleeps so well. Loving the picture of him sleeping with his arms up by his head

  2. Hi! I'm a lurker who found your blog on pinterest - What a cutie you have! Can I give you some advice tho? You can take it or leave it - I worked in a doctor's office and gave babies their shots. Yes, it's very tough... I'm going to go through this in a month with my little one, but if you give him all the shots he needs at once (as opposed to spacing them out) it actually will hurt less. Babies notice the first sting and will cry, but they will be too busy crying to notice the rest. I know it's very tough and it's even tough for the person giving the shots. That's just my thoughts on it- but as a mom you need to do what YOU, and only you, think is best for your baby!

  3. Your precious baby boy is in my top 5 cutest babies of all time :)

  4. His little smile is so cute! Looks like his hair has lightened up some as well! Yay! For fitting back into your jeans. Thats a big accomplishment!

  5. Four months already?!?! I seriously can't believe that! That first picture of him smiling is the best! And your body looks amazing, I truly hope I can look like that after I have this baby too!

  6. big smiles! he looks so cute on the 3rd pic!
    love you 2 on the black & white pic

  7. Um, you look amazing for being four months post partum. And little boy is still adorable!!

    By the way...I just tagged you in a fun Christmas game we're doing. You should head over to my blog and check it out.

  8. Awww happy 4 months! I love his hair!

  9. baby boy is getting so big!! Such a cutie pie!!!