Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Game & 25 Days Till Christmas.

I've been tagged in a Christmas game going around. I tried to do something similar to this a few weeks ago & messed up royally, so hopefully I do this right. Lanaya at Raising Reagan started a Christmas game to help some bloggers get to know each other better & pass it along Christmas style. So here are five questions that I was tagged in by Stefani at Miss Jo & co. Once you answer the questions on your own post, tag five other bloggers that you follow :) & go visit Lanaya & Stefani's blog!! Lets help everyone get to know everyone in a fun way.

1. What makes Christmas such a special holiday for you & your family?
- Our family all lives in seperate places now, just being able to be together on Christmas & cherish one another's time is so precious & special to me. Putting the try up together, giving gifts to give a little extra to showing someone you care & appreciate them, doing holiday activities together & cold weather to keep us all inside together watching Christmas movies. 

2. Were you told the truth about Santa Claus by your parents or did you find out another way? & do you plan on lying to your kids (if you plan on having kids) :)?
- I never remember having a traumatic moment where my parents told me Santa wasn't real I think I just slowly grew to understand he wasn't & asked my parents on my own. But I'm not going to lie the "believing" inside of me makes me think there still is a Santa out there, so of course I'm going to "lie" to my little ones. Santa is not just an imaginative person, it's a sign of hope, believing, & everything Christmasy :)
3. Real tree or fake tree?
- When I was growing up we lived in a large house. My mom had her torquise colored tree in her hair salon that was built in the basement, her dove, pink & white tree in the living room, & one real tree for all us kids to put our handmade ornaments & colorful lights on. Once my parents were divorced, we continued with a real tree for a while & eventually switched to a fake one, now that i'm all grown up with my own little family we use a fake tree as well (for now). When Matthew is older I want him to experience a real tree though :). My dad always said "I don't like fake boobs, fake people, & fake trees" haha. 
4. Do you open presents on Christmas morning, Christmas Eve, or both?
- I open gifts from my dad on Christmas eve, & gifts from my mother & grandmother, aunt so on, on Christmas day :) Matthew will be getting "Santa" presents this year!! 

5. What is your favorite Christmas movie to watch, & favorite Christmas song to listen to?
- I can't pick a favorite movie, especially when ABC Family, Lifetime, & Hallmark have all decided to play hundreds of movies. But my favorite Christmas show is the classic Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, the old old ones :) I love All I want For Christmas by Mariah Carey, it always gets me in the Christmas mood. 

Now time to pick five bloggers to repost & share the Christmas fun.

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Happy 25 days till Christmas :)


  1. love to read this Katie. i don't celebrate christmas, but i already got my early christmas presents. haha.

    my grandma was a catholic. i loved it when it came to decorating christmas tree. though she never had a real tree. always the fake one. but my aunt always has the real one, which i love

  2. Thanks for the tag & I
    Will have a belated post once my husband puts my MacBook back together (merry December to me, my computer needed a facelift :/)

    Btw I love your dads quote about boobs people & trees, I may adopt that ;)

  3. this is fun!
    thanks for the tag you can check my post now :)

  4. Thanks for the tag! Fun idea, I have my Q&A up.