Monday, November 5, 2012

3 Month Favorites....

1.Bumbo- I am well aware of the recall, but it's pretty hard for a child to tip over if your watching them like your supposed to be. It's such a great way to build strength in their necks & upper body. Plus they look super cute sitting in it. They also come with a tray for when the child is older & wants to play with toys, or eat food on it.
2.O-Ball- Infants aren't the best at grabbing toys, so I've noticed a lot of toys I've purchased are probably better for later use. I love this ball, the sidings are so thin, it's super easy for Matthew to grab on & the rattling sound is a super plus because he loves noise. It teaches him to grab & associate the noise with the ball.
3.Safety First Nail Clippers- These are an essential. Matthew's hands are really too big for a lot of the scratch mittens & I don't want to have mittens on him when I'm trying to teach him to grab more & use his hands. But his nails grow EVERYDAY. Scratching his little face & everything.
4.Rocker Babies Wear Jeans Book- This is Matthew's favorite book right now, every time I hold it up he gets a big smile on his face, he loves the colors, & the words are super short & easy to read in a hurry. 
5.Pacifier Wipes- These things are awesome, no mom can tell me their child isn't constantly dropping their pacifier, unless they are using a clip on of course. I don't really like the clip on's for some reason. But these smell really good & it's just a quick wipe down & it's right back into their mouth they go.
6.Gap Nightime Sleepers- These keep his feet warm, easy to get on & off, & are great material on cold nights. We are still using a swaddle & these sleepers keep him that much warmer. You can get them anywhere Target, Carters, Walmart not just gap, where ever you prefer. 
7.Hooded Towel- I've noticed its very difficult to hold a towel & take a baby out of the tub fast enough to keep them warm or not get yourself wet fast enough. First I put the hood on while he is still in the sink bathtub, & then I lift him out and wrap it right around him. I got this one at target (they had the cutest prints).
8.Arm & Hammer Disposable Diaper Sacks- The thought of having a diaper genie grosses me out, my parents used them when I was a kid with my siblings & you could still smell the diapers outside of it. I like these little sacks because you can put them in your diaper bag so you can give each diaper it's individual smell sack & save any public places from smelling your child's waste. Plus at home I can throw any diaper in any trashcan, without having to go to where ever the diaper genie is to throw it away.
9.Carter's Burp Cloths- These are really a multi-use item. But they are super nice to have when your burping of course because formula throw up smells super bad, & breast milk spit up is still spit up, & some times there is a lot of it.
10.Rock n Play Sleeper- Before we were using the nap nanny so Matthew could sleep right next to use in the bed, he does seem to be getting a little big for it as well, but of course still fits. We just got this from a friend & it's been really nice. Adam doesn't have to reach over me to get to Matthew in the bed, because we just put it right next to our bed. Matthew rocks himself to sleep, & it's still reclined. Plus we are going to use it for when we go to Kansas to visit my family for Christmas.


  1. I registered for a bunch of these! Love seeing what "real" moms actually use!

  2. The Bumbo recall is ridiculous. I looked it up & it's because babies have gotten infant skull fractures after tipping out... Which could only happen if you put your babe in it without keeping an eye on them. & those paci wipes are the best! I love how they smell haha

  3. Recalls... Yea, let's sit the kid up on a counter and turn our back... Pssssh! ;) I have an old set of the safety first clippers from our oldest, works like a charm! At this point with the burp cloths, anything within arms reach is able to be used. We've increased size to bigger ones and sometimes towels! lol

  4. I use the heck out of Claire's bumbo! I agree it's all about parental supervision. I ordered the seatbelt through the recall but honestly it's not needed. I love the tray Claire eats her snacks in it when I'm cooking or cleaning in the kitchen.

  5. I'm bookmarking these three-month loves for future use. Thank you Katie! xo

  6. I want a bumbo so bad. I found one for $40.. Have you seen them any cheaper?