Thursday, December 6, 2012

17 weeks

17 weeks old!! Our 4 month appointment is next week. Dreading getting Matthew his shots, but at least i'm only doing a few at once so the dose of medicine isn't a ton. 1 shot is 1, but 2 is 2, whether they don't notice the second or not, less pain to put up with later, right?! Also, our AYF appointment is tomorrow (Atlanta's Young Faces) A modeling company!! Can't wait for them to meet Matthew. 

Is anyone else obsessed with Christmas like I am? 25 outfits for 25 days of Christmas, DUH. & I have to photograph it as well. Matthew is so photogenic, & loves the camera, so why not!!  We spent our next few days of the holiday season taking Christmas family photos, watching Christmas movies, shopping & crafting of course. Nothing to Christmasy going on this last week. 

Matthew has officially discovered his toes, for the last few days he can not help but hold on to them & make grunting noises trying to get them towards his mouth, but his little chub stomach won't let them stretch up there. He has also discovered something else down that way while I was changing a poppy diaper, & guess what he got a whole handful of when he grabbed down there? haha, thank goodness it didn't go in his mouth.

My sweet little guy. Playing with his toes, & loving all the attention he is getting. He is in a new stage now where you can't walk away from him, or not talk to him when he is awake (not eating, or sleeping), because when he is awake he wants all your attention!! I'm lucky he is tired tonight, & wants me to blog :)

You guys already saw the video of this night, but I got a few snap shots of him playing with daddy before we went to bed, Adam was holding him up in the air & then bringing him back down & he was really enjoying that. Adam makes the silliest faces at him, he gets a kick out of it. 

Loving the animal butt prints, they are so cute. Plus those chubby little legs!! I can't get enough. This is him practicing rolling over, which we haven't accomplished yet, but he can now roll from his back to his side, just not all the way on to his tummy. We haven't really done much tummy time, we should probably do more but the second he is on his stomach, you count to 5 & he is screaming hysterically. If I were the only one home I would walk out on the porch & let him cry till he got mad enough to roll over, or learn to like it, but that sounds a little harsh & I don't want anyone else having to listen to the screaming lol. 

Sweet baby. They are always the sweetest right before they go to bed & after they have ate. I wish he wanted to cuddle more, but when he is tired he is ready to be "prepped" for bed, & where he sleeps. Every time I try to cuddle he screams!!

Health: Weighs around 15-16 lbs (guessing). & around 25 inches tall. Trying to keep the germs away, he hasn't been sick yet, & i'm hoping he doesn't get sick. We had a really traumatic night on Friday. He randomly started screaming out of now where, & shaking, he got so mad he was like twitching & tears were rolling down his face so I knew something was wrong, since I had never heard that cry before. I'm not sure if it was teething, pee pee issue, or tummy issue. But after a little dose of Tylenol (0-36 month Tylenol doesn't have a dose number for children under 2 of course so I had to call everyone I knew before I figured it out, how inconvenient). Once he pooped, projectile spit up on the floor, ate & peed he finally stopped, so one of those things was off. Fortunately it didn't last long.

Sleep: We are still sleeping 8-9 hours, not going to get tired of saying that since it has lasted what? a month or two now. Awesome. Swaddled, pacifier, in the rock n sleep or whatever it is called, & he is ready to go. We have now started to incorporate "teddy" into his sleep, we take it out before he falls asleep, but right before sleep to try to get him attached to that instead of the pacifier. 

Nutrition: Still using the small bottle, he doesn't want more then 4 ounces in a feeding, so we are just doing 4 ounces every hour & half, maybe less, maybe more depending on how long he sleeps, & plays, so on. As long as he is gaining weight properly, I guess it works for us.  What is everyone else feeding their 4 month old baby & when? 

Sizes: Size 3 diapers, probably 4 if we get generic since they run small. But we are pretty stuck on pampers & huggies. Size 6 clothing, with the exception of a few jackets, & 3 month onsies still fitting. The 6 month clothes are already getting tight though, but 9 month is too long & skinny? What size should I get...?

Social: Loves babbling to us, especially when we make high squeaky noises, he likes to copy off of us & do the same. Smiles all the time, & is giggling more than ever. He makes us seem like the silliest parents ever haha.

Toys: Grabbing for toys & not just fingers/hands now!! Loves the sound still the most, but has started examining them. He loves to hold our hands & stare at them, talking to them & holding them tight its too cute. The toys aren't enough to keep him entertained for long though before he realizes he is alone!! 

A little sneak peak of our photos done today :) We have now had our newborn session, fall session & Christmas session with the lovely couple from Timeless Photography. They are so awesome & do a wonderful job to get exactly what you want & Tiffani even buys little things for our sessions, its so sweet of her!! 


  1. Happy 17 weeks Matthew. Good luck at the modeling agency tomorrow. He is a cutie. Loving your family picture

  2. Awww, what a wonderful pictures!! Such a cute clothes :)

  3. Adorable! I wouldn't worry about the shots. Claire has always gotten hers on schedule and never had a probably even when she was a tiny 4lbs. She just gets a little sleepy. Matthew will be fine. Love the sneak of your Christmas photos.

  4. Darling pics. Your little boy is so cute. Thank you for following my blog and for your comments! I've had a fun time staging Phillip but I owe most of my ideas to Pinterest.

  5. Thanks for finding my blog. Your family is just too gorgeous! And I saw your question about size, always buy big! These little munchkins grow so fast, I always get a size up for my boys so they clothes have more longevity!

  6. Love your blog. My son Hayden is one week older than your I love seeing what Matthew is up to each week. Hayden only takes about 4-5 ounces at a time also. We went to his 4mos checkuo this week and doc said to go ahead with the rice cereal and fruits and veggies. So we've been doing cereal in the morning (which he hates) and green beans in the evening. Shots weren't too bad. He only got two. As for the tylenol...the doctor gave me a dosing chart for babies under two. It has worked pretty well. Love your pics btw. And your hair looks awesome :)

    1. I really want to start some foods :) I see him eye balling our food all the time, I so want to give him some!!

  7. Matthew's so darling! His little smile is the sweetest. And I just love your Christmas card!

  8. Your little one is so darling!! I just love all the little outfits you've gotten for him! I can't wait to get my little one in those onesies with the animal butts!!