Friday, December 7, 2012

Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year....

Candy cane is WRAPPED, before everyone looses it :) He was highly entertained for the minute that he got to play with it!! These are not baby leggings (those don't fit Matthew past the knee with his chubby thighs) they are adult socks!! Works perfectly right?!

Little man was exhausted after his AYF appointment, meeting Santa, going out to eat twice, long day. As for our AYF (Atlanta's Young Faces) appointment. It lasted about 5 minutes tops, seeing as though all they can do with babies is look at them & see how they react. Matthew smiled at her the whole time, BONUS. But she said we would probably have to cut his hair if they decided to represent him :( no way I'm cutting this little one's hair, it's his signature look. We will know next week if its a yes, no, or maybe. Maybe means that they want him to grow up a little before they start booking him, but they defiantly want to use him eventually, no means no, and yes means yes obviously :) 

Matthew met Santa Claus for the first time :) He was smiling the whole time it absolutely melted my heart. My mom said my siblings & I all cried till we were about 4 lol!! I think he was more interested in everyone ooing & awing at him. 

Another sneak peak picture from our Christmas shoot. By the time we got to individual pictures for Matthew he was cold, and sleepy. So I just let him fall asleep. It was actually cold in Georgia!! Lets bring on some snow, like now. 

Out to dinner. Being a mom makes me lazy, so we like to go out a lot. Not good on the wallet, but defiantly good in the tummy. Anyone else feel me?

My mother's beautiful tree. I stole this picture off face book from her. I remember some of these decorations when I was a kid. She never let us decorate her tree, only the family tree. I never understood till I got my own tree :)

A glitter ornament my little sister & mom made together with glitter. 


  1. Awe he is so precious ... the one from y'all Christmas photo-shot .
    totally love your ombre hair , you look amazing :)

  2. He's a cutie!! I hear you about the weather in Georgia!!!! Oh and we eat out a lot too lol

  3. Love the Xmas photos so cute. Good luck with the modeling stuff, I don't think he needs to cut his hair.

  4. He seriously is cute! Very photogenic.

  5. Love the Christmas photo cute!

  6. Awww so glad he had a great photo with Santa!

  7. What a wonderful Christmas-y post :)

    GREAT blog!!