Saturday, December 29, 2012

Matthew's First Christmas....

We are not yet back to Georgia from our 11 day trip & 12 hour drive to Kansas. Staying in a hotel tonight in Illinois, & we will finish our last 5 hours tomorrow. I will make a separate update on how traveling with a 5 month old in a car for 12 hours there & back went later :) It's always sad leaving all my family, but I'm glad to get back home & back into routine. I wish they all just lived here with me. This was the best Christmas I've ever had though, it was so special sharing it with little man.  We made out like bandits with Christmas presents this year. We unwrapped way too many presents, the car was jammed full. 

Matthew unwrapping his present from Grammy D (my mom). She got him the Dino Ball Popper. She couldn't decided between this one & the elephant ball popper, but after reading reviews she chose the dino. We turned it on & played with it a little. Matthew wanted to eat it, rather than play with it :)

Unwrapping his first gift EVER, from Grandpa (my dad). He got him a Johnny Jump up. We hung it up right away, before finishing any of the gifts. It was love at first site. He wasn't jumped in it, but he was swinging himself in circles, screaming & laughing. It was quite cute. Dad really enjoyed watching him play in his new toy. Matthew was really entertained with it, since he could bite it. 

My Grammy & I at my Tiny Grandma's house. She is by far, the most fashionable grandma in the entire world. Well, maybe the Kris Jenner, Kardashian's mom beat her, but other than that she is second ;) I wear her clothes, borrow her shoes, jewelry & purses  I'm 21 years old.  Good thing we wear the same size in everything!! 

Matthew playing with the ribbon on his present from me. All the items I got him from "Santa" are listed on an earlier blog entry :) I believe he is unwrapping his Skip Hop Stroller Toy here!! 

This wasn't one of Matthew's gifts, but this the horse that my sister, brother & I all played on when we were little & my dad kept it. It made me gleam with joy when I saw my little guy enjoying something I enjoyed myself. Of course, he did need a little help though.

Christmas morning. I can't wait to leave a Santa letter, hide the elf, & see him actually get excited. But waking up to a smiling face was just as lovely :) He had his Christmas jammies on & his hat from his great-great Tiny grandma that she made him!!

Matthew & my mom admiring Grammy's tree. Grammy is my grandma, but Grammy D is my mom. It's a little confusing but we didn't know what to call my mom since this is her first grand child. This is Grammy's tree, with Grammy D holding Matthew :) Not only is Grammy the most fashionable great grandma, but her tree is always extravagant  This year it was cardinal (bird) themed. Matthew loved the lights, so she was calming him down here. 

Matthew had A LOT of firsts this trip, but most importantly his first snow. It snowed the day after we arrived. Adam doesn't normally see snow since he was born & raised in the south so when we woke up he was extremely excited & ready to go outside & play. I don't think Matthew was sure what to think about the snow, you could tell he was cold though!! & it was super bright. There was snow everywhere!!

Along with the first snow, Matthew wen't to church the first time. I was scared to bring him any younger, not knowing how he would "act". He did an awesome job, the music was loud so that kept him quite & once the preaching started, we fed him & by the time we were done so was the preacher & more music started so it worked out perfectly. I got this outfit at Burlington Coat Factory, they have some really cool outfits for boys & girls. Very reasonably priced as well. The tie is a snap on :)

Playing in his Johnny Jump from my dad. He drenched the front in slober as soon as he got in it. It was fun to put it up on a higher setting & swing him back & forth between Adam & I. He is the kind of baby that likes all the things that a lot of babies would be scared of we have noticed. 

This is Matthew's third cousin Iyla. They were Mr. & Mrs. Clause for Christmas Eve at Tiny's house. I can't imagine having twins & how hard it would be to get a picture of both of them looking at the camera at the same time, because this was very hard & we still didn't get  both of them looking at the camera, just the toy on the left :) Iyla is 9 months old!! 

My little sugar & I. We had a lovely Christmas Eve at my Tiny Grandma's house, visiting with cousins, uncles, aunts, the whole gang. 

My favorite boys on Christmas morning before we went upstairs to open presents from Santa. Adam wasn't as excited as Matthew, as you can tell. 

FIVE GENERATIONS. I feel so incredibly blessed to have these ladies in my life. Tiny Grandma, Me, Grammy, Matthew, & My Mom. I'm more than happy that Matthew has his great-great Tiny, because I had my great-great Granny (tiny's mom) when I was little & Tiny. They have shaped me into the person I am today & I want Matthew to grow with them too!!

Our family night to church. Matthew did a great job. I always feel overwhelming joy when I can cherish these moments with the most special people, in the most special places. We wouldn't be here without God, & he gave me this amazing child. I feel so very blessed. 

Matthew hanging with daddy on his first snow day. I got his outfit at Gap. The mittens were a little big, & I picked those up at a little shop when I first found out I was pregnant!! 

Our little family on Christmas at Grammy's house. We were trying out our new little tripod we got in our stocking :) 

Holding up the stocking that is now his new stocking at Grammy's house. It had fur on the top & jingle bells attached. I should have asked her where she found this adorable thing. I love it. Please forgive my "drunk" look. This vacation was tiring!! 

Matthew with a few of his toys on Christmas. He really enjoyed all the ones that made noise of course. His poor little cheeks were wind burned from the cold weather that he had yet to be exposed to!! I'm actually excited to feel the Georgia sun on me tomorrow, I know its not going to be as cold as Kansas, that's for sure. 


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    PS- I got your sweet comment, but couldn't respond to you because I couldn't find your email address anywhere!!

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