Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year....

I didn't have the most eventful year ever, but the one of the few events I did have was the biggest event in my entire life. 2013 won't be able to top the birth of my first child, but I'm excited to see what the new year has to bring. I spent 7 months of 2012 pregnant, & have already spent 5 amazing months with this little guy. I can't wait to watch him grow & learn. He is the joy of my life, & brings me more happiness than I ever knew possible. 

We celebrated Snickers first birthday on April 2nd. She had her own doggy ice cream. She would sleep by my belly every night when I was pregnant, she follows me every where I go in the house, she protects us, & loves us unconditionally. She is the best dog I've ever had & is my second child. 

I finally turned 21 years old. I felt like I had been waiting for this birthday my entire life, & once it got here I didn't really care. I've dealt with anxiety problems the last year, so alcohol has been a once a year thing lol. But I do feel more freedom, & I feel like more of an adult, with no restrictions. If I want to go boogey on the dance floor, or have a glass of wine at dinner, I may :)

I welcomed my pretty much nephew into the world. The first time I had ever held a day old baby in my entire life. He was so sweet & little. Watching him grow has been so much fun. He is only 3 months exactly older than Matthew. I'm glad Matthew has a cousin so close in age to hang with when he gets older. It will be an adventure!!

We moved out of our apartment. We originally lived with roommates, but once I found out I was pregnant we knew it was probably time to go our separate ways. I remember not being able to help much because I was pregnant, so it was nice haha. But as you can see below, moving is a lot of fun when your pregnant. This barely describes it all, a total mess. 

I went to my first baby shower ever (other than my own, which was first). It was nice to celebrate such an amazing thing. To see the joy on your friend's face, & know that they are about to experience the most beautiful thing ever. It was actually a lot of fun. 

Met Adam's dad & his family for the first time. They are so sweet & loving. We stayed for a week, went to the beach, & just enjoyed time with his family. That side of the family has yet to meet Matthew, we will be taking him down to Florida to meet them in March 2013, so I am very excited for that. It's Adam's dad's first grandchild. This is just a photo of me while we were down there :) I was around 5 months pregnant. 

Celebrated our first Halloween together. It was so much fun bringing Matthew to the pumpkin patch, watching Halloween movies, doing all the fall activities so on. I can't wait for our next Halloween. Things are probably a lot better when your child actually understands what is going on!! 

& we celebrated our first Christmas as a family. It was the most special Christmas I have ever had in my entire life. Words just can't describe how special it was having Matthew with my family, & Adam's. 


That's it for my year of 2012. I can't wait to share more exciting posts with all my followers in 2013 as Matthew grows. I hope everyone has a wonderful, & safe New Year. Thank you for all the love & support from everyone that follows my blog. I love reading every comment & watching everyone else's lives as well. 


  1. Glad yall had such a great year :) both of us welcomed our first baby this year so i love reading your blog! Such a cute family :)

  2. Sounds like a great year! Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year! Beautiful family you have!

  4. You have had an amazing year with little Matthew! Can't wait to watch him grow up in 2013!

  5. that sounds like a great year :)
    love the pictures Katie. how does Matthew grow up so fast?

  6. What an amazing year! Matthew has grown so fast! Wishing you a fabulous 2012 :)

  7. Happy New year to your family from mine! & I agree, not much tops having a baby!