Wednesday, January 9, 2013

21 & 22 Weeks Old....

Late update on the 21 weeks, but hey at least I got the 22 weeks right on time. We didn't have a  extremely eventful week of new things that he has done like week 20, but he is growing more & more each day, & showing us everyday that he is becoming a big boy slowly but surely. 

Health: As you all know from my last post Adam & I got the FLU, i'd say we are recovering right now. Matthew started sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, & fever after day 4 or 5 of us being sick, so we took him in on Sunday. The pediatrician said the symptoms were so wide ranged with babies that it could be anything, but the real concern came with how they were breathing. She said he looked fine, & if we wanted to swab for the FLU, she would, but if it were positive she was going to give him Tami flu  That's what they prescribed Adam & I, & when I looked it up & did some research I came to find that it was not actually an "herb" & was never proven to do anything, & lots of other bad things about it, so I ended up not taking it, & defiantly wasn't going to let our child take it. He seems to be getting with the Tylenol  so we are going to keep a close eye. Adam & I are recovering at the same speed & he got sick two days before me, so I would say the Tami flu isn't a big winner.  I would say this week is the first time Matthew has ever been sick :(
Weight: 16 lbs 6 ounces
Height: 26 inches

Sleep: Sleeping 8-12 hours. We are doing everything the same, except we switched back to using the nap nanny in our bed. I will discuss why in the "weekly baby topic" below. But even though we switched he is still sleeping the same. Swaddled, pacifier, black out curtains, feeding before bed. 

Nutrition: 4 ounces of formula w/ a few spoon fulls of Gerber single grain rice cereal every 2-3 hours. He won't take any more than that, some times he doesn't finish, & we just let him finish it later when he is ready. Depending on how he is feeling we will give him a solid food once a day, generally 2 ounces, maybe more it just depends how much he wants. He tolerates food very well, with the exception of his poop becoming hard. It's not super hard, & he isn't straining to let it out, but it's a lot more solid then it used to be. He has had bananas, pears, red apple, green apple, avocado, & sweet potato, I might be missing one, but I think that's all of them. I haven't whipped up a lot of new ones lately because we have all been sick, & I didn't want to spread germs or him have an allergic reaction to something new & be sick at the same time. 

Toys: He is full on grabbing for toys now, & can keep them in his mouth or hands for a good amount of time without dropping them. He really likes this Feel & Learn book. It has teethers on the side & the animals have different textures to them. Plus it's very colorful, that's always a plus with babies. I've noticed if your watching normal tv he will start crying, & when you turn on the kid stuff he is happy. His favorite toy is still Rapunzel though, his face completely lights up. 

Social: He is all about the "blah blah blah" now. He knows what he is trying to say to us, & he needs us to understand haha. He reaches for us when we try to pick him up, it takes a minute, but he will grab on & try to pick himself up. I swear he has already said "mom" multiple times now. He started noticing Snickers our dog, just staring at her & smiling. This toy has been a pretty big hit as well, the dinosaur ball popper. He just likes to stare at it while it pops the balls, & tries to eat the head. 

Clothing: Matthew is in 6 month clothing, with the exception of a few 9 months fitting. The 0-3 months are totally done now. I don't like how long the 9 month stuff is, Matthew is not long, he is my little chunk, so it's hard to find 9 month stuff to fit good. I also don't like how gaps clothing skips 9 months & goes from 6-12, the 6-12 fits like a 12, at least it seems like it. He is wearing size 4 diapers. Only Huggies & Pampers because the cheap ones have really proven to us how CHEAP they really are. Matthew is finally learning how to escape the bumbo so we have to watch him carefully when he is in it. 

Little guy is still all smiles even though he isn't feeling well. His eyes just look "sick" in this photo, I can tell he doesn't feel like his normal self. He woke up the other day & his eyes were stuck together from the watering. I think it may have been the heater in our room, but with all our fevers we were all freezing even though our bodies were really hot. 

When I first got this outfit from his God Mommy Katie, I was like "wow this is really long & big, its going to be a while before he can fit into that". Then I put him in it, & BAM, I was like "what, how, when?" They grow so fast, you start thinking clothes are too big, when they actually fit them, & could be out of them soon. I'm going to have to start bringing him shopping with me if he keeps this up ;)

This was at his first "sick" appointment. He did a good job, didn't cry when he got his temperature taken this time. He was all smiles to the nurse, & looked like such a big boy up on that table. 

Weekly Baby Topic
So, along with the bumbo & the nap nanny. Two of my favorite products, my third favorite product has been recalled now. The Rock & Play Sleeper. At first, Matthew slept in the nap nanny in our bed every single night, till a friend gave me her rock n play & he started sleeping in that every night next to our bed. I figured when I saw the recall "great another product being abused by parents" but come to find out it was because mold was growing between the plastic & cover of it. I thought "there is no way there is mold on that, we wash it all the time, i'm too paraniod." Went upstairs, took it off & BAM there was MOLD, MOLD GROWING ON MY CHILD'S "BED". I freaked out, took it downstairs & put it by the dumpster. The problem was, the mold was growing on the part that doesn't get washed, it just gets wiped down. It was growing on the plastic part with a see through fabric over it, that can't be removed. I was so PISSED. So I guess I "misued" the product, but I don't think so. I'm thinking the product is either made the wrong way & it needs to be made to prevent that, or they were all exposed to some kind of mold when they were made. Who knows, but Matthew is back in the nap nanny for now until I figure out what else I want to do. Maybe a pack n play. I don't want him to not sleep in my room yet. 

Along with our bad week already. Our dear dear Snickers got out. She got out yesterday around 4, it was all my fault. I was so scattered, the baby was crying, I just wanted to leave & get food, I was sick, she came out the door with me & I just went to the car, she normally follows me, & I got in the car & left, & she never got in. I didn't notice till I got home & started eating my food & realized after I dropped a piece of turkey, she wasn't there to pick it up. I ran out side & dropped everything. We searched outside for hours, it's been a little over 24 hours now. We put a card in all our neighbors mailboxes, I put an ad on craigslist, I visited both the shelters near by, we put up signs, I called all the local vets & animal hospitals to notify them, I posted it all over facebook. I'm not sure what else there is to do. I also feel even more guilty for not getting around to getting the right number on her collar, because now she has the wrong number on there. I'm completely devistated, I can barely sleep, she is my second child, I will never let this go. Please pray someone brings her home. She is an expensive dog & I'm afraid someone stole her. I just want her to come home, I get sick thinking about it. If you live in Georgia, keep an eye out for her :(


  1. So Sorry to hear about your dog. Where in Georgia do you live? I live in Brunswick. I really hope you find her.

  2. I am SO sorry your dog is missing. I lost mine one time for 72 hours and it nearly drove me crazy- I know how you feel. I truly hope she comes home soon. Yes, where in GA? I'm in Winder.

  3. I hope you find your fur baby soon!!!! What a miserable day, I think my heart would just break if our pup got out!

  4. i hope you find your dog soon!
    oh, and seeing matthew just makes me want one. baby, i mean.

  5. Sorry to hear about your dog, hopefully she comes back! Matthew is adorable & looks like he has grown so much, love the polo outfit!!

  6. I hope you find your dog. Love thay gray sweater Matthew is wearing in some of these pics.

  7. Hope you find your precious dog. Sounds like Matthew is doing great. You could always put him in his crib in your room instead of your own.

  8. So so sorry to hear about your sweet puppy Snickers. Please keep us posted! Sending love and prayer and hope that today's the day he'll come home! Thinking of you.

  9. Awww, I'm praying you find Snickers. Try hard not to blame yourself, it was an honest mistake. Please keep us posted!


  10. Praying you find Snickers soon! Keep us posted! And don't blame yourself, these things happen, I cannot tell you how many times I've had to run after my dog.

  11. ok so you're son is by far the cutest baby ever!!!