Monday, January 7, 2013

A Tour Of My Favorite Home....Grammy's.

Christmas Tree. She always goes above & beyond. 

She used a lot of decoration branches, cranberries, for the fillers. 

This is what happens when she only has one tree put up lol. 

Her theme this year was mainly cardinals, birds, nests, & bird houses. 

Stockings by the fire place. The fire place looks like a long tube that goes all the way up to the ceiling. The living room is below the loft with a pointed ceiling. She has quite a few of these saddles in random places, there is also one in the third picture from the top on the stair well. 

Her backyard is a huge forest lol. 

Pine cones covered in colored wax. I love the turquoise bowl. 

She paints her furniture on her own, sand papers it & all. Her favorite color is turquoise  so you'll see a lot of it. 

Her bed frame is made from real wood. She is very into the country living theme. 

Painted the ceiling to look like a sunset. 

Burlap lamp, painted blue, & added jewels to the rim & the "puller" lol. 

She painted the door frame to the pantry turquoise & her calendar. 

This is the only wall in the house that is blue, it looks really neat. Above is her collection of mint colored vases, & bowls that are antique, but I couldn't get a good picture.

Stained & added hints of turquoise. She has a lot of Hispanic looking blankets everywhere as well. She used this one to give this piece a little character. 

I love these cabinet door knobs. 

Old rake turned into a wine glass holder. 

Turquoise nightstand, sanded, & added a flower knob. 

Covered the chain in burlap. 

Old keys :)

Crosses in the entry way. The rim of the closet is painted green. The walls are painted to feel like a ceiling. 

She is also a fan of the cow prints. She has two large cow hides hanging from her loft upstairs. 

Kraft paper, modge podge & burn the paper with a lighter. Bathroom wall paper. Then she used a rope for the trim. 

Sanded & painted a mint color. 

Old wooden ladder painted blue & used to hang her scarfs :)

Hope you enjoyed some of the fun things in my grandma's house. Sorry I have been MIA this week with the weekly updates & such. Adam & I got the FLU last week & this is our 4th or 5th day having it. We are taking Matthew to the pediatrician to get him checked out, he is coughing more today, sneezing, eyes running, so we are going to go see if he has it too :(


  1. Oh no, feel better soon! Hope Matthew can fight it off!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love your Grammy's house. She is so creative, now I know where you get it. I wish I could do things like that. I hope Matthew doesn't get sick!

  3. Beautiful home! Your grandmother is so creative. I hope you all are well on your way to recovery! The flu is no joke, and especially with a little babe around! Thinking of you. xo

  4. Wow that is pretty and so much character! Hope you are feeling better....being sick is no fun!

  5. How cute. Everything is so rustic! ;)

  6. that house is chock full of fabulous vintage furniture!

  7. definitely looks like a house full of love and coziness!

  8. What a beautiful and cozy home :) I would visit ALL the time!!