Wednesday, January 16, 2013

23 weeks old....

Being a parent is so much fun!! Who knew it could be just as much fun to dress a boy, as it is a girl. & take photos every day. The most precious faces they make, & learning something new all the time. It's such an overwhelming joy. 23 weeks ago I gave birth to this little cutie, & he is getting so big. 6 month appointment is in like 3 weeks. It gets confusing with the weeks & months after a while, anyone agree? Because week wise, Matthew would be 6 months in a week....but months wise not till Feb. 8th lol. 

H&M Onsie 

Health: So thankfully we are a week over the FLU & Matthew still doesn't have it. We all have a left over cough going on. Occasional runny nose for Matthew, but it could be teething. Still hasn't experienced a diaper rash yet. This week has been all curly hair, suddenly it must have got long enough that its curling now, even after every bath & brushing it. We can feel a lot of little buds of teeth coming up, not popping through, but they are coming. He weighed around 16 lbs & 26 inches long about 2 weeks ago, so i'm not sure what he is right now. 

Old Navy Onsie & Old Navy Boots 

Matthew loves making up his own words & sentences. None that we can understand yet, but we think we get the idea sometimes :) I love the facial expressions. He has started the "ma ma ma ma" noises, learning his "M" sound, but doesn't know how to connect people or things with words yet. He likes to grab, & hold hands, & smiles to everyone who makes eye contact with him. He loves looking at Snickers now, & trying to throw his body to her. Resulting to face plant into the floor. The picture above is Matthew's FIRST time riding in a cart. Well Old Navy, 5 minutes before this was, but I didn't have my phone. He did so well, I had no idea he could do it already. Excited for my cart cover from Etsy to come!! 

Sleep: So every since we got rid of the rock n play due to mold, we have him back in the nap nanny on the bed. He has had a couple hiccup nights. The first two nights in almost 5 months. By hiccup I mean he woke up twice in a 12 hour period, instead of once. Possibly, us moving in the bed that woke him up, not sure. But I need to figure out a new sleeping arrangement, & no one suggest a crib, because I don't want him that far away from me lol. I'm not ready!! We also aren't doing rice cereal at night anymore, I was researching it, turns out it's not very nutritional or good for them. It has really helped with the throwing up, but I don't think he needs it when he is laying down at night. 

Gap Onsie

Toys: Playing with all our new toys from Christmas, some times we forget about some because there are so many. Now I know why everyone who has kids have toys all over the house, its inevitable. He still loves Rapunzel, & really likes his books & teething toys. He grabs for everything now, if anything is in front of his face he wants it, especially our food. He has started face planting when he wants something that is in front of him but too far away. He is sitting up really well, he will either sit up for a long time, or a short time with out support, we just have to be there in case. 

Nutrition: Every other bottle, but not at night we are putting rice cereal in 4 ounce bottles of formula, around 4 spoonfuls. We have added oatmeal into them as well as the rice. The oatmeal he tried was Gerber Banana & Oatmeal. I'm really skeptical using all the organic baby products. Organic adult fruits & veggies are different, but packaged organic stuff, i'm not so sure about that stuff yet. This picture above is when we tried carrots, he was not feeling them. I mixed bananas in & he finished them, but without they were a no go. In the picture below was when he tried squash for the first time, he took a few bites, but he never finishes it like he does the fruits. 

Clothing: Matthew is in mainly 6 months, & a few 9 months. He is wearing size 4 pampers diapers. His newborn-3 month bibs are too small for his little neck now, so we are using a bunch of random bigger bibs. He is wearing size 2 or 3 shoes just depending on the brands

"Hey mom, can we get one of these at our house". We went over to my boyfriend's sister's house for Roses 5th birthday & Matthew loved the exersaucer. We have the Combi Walker at home. I'm all about baby toys that DON'T look like baby toys, so this colorful toy was not up my ally, but he loved it. It's not the kind that moves, it just spins in a circle, he was shoving all the toys into his mouth. 

We tied a string to his combi walker & started sitting down, or pulling him around the house just to get him to stop crying or for fun. He loves it, and it puts him to sleep every time. Isn't that precious? Falling asleep at the wheel is a no no!! :) 

I'm loving all his little sleeping positions & faces. He was exhausted from his cousins birthday party & passed out. His legs are so much longer than they used to be & CHUBBY. 

Right before we went to bed I snapped a photo right as he fell asleep. Look at those precious lashes & big lips!! He is certainly going to be a looker when he gets older. We still have him swaddled when he sleeps, he did not like any of the sleep sacks we have tried, his movements wake him up. 

This is Thomas, Matthew's first cousin. Thomas is 8 months & Matthew is 5, but Matthew weighs more & may possibly be taller, or exactly the same. It's crazy when you pick them both up & how different it feels. Matthew is a bruiser & Thomas is so light!! It's fun to compare them each month or so & see how they have changed. I can't wait till they actually start playing together. Right now they just bat at each other or scream lol. 

My little guy is not so little anymore. He is SO heavy. Does anyone else have a really hard time carrying their baby in the car seat? I generally leave it in the car, & just carry him alone because its too heavy for me, I don't have a lot of muscle!! 

Postpartum: It's finally swim suit season. I was reluctant to go into Victoria Secret & start trying on but my new V.I.P credit card came in the mail with 10$ off & I couldn't help my self. Plus, once I saw chevron I was sold. I was REALLY surprised at how I looked in the swimsuit. I've just been eating right, & walking with Matthew at least 3 times a week. I could be doing more, but I'm being lazy. I weigh 134, I have 10 lbs to go back to my normal weight. I cut out sugary drinks, & stick to water. Plus making all Matthew' s organic food has really helped me. When there isn't junk in the house, it's easy to stay thin!!

Our new favorite thing, baby Mum-mums. They are little teething biscuits!! They are awesome, & keep him entertained for a good while. 


  1. You look great! Keep up the good work! We have had our little one in her crib since Thanksgiving and it was the best thing we ever did! She sleeps so much better in her crib because she also naps there. She knows immediately when I put her in it that it is time to sleep! She goes from 8pm till about 6:45 am now in her crib. She will still occasionally wake up, but all I have to do is put her paci back in and she falls right back to sleep. I hope this helps.

  2. I know you said no crib but Claire has been in her crib in her own room since she came home and it was the best thing we ever did. She has slept 12 hours a night since she was 2 months old. When I want to see her I just look at her on the video monitor.

  3. i love the first pic! And go you! Love the suit!

  4. Oh my goodness! That picture of him in his combi is precious!! Then again, all sleeping baby pictures are just adorable! And you look great in that suit! I'm trying not to get to nervous about getting back to my "pre-pregnancy weight." I hope I can walk with my little girl like you do with Matthew!

  5. I just love his hair! ;) He is just precious Girl. Cute bathing suit, too!

  6. You are lucky he sleeps so good! A GREAT night for us is Cooper only waking up once or twice but normally its 3-4 times. I love his hair, it is so adorable and I totally understand not wanting to put him in his crib, Cooper does sleep in his crib now but its because he was waking up 10+ times when he was sleeping with me/in his pack n play next to the bed. And you look great!

  7. He's such a cutie!!!! Where did you get that chevron boppy cover? I MUST have one!!

  8. Love all his cute onesies! I love baby boy clothes :) And you look amazing!!! I'm down 35 as of today, my daughter is 7 weeks..still trying but i gained 70! I hope after it all I look as good as you!

  9. You look HOT momma! I just posted my one week post partum update. I can't wait to be back in a bikini. You make it sound so easy.. I hope it will be!

  10. You look amazing! I've cut out all sugary drinks too... except for coffee haha
    Matthew is getting more and more adorable! I love his little curls!
    And I agree, these days dressing a boy is just as fun as dressing a girl :) there are sooo many outfits to choose from!

  11. Wow you do look great! I know what you mean about the is so heavy with C in there right now...but I still use it to pop in the stroller and to have in the grocery store b/c I don't think I am prepared to manage him out of the carrier with his big brother toddler. Love the photo of him sleeping!

  12. loveeeeee that bikini!!! new follower of your blog :)