Friday, January 11, 2013

Traveling With A Baby....

1. Rock N Play Sleeper- It was nice to bring the thing he (used to sleep in). It made it not foreign to him, & made him comfortable. Plus we just sat it right next to the guest bed at my grandma's house. It folds up completely flat, so it went in the car nicely. If mine didn't have mold on it from the recall I would still be using it, its an awesome product. I just can't use mine & don't want to get a new one & have it happen again. I would suggest bringing a pack n play or nap nanny. 
2. Baby Bjorn- I've constantly ranted & raved about this, because it's awesome. It's super easy to do, all you do is click click & your done. It's nice to have on a trip when you are just making short grocery runs, or out shopping with family, or even walking around sight seeing. 
3. Fiji Water- I wanted to use this obviously because it's the tastiest water ever & it was perfect for pouring into the bottles in the car to fill with formula. 
4. Munchkin Formula Dispenser- This thing is genius  It holds 3 8 oz servings of formula & all you do is pour it into the bottle. I can't tell you how hard it is to use a zip lock bag.
5. City Mini Stroller- My fav. stroller ever. I love pushing Matthew around in style, skimming by all the other lame strollers with silly designs on them, big & bulky. This is so small & convenient  It folds up instantly & easy to store. I love being able to get in & out of stores fast. 
6. Bumbo- I didn't want to cart the highchair, this worked perfectly for feeding him. 
7. Baby Bullet- I debated bringing this, but so glad I did. We were gone for 11 days & that called for more food. I didn't want to have a cooler in the car, so this worked best. Plus my family got to see me make the food :)
8. Diaper bag- This is a must. You need LOTS OF DIAPERS & LOTS OF WIPES. You can't have enough. Make sure you have a changing pad, I changed him in the car, no way was I going into the gas station bathrooms with him. Boogie wipes, hand & face wipes, extra outfits, tissues, first aid kit (mini), nail clippers, brush, all the good stuff that goes in the diaper bag!!
9. Pacifiers- The instant stop crying tool. Bring a couple in case one falls under the seat. 
10. Clothes- You can't bring enough clothes. I had two space bags full of clothes. The space bags made it super easy to shove into the trunk. He was having bouts of spitting up our whole trip & having a ton of clothes came in handy.
11. Baby Tylenol- If you child is teething in the car this is a must obviously, but even on the vacation its nice to have. 
12. Skip Hop Hug N Hide Toy- Any toy will do, I liked this one because it velcros to the stroller or car seat, so it didn't get dropped. 

Now, I'm not saying this is all you need. I am the Queen of over packing. We barely had any room to put our feet. Honestly, you should bring everything you use for your child in a week. Whatever you use on a daily routine, bring it. That's the best advice I can give. Our trip lasted 12 hours there, & 12 hours back. We were there for 11 days. I would totally do it again, Matthew was AWESOME. He slept the entire way there & back, we had to wake him up for changing & feedings. He just wanted to sleep.

-Use a sun shade, if the sun is shining in their face, its going to be hard to get them to sleep
- Leave at night & travel over night, during their sleeping time (best idea ever)
- Roll down the window if they start crying
- Play music on your phone to keep them asleep


  1. For teething have you tried the Hyland's Tablets? A-m-a-z-e balls! We call it our "baby crack" :)

  2. I don't have a baby or a kid yet, but everything I have looked into getting someday seems to be on this list! Looks like I will be headed in the right! Love your blog btw! Beautiful family!

    Rachel Ashley

  3. Great advice! We completely agree with going at night! The only time to travel with a little one!


  4. Love your list & I would agree with all of them, glad matthew was so good for y'all,Carter was the same. we started our first road trip a week or two after he was born & made the trip from Virginia to Ohio at least once a month, I give the credit to him growing up in the car. lol


  5. Adorable blog! Your Little Man is such a doll baby! I found you through Angela at Everyday With The Elsey's. Looking forward to following!