Wednesday, January 30, 2013

25 weeks old....

Uggs & Shorts (last season Gap)
25 weeks!! Sort of feels like a milestone, am I right? Although, he will be 6 months next week, so that tops it. I'm pretty sure more vaccines are to come when the 6 month appt hits, I could be wrong. Not looking forward to that, but I am looking forward to getting the new sheet that says some general things about being 6 months old, & activities to do with him, along with weight & height. Our pediatrician is such a sweetie, so can't wait for her to see how much Matthew has grown. There were tornado warnings all day here in Georgia, so we stayed in most of the day except to go out to eat, it was a shorts & boots day. Not too cold, but warm. 

Health: All of the "wanna be" cradle cap has disappeared. The teething has been pretty harsh. His front two bottom teeth are in, so I don't think it's them, he keeps putting his finger in his mouth towards the back on his left side, so most likely another little sucker coming in. This little guy still hasn't got sick yet, but he experienced his first diaper rash this week. I'm not sure if it bothered him much, but his little butt crack was super red, possibly from the solid food feeding.
Weight: Probably 17 pounds, maybe 18
Height: 27 inches most likely

Social: I think I can officially say we are getting the "mamamamamama' sounds, but he doesn't know what it means yet. I've seen quite a few bloggers lately & their kids being 6 months & saying their first words, so i'm getting a little jealous. Very anxious to hear Matthew start making sense with his babbling :) We have hit the separation anxiety stage, for sure. Every time he sees Adam or I in the middle of his playing, or when he wakes up, the moment he sees us, game over, WAHHHH. Always wants to be held while we stand up, sitting down won't do. His happy shrieking has gotten so loud it sets off the doorbell. He opens his mouth for kisses from us, & loves when we touch his lips with our lips or when we use our hands. 

Clothing: Fitting perfectly in 6 months, generally in every brand. 9 months are a little too long & too tight. Still wearing size 4 diapers, I have a feeling he will be in this size for a while. We are using huggies this time around. Advice about diapers, BUY IN BULK. Saves a lot of money. Also, use lots of coupons. He is wearing size 3 shoes, & 9-12 month hats. His little head is not so little!! It's quite big. 

Shirt (Spencers)

Everyone has at least one inappropriate shirt for their child, right? I know i'm not the only one. I probably won't be putting him in these kinds of shirts after he starts talking though, haha. I like the ones that are more funny than inappropriate, but Adam wanted this one lol. 

Shirt (TJ Maxx) & B. Keys

Toys: Loving all of his toys. I like to bundle them all in front of him since he loves to chew chew chew & then drop & scream. This way, there are so many in front of him, he can't loose them all. Still has a serious crush on his Rapunzel doll. All the sudden our phones are his main focus, it doesn't matter where the phone is, if it is in his view, he will throw himself where ever he has to go to get it. I tried to give him his Einstein phone & his B. phone but he knew the difference between fake phones & the real deal lol. His grip is really good, I think the teething is what makes him let go. He wants to eat everything. The play mat has been working nice lately, along with his combi walker & johnny jump up. I think the swing is too small for him, so we will be getting rid of it soon. It's pretty easy getting this little guy preoccupied, the problem is keeping him preoccupied. 

Jayhawk Sock Monkey

Like I said, this child is chewing on everything. Adam said it would be nice to have one of these toys with teethers on the legs, since the crackle animal ones are so limp. When we aren't going anywhere, & it's warm, I keep this kid naked a lot during the day. Mostly because I don't want to listen to the fit he throws when I try to put his clothes on. I remember when he hated being naked lol, we could barely get newborn pictures. He is doing an awesome job sitting up. We leave him sitting up on the bed alone, obviously because it doesn't hurt when he falls, but we normally use the boppy just for in case he falls. He generally face plants, but today instead of face planting he came forward into the crawling position and then slowly fell to his stomach, I was one proud mama. 

We have been using all kinds of things for teething. These were recommend by another blogger I follow. He can really get a nice grip on these, so it's worked out nicely. He always makes a face like "this hurts, but it feels really good too", he will chew on it for a while & then he will be done with it. As you can see, drool has drenched his shirt. Poor guy. I would defiantly recommend this teether. Matthew's 9 month old cousin played with the other one that came in the pack & it preoccupied him for half an hour. The only issue is just making sure we monitor him while he is sitting up because if he falls it could poke him, & some times he switches ends & tries to gag himself. 

Shirt (Tj Maxx) & Jacket

We love Mum Mums. Little teething biscuit things. They are awesome, he goes through 2 in like .5 seconds, but it helps his teeth & he gets super excited when we hand it to him. He is in the new phase, it's only with his right arm, but he will swing it back & forth really fast, so when he does that with this mushy thing, it gets everywhere. It's not easy to pick up if its all mushed. 

TWO FRONT TEETH. Thank goodness these little ones are through, on to the next one, & keep going so this little guy isn't in pain anymore. Now he has another tooth coming in on the left bottom side!! He looks miserable in this picture, but I promise he's not haha. Does anyone know if once the tooth is in, if it keeps hurting them? 

Nutrition: Matthew takes a 5 ounce bottle every 3-4 hours. It was 4 last week, but now he wants more. We tried giving 6, but he left an ounce in the bottle, go figure!! He is getting a solid food serving 2-3 times a day probably around 1-2 ounces at each feeding, just depending on what he wants. What I really want to know this week is what did everyone else feed their 6 month old? I want a list lol, because every internet site I go to, & every pediatrician I talk to has a different lists of foods that a 6 month old should try & I just want to know what the other momma's are giving. This was his first time trying celery above. He hated it, gagging & everything. I threw a little peach in there & he still wasn't tolerating it. We laid off the rice completely for now, just trying to take a break from it, & he hasn't been spitting up much either. 

Boon Spoon, Bib I made

First time trying peaches. He loved them. He was even feeding himself. I love this spoon, its flexible, so cool & is made out of rubber material so it's easy for him to hold too. I didn't know if he was going to like the peaches or not, because when I tasted them pureed I never realized how tart they were, but he wanted more & more. This child loves fruit, veggies not so much. 

So, we recently ordered this little thing off amazon. It works pretty well. It's supposed to help babies hold their own bottles. Unfortuantely, it doesn't fit onto our life factory glass bottles, but we picked up some avent brand ones from the store after we got it. Matthew is a liitle freaked out by it, but we are going to keep trying. He just gets to frantic when he eats and likes to drop the bottle. It's annoying. We tried sippy cups & Matthew lost it, so I'm not sure. 

I thought I would share my lovely presentation of home made baby food. This was right before I put all these goodies in my baby bullet. Carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches & apples. I made a few weeks worth of food, under 10$, and it took 25 minutes. This is such a better alternative to jarred food & supposedly organic pouches....i'm not so sure about those organic pouches yet. It doesn't make since to me that I can't put the peaches I just made in a pouch like that & they be okay after 4 days, but the peaches in the pouch are good for a long time & can sit somewhere that isn't the refrigerator. Anyway, I LOVE MAKING BABY FOOD. It's so much fun, literally. I get excited to do it. I would love to hear all the recipes & ideas you other mommies have on making baby food!! :)

This little stinker learned how to roll over in the rock n play a few weeks ago, & now he is sitting up in it during the day. We didn't end up throwing it out after Adam's mom suggested we just use it during the day & bleach it. He kept doing this while I was sitting in the glider watching tv, he would sit up, look behind & smile, then he would lay down & then do it again. It was quite entertaining. 

Now, sitting up in the rock n play was one thing, but this, this is on a whole other level. I had it right next to the computer & I got into blogging, I turn around & this is what I see. Not only is he facing the opposite direction, but he was up on his hands & knees ready to go off the back end of the thing. WHOA. Never not buckling him in again, haha, he was asleep, I couldn't believe it. This is what happens at night when he is sleeping in the nap nanny, but he in in a swaddle. I still haven't figured out what we are doing about sleeping yet. 

Don't let the picture fool you, he isn't crawling yet. BUT he is staying in this stance & then falling to his stomach, it's a start though. I'm so glad he is using his arms now, before he was face planted into the ground screaming. Now he gets angry when he can't go anywhere, or reach anything. I'm ready for this little guy to be on the go. I'm starting to look into baby gates, I think I have come to the final decision that I want the retractable baby gate, the film/fabric one that rolls up like a poster board. 150$ is defiantly a crunch in the budget lol, but I think it is worth it. If anyone knows where I can find one cheaper, let me know! I've looked on amazon & I don't want the 40$ one, it looks cheap & not durable, so don't suggest that one please lol. 

Matthew had his first bath in the kitchen sink the other day. He really liked it because the water was perfect level for him & he was alone being a big boy. He did manage to conk his head into the side once, poor little guy had a bruise on his head. I felt so bad. He sure does love his water book, so far, favorite water toy. We also really like the munchkin head washer bucket thing haha, It's soft & you just lay it back on their head to avoid soap & water getting into their eyes & mouth. 

Cardigan (H&M past season)

Sleep: Matthew is sleeping in the nap nanny again next to us in bed, against the wall. Although, he has now managed to roll him self over, face into the nap nanny 3 times now, so I'm freaking out. One of my family members suggested co-sleeping, well a few have, but i'm extremely scared to do that. This is him in Nana's pack n play, he didn't like when I tried to put him to sleep in it, but he did enjoy playing in it. I don't like the idea of having to reach that far down to pick him up, its almost like he is far away from me, & there are tall sides on it, I don't know I probably sound weird, but I don't like pack n plays right now. Torn on what to do. Not ready to put him in the crib, even if it's in our room. He is still sleeping 8-12 hours at night with one food wake up. On occasion he will wake up really upset like he had a bad dream or something. 

I love all the sugar I'm getting from this little guy, he isn't kissing back, but he opens his mouth for them & I love it!! Little Snickers loves to lay right down with us, she is such a cuddle bug, Matthew on the other hand doesn't like to cuddle unless he is already asleep lol. 

We had a lovely outing to get some spicy black bean burgers today, we even walked in the pouring rain. Possibly a bad idea, but it was fun. Nice to get out of the house every once in a while. Even if it's right up the street. I love living walking distance to restruants & shops it's so much fun. Matthew really fits in his stroller now lol. Before he was really too tiny for it, but we didn't want to get the infant insert. 

He looks so big!! It's crazy to me to see pictures like this & think that my little guy is getting bigger & bigger everyday!! So long!! 

A picture every week since he was born so far :)


  1. Awww Matthew is so cute!! I'm so jealous that he sleeps for such long periods of time. Camdyn still wakes up a few times at night.

    As far as food, when she was 6 months I would give her the "Stage 1" foods which is pretty much all fruits and some veggies...but nothing is mixed since you have to look for allergic reactions. She never really "liked" food until like 7 1/2 months though (she's 8 1/2 months now). I never forced it on her. Some days I'd give her some and other days I wouldn't. They really only need breastmilk or formula until a year, so no rush! Do what feels right for you both :)

    1. I've given him lots of stuff already! I was so amped to start when the pediatrician said go :) He loves food, totally crazy about it, jumping out of the bumbo laughing when I start to feed him, its really cute. But that's what I was curious about, because I have only given him apples, peaches, bananas, and I wanted to try mango, apricots, blueberries but I wasn't sure when I could.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Matthew is so precious with all that gorgeous hair!

    Owen just turned 6mo and he LOVES food! I'm the same as you and absolutely love making his food. It's fun! His favorite is banana and avocado puree (sometimes I steal a little cause it's so yummy!)

  3. Matthew is adorable. I think once the teeth break the skin they don't hurt them as much. I noticed with my kids that once the teeth broke through they were back to their happy selves. The weekly picture collage at the bottom is so fun to see how much he's grown

  4. Co sleeping isn't as scary as it sounds. You become very aware of your babies movements even when you are asleep. I just make sure to keep covers off baby.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Matthew is growing so much! Grace does the same open mouth when coming in for a kiss! haha

  6. Oh my goodness that hair!!!! He is ADORABLE!!!!

  7. I have read that teeth no longer bother them once they're in. I never noticed a difference in my babies ... but my almost-two-year-old definitely stopped gnawing on her hands as soon as her canines broke through the surface. So maybe "they" are right. :)

    Once a baby clears six months, he really can eat anything he can handle. All of mine (except the twins) started YoBaby yogurt at six months. Helps with digestion. Mashed avocado, sweet potatoes, mashed kiwi (just watch for the seeds in the poop - really freaked out my husband once when he saw hundreds of black dots in a dirty diaper!), and even meats are fine. I waited until my son was 12 months before giving him meat, but my second child started eating tiny bits of baked chicken as soon as she could handle soft table foods (eight or nine months, maybe?). By 10 months, she was eating only table foods, no more purees.

    Also, you can start mixing the foods. Just don't mix two new foods. So you could cook up a rutabaga (yes, my second ate rutabaga) and puree it with a sweet potato because you know if he reacts to it, it was the new food. Also, I found that greens puree well with sweet potatoes or butternut squash. Peas with sweet potatoes ... green beans with sweet potatoes ... zucchini with butternut squash ... Oh, and you can also give him grown-up oatmeal if he can handle texture. My daughter was close to seven months before she was able to handle the texture, but she didn't start any solids until 5.5 months. I didn't do baby cereal with my second/third/fourth, but as soon as they can handle some texture, they eat (will eat) well-cooked (soft) "real" oatmeal and grits.

    1. Wow Thanks! I have been asking the same thing Katie has!

    2. Thank you for the awesome advice, I really appreciate it. I definitely like the idea of yogurt & kiwi, I guess I'll just stay away from the first year "no-no" list & give him all the other goodies :) I will have to save this & print it, so I know what goes good together!!

  8. Happy 25 weeks! You might think you want him crawling until you have to put up everything...those kiddos find their way into everything LOL! But yes they get so frustrated so it's nice when they can move to their goal.

  9. I homemade baby food for the little I used to nanny and his favorite was avocado! Good luck with the sleep situation, I'm too terrified to do co-sleeping too!

  10. he is so cute! love his booties!
    wow with those teeth!

  11. Would love another post on making baby food!! I have a few more months until I need to start but I would love all the advice I can get!

    1. I've never had someone want a specific post!! How fun, I'd love to!! I'll take pictures next time I'm making a large amount & show how I go about the whole process :)

  12. Gosh your little man is just gorgeous. Such amazing eyes! Hes gonna be such a heart breaker. Thanks so much for stopping by by blog. I'm your new follower.

    Between the lines

  13. Omg he is sooo adorable!!! I have a seven month old and we have been co sleeping since she was born. I love it and can not even imagine another way right now! The only thing is that it works out very well because my hunny sleeps in a different room in order for her to sleep with me so that defiantly sucks but it is what it is and I feel the same way about the pack n play, I just can't do it even though its right next to my bed! Lol.