Friday, February 1, 2013

5 Month Favorites & Matthew's First Word....

1. Baby Bullet- I can't even begin to explain how much fun I have had making food. There are a lot of awesome baby food processors out there right now, & you don't have to even use a baby one. Any food processor will work, but I love this thing, it's super small, comes with all the goodies you need & I have already purchased extra little containers so I can store more food. Wash food, steam, grind it up, put it in the freezer/fridge & BAM, you have homemade baby food. This thing is very safe compared to some larger food processors I have seen as well. 
2. Baby Mum Mums- These things are the bomb, literally. They are organic, I don't think they have any calories, Adam said they tasted like vanilla wafers. Matthew goes through these like crazy. They are little oval wafer things that instantly mush when they get wet in Matthew's mouth, very easy to hold & really helps with teething as well. It's a little snack to preoccupy baby with. 
3. California Baby Shampoo & Lotion- We just recently switched to this brand after I came to the conclusion that what we were using didn't have anything it said it had in it & had all kinds of weird looking chemicals in it, for some reason that I never noticed. We were using Aveeno, we never had any problems with it, but when we switched we noticed that Matthew's flaky scalp went away & his skin was a whole lot smoother. It even smells healthy, if that makes since :)
4. Hyland's Teething Tablets- These work, I've seen them work. I really like them, I feel a lot more at ease giving him these, rather than loading him up with tylenol. They are super easy to use, they are very very tiny, and you just stick them under the babies tongue & there ya go. Sticking it under their tongue is a lot easier than it sounds. 
5. Baby Uggs- I can't get enough of these, I lost them for like a week & then found them, I can't even tell you how many times I needed them & didn't have them. I have several little pairs of boots, cheap ones that I have picked up along the way. All of them fall off, I can barely get him in my arms before they are on the floor. These UGGS don't fall off, they stay on really well, the Velcro on the side is so convenient, & they slide right on. They are unbelievably soft. If you don't want to spend 50$ on new ones, check out Ebay!!
6. Munchkin Baby Bath Book- It really amazes me after all the expensive toys/products I buy, Matthew is obsessed with the cheapest one. His Nana got him this one, he loves it. I spent an hour in the bathtub with him while he played with it, never dropping it. I think he loves how it feels on his gums the most & when its wet its really easy to hang on to. It's just a book of numbers, maybe 4 pages long, & has the sea horse hanging off with colorful pictures. 
7.  Chevron Shopping Cart Cover- Now of course, you don't have to go crazy like I did & get a monogrammed pillow & customized. But you really need a shopping cart cover if you plan on shopping with your little babe. I'm obsessed with this thing, I use it at restruants  shopping & Matthew loves it. Super soft, keeps him away from germs, there are pockets, & toy links, & his little pillow. This one off etsy came with straps, so I don't have to use the yucky store ones. 
8. Life Factory Glass Bottle- Something about the plastic bottles really freaks me out, I don't know why. I have been using a Avent plastic sippy cup, but Matthew doesn't like it right now. I really like these bottles, they are super cute, they don't break, there is a stretchy rubber material on them that keeps them from breaking, & the material is super easy for Matthew to hold onto compared to plastic bottles. These were on my 1 month favorites, but those were the small ones, we have graduated to the 9 oz now :)
9. MAM Pacifier/Teether- I've been on a search for the perfect teething toy, this isn't it lol, but it does the job. It hooks on to him so he doesn't loose it, & the way it is shaped makes it easy to hold & put in his mouth. Much better than the little rings that you stick in the freezer in my opinion. 
10. Aden & Anais Sleep Sack- We have one of these, only because we have only used it a few times. We are still swaddling, which we plan on stopping soon but Matthew does not know how to sleep with his hands out. I put this on here because he wears it when he naps & it never makes him sweat, which is awesome. The material is soft & very breathable. 
11. Munchkin Food Feeder- This is pretty cool. We tried it a month ago & he still couldn't hold onto it very well, well like a month & 1/2 ago. Anyway, I put a banana in it the first time, bad idea, once it got mushy and soft it went everywhere. Second time I put apple, awesome idea, it didn't come out & he really enjoyed it. Great for teething, really great. All you do is stick some fruit or veggie, even frozen breastmilk/formula, stick it in the freezer & then give it to them.
12. B. Blocks- I wasn't so sure about these, he didn't really like them at first. But after a while he started learning to pick them up & put them in his mouth & now he loves them. We like to stack them & then he pushes them down, its quite fun. Or we take them & squeeze them by his face & sound/air comes out & he really likes that. 
13. Zoli Teethers- These come pretty close to the greatest teething toy ever. He can really get a grip on these, & there is a stopper so he can't choke himself. Although I still watch him because he tries to stick the other end in, but he hasn't really choked himself doing that before anyway. He makes a "this hurts, but feels so good" face every time. He loves holding spoons, so this turned out to be perfect. 

I tried to keep it short, but I couldn't. There are too many awesome products out there that I must expose & rant about. I hope this helps all you prego mommies & mommies with younger babies!! Now for a special video. To start February off my 25 week old baby/almost 6 months old said his first word. We are 100% sure if he knows what it means, but he said it clear as day this time & I actually got it on video. He has been using his "m's" lately, like "mmmhmhmmaaammooommaa" so of course it sounded like mom or momma, but he never full on said it. I was just videoing him babbling to me to add another video of him to face book for my family/friends to see & just playing around, assuming he wouldn't say anything & at the very END of the video he said "mama". You can hear me gasp at the end, as I turned in the camera off & screamed to tell Adam. I was in shock & jumping up & down excited. It's so funny because I just mentioned on Wed, his 25 week old post that I was getting jealous because all these 6 month olds were saying their first word, & bam he said it a week before his 6 month birthday!! 



  1. aww that video is so cute! He definitely said "mama"!!! I can't wait for that day, when Grace says it! That is awesome too that you caught it on video! I completely agree with you on the glass bottles! We have been using Dr Brown's glass bottles and I love them! I really would love to find some glass sippy cups? I have been really thinking about buying the muchkin food feeders... Thanks for filling me in on them. I definitely think I will go get some! Thanks

    1. The life factory glass bottles that I use above in the picture, you can buy sippy cup tops that will fit on the 4oz bottles & the 9oz ones :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thanks I will have to check them out! Did you buy them from Amazon?

    4. Yes I did, the bottles that is. I haven't purchased the sippy cup tops yet, only because we tried a cheap sippy cup first to see if he was ready & he didn't like it. But when I get those I will get them off of amazon as well!! If you purchase the bottles, purchase a two pack or four pack :) I purchased all four at different times & spent a lot more than 50 bucks lol!!

  2. Ahh that's so awesome and so is your gasp at the end! So precious Matthew!

  3. How awesome!! I love all your favorites, too! I want to try those zoli teethers. I've seen a few mommy bloggers have them so they must be amazing ;) and although we haven't given Kinsley a bottle yet, I'm with ya on using glass!

  4. oh my god! how exciting! so cute!

  5. wow lovely video and interesting composition little HUGG are so cool!!!

    xo from Italy, xo from Lelli Family

  6. So glad you put all the teething stuff on here! Yay, for his first word! Too cute!