Friday, March 15, 2013

31 Weeks Old....

Gap Loafer Shoes 

Isn't it crazy that Matthew will be a year old in 4 1/2 months? He just keeps growing, & his hair just keeps getting crazier & longer. I love watching each new skill that he learns, & all his different facial expressions to things we do or say. I'm getting very anxious to start hearing more words, we have "mama" & "eh", if that counts!! I'm also wondering when this horrific screaming phase is going to end, no worries it's not a mad scream, its an excitement scream, but it's still ridiculous. It's literally impossible to get a photo of Matthew laying down next to the sign, so I've resorted to taking photos of him sitting up, without seeing me put the sign down. The second he realizes he is on his back, he rolls over. 

H&M Onsie, Gap Pants

Health: Matthew has had a runny nose for the last 3 or 4 days. The first day I actually saw green slime running out of his nose (which I've never seen before) & then it turned clear for the rest of the days so I'm assuming he may have caught something from his cousin who is sick & then got rid of it fast & the remaining runny nose is from teething (yes, it has begun again). I love using the snot sucker thing, its actually entertaining & Matthew gets this look of relief!! He has a third tooth that is already in on the left side of the other two on the bottom, but now he is shoving his hands, pizza crusts, all sorts of things toward the back so I believe one is coming in, in the back of his mouth. His hair is SUPER LONG & crazy, not even brushing it solves the problem. Time to do a little snip snip? Just trim up the sides maybe? He also has lots of scratches & bruises, this crawling thing is really wrecking him up!! I really have no idea how tall he is or how much he weighs, next week I'll use a tape measure & do the step on step off scale trick :)

Snickers face in this picture is priceless. She was growling the whole time. She never full on snaps at him, she will end up licking his face as fast as possible till he goes away. Matthew loves to take the water bowl & pour it upside down & then he will stick his hands in the food & try to eat it, did I mention we fished one out of his mouth last week? Ugh, gross. He knows where it is, & he specifically goes to look for it. 

Carter's Onsie

& he is also obsessed with the electronics. Adam was playing a computer game & he was being relentless to get to the computer. Once they are set on getting something, there is no stopping them. Pulling cords, pulling things off the tables, its just one thing after another!! He took a glass candle that was super big, Adam was downstairs with him & didn't even think he could move the thing, sure enough he did & it shattered on the floor. I can't believe Matthew walked away without a scratch. Really scary stuff, you never realize the extent of baby proofing the house, you have to check every single corner of the house, because they will find exactly what they aren't supposed to get into. 

Matthew loves sitting in the pack n play & "creeping" as we call it out the window & looking towards us as well. He doesn't like being confined in the pack n play though, he wants to get out, that's probably why he looks like he is trying to escape half the time. The other day he was on his tippy toes & everything when he saw daddy on the computer. 

Blue Pants

Social: Screaming at the top of his lungs, pulling up on use to stand up, crawling after us crying when we walk away, giggling when we play peek a boo, or throw the blanket on him & say "where's Matthew?". He loves to squeeze our skin or feel our arms around him. He loves to grab things away from his cousins!! lol. He likes to bang everything in his hands on the floor & some times he will hit himself in the head doing it, make a strange oh shit face, & then continue to do it, hilarious. When we say words to his face, it kind of looks like he is thinking really hard about trying to say it, but he hasn't said anything yet besides those two words, even though one really isn't a word more like a sound ;) 

Nutrition: Here he is trying the Plum brand yogurt drops, he loved them. They may say toddler but he does great with them, a lot of the toddler stuff is pretty 7 month friendly as long as your 7 month old can pick things up, crawl, and Matthew has teeth as well to help him. He is taking around 5 ounces every 3-4 hours. I try to get 2-3 servings of solid food a day, but I've only been doing 1-2 for the last few weeks, I'm slacking hard core. He did try lemon this week, I mixed it in with his veggies. We are also the parents that put little dabs of ice cream, cake, on our fingers & let him get a little taste, I know its bad, but I love it & so does he. We are still using the Gerber Good Start Gentle Formula. 

Clothing: Matthew is milking out his 6 month stuff. He fits in the 6-12 month stuff, & I'm in the process of getting rid of all the normal 6 month stuff. He also can wear 9 month stuffs, & were pushing a size 4 shoe size now. It's very hard to put pants on a 7 month old, almost impossible, it takes a lot of patience & skill haha. Matthew is on the go!! What's weird though is that I got a pair of Gap pants 3-6 month the other day & he isn't tall enough for them. I can't stand baby sizes!! He is still in size 4 Huggies diapers!! 

Sleep: As you can see I really shouldn't have this child in the nap nanny. He screams if I don't let him sleep on his stomach. & the whole putting him in the pack n play at night, not working right now. I think its because he is teething so bad & waking up at night, so maybe we will try again when the teething has tapered off a bit. I get so lazy at night, I don't want to get out of bed to help soothe him back to sleep, I want him to be right next to me in the nap nanny. It's really hard when he is teething not to swaddle him as well. Does anyone have some suggestions on him sleeping better, or something I can do? 

My favorite boys waking up in the morning. We love to do like a 30 minute snuggle session when Matthew first wakes up. He is so calm & collected & will actually let us snuggle with him before he starts trying to roll over & scream about being hungry & needing a diaper change lol. 

Enjoying lunch with my older sister yesterday. Matthew was a pain in the butt screaming the whole time & banging his objects on the table. I gave him a fry. Bad mom alert? He loved it, one time thing & it kept him preoccupied for a good minute lol. 

Forever 21 Skirt & Jean jacket

I love how Matthew is in the back posted up sleeping :) 


  1. I still can't get over how much he looks like you!

  2. He is growing so fast! I am amazing at all he can do! He and Grace are only a couple weeks apart, but she has not begun crawling or even army crawling yet. She can get to where she wants though by rolling and maneuvering. :) I wish we lived closer and could have some baby dates. :(
    Keep the posts coming!

  3. I love his hair!!!! I vote you let it grow long and glorious! I can't wait until Bug's hair grows. I'm ready to play with it. Haha

  4. oh my gosh his hair!! sooooooooo cute

  5. Please dont ever cut his hair! And don't worry about all those little tastes of treats, our boys had them too!

  6. He is growing so much! I love his hair & those loafers are adorable!

  7. That hair and that face?! Stop it! The cuteness is killing me!