Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wedding Planning....Month One

I promised you guys I would give an update on how wedding planning is going. It took me a month to finally sit down & write about it, but you guys have no idea how much I have gotten done in one month. I feel like I should be a wedding planner!! Boy, am I glad I am planning this without a wedding planner though, I'm way to picky & I know exactly what I want & how to get it done right!!

Wedding Colors: Soft Pink, White, & Cream
Wedding Fabrics: Burlap & Lace

I've always wanted a small wedding with fabulous decorations. I'm going to have around 50 people. I originally imagined a church, but when I saw my venue, very cute, small, & secluded I loved the idea. Etsy has gotten me very far!! I tell you what, that site is amazing. Obviously, I want to wait till the wedding to share all the goodies I have bought, but I would love to give a shout out to the etsy stores I have bought items from so far & you can pretty much tell what I have gotten or what I'm going for at least :)

Etsy Stores

In a month we have put down the deposit & booked....

Venue- Magnolia Hall

Reception & Ceremony will both be held at Magnolia Hall

Photographer: Timeless Photography

DJ- Complete Music DJ

Food- Magnolia Thomas House

Honeymoon- Royal Caribbean Cruise to Bahamas for 5 days

I have all the decoration supplies to finish the decorations i'm making on my own & I have ordered all the ones I'm not on Etsy. I also said YES TO THE DRESS yesterday at David's Bridal....I only went to too places & tried on four gowns total. I found my dream dress, same dress & same designer for a great price, over my budget, but still a good price, It's Vera Wang!! :) I also bought my wedding shoes at Nordstroms.
We have also chosen our bridal party, flower girls, & ring bearer. This is how I asked my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids....

The first item is a box with a ring pop, the second is a makeup bag with "bridesmaid" on it, third is a book I made with the pictures in it, & forth is a little glass black letter which is the first letter of each of their names.

Wedding Website

Date: July 27, 2013
Sneak peak of our engagement photo shoot....


  1. How exciting! I love your color palette & the fabrics! & the bridesmaid "proposal" is so cute!

  2. Hooray! I've been waiting for this post! You are so productive. You should really consider taking up wedding planning!

  3. That looks amazing so far. Everything looks good. I wish you and your husband-to-be a fun-filled stag and hen party!


  4. I LOVE all of your ideas!!! It's going to be gorgeous! That's pretty darn impressive you got all of that done in.a month! You go girl! ;)

  5. So pretty!!! I am so excited to see more!

  6. I love it all! You are so creative! And I love your honeymoon choice, it will be perfect! :)

  7. This looks wonderful! So beautiful! I used LucyBridalBoutique for my garters and they were so pretty!

    1. That's what I got from there :) I love them!!

  8. you're theme is just adorable! You've been a busy lady! Looks like it'll be just beautiful :)


  9. Your not going to have much left to plan soon. You have done a ton already. All the major things are covered.

  10. you've got so much done girl!! also check out save-on-crafts.com ... I found a lot of great things on there for our upcoming wedding!! :)

    1. I got my burlap runners on there last month!! I got A TON for like 40$ it was awesome.

  11. I agree with all the other comments here. So far, everything is good. I am excited for you guys. Looks like it will be a momentous event. Best of luck!

    - DeluxeCelebration.com

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  13. You have a nice choice of place! It's very homey, cozy and intimate! Anyway, I can see that doing quite a progress in the wedding planning department since you already accomplished some important things on your lost. I hope that it goes smoothly. Good luck! :)

    Hildred Congdon

  14. You're doing a great job! You've got almost everything covered. I like how organize you are in the whole wedding planning. It's inspiring, i just got engaged and i want to do the planning myself, hopefully i will be as organized as you.

    - DeluxeCelebration.com