Sunday, March 24, 2013

Matthew's Easter Photo Session & Basket....

Boys Outfits & Girls Outfits from Old Navy

Cousin picture!! So glad we were able to get them all semi-looking at the camera. Sebastian is 3, Sera is 6, Rose is 5, Thomas is 10 months & then Matthew is 7 months :)

All of Matthew's lovely first cousins!! :)

Old Navy Blue Pants & Brown Button Up (Similar)

Matthew got his picture with the Easter Bunny at the mall. He didn't cry at all, but his smiles were a little off haha. He kept stretching his entire body backwards like he wanted to get away!! 

Our friends child LJ came with to get his photos taken. LJ is 3 months old!! Matthew was a little too excited & LJ had just woken up from a nap so he was very chilled :)

I finally got Matthew's Easter basket put together. Hopefully I can chill out & let this be everything & not attempt to find some last minute things to stuff in there. I have a hard time telling myself "that's enough". I have so much fun gift shopping for Matthew though, I know he won't remember, at least I think he won't, but he was all over his Valentines basket, so I bet he is going to be all over this one too!! 

Easter Basket & I made the Liner (I used Chevron fabric from Hobby Lobby, a sewing machine, Mustache ribbon to tie the sides, & Iron on embroidery letters to do his name)

1. Chicks Dig Me Shirt
2. Peter Rabbit Book 6 Book Collection
3. Bunny Sippy Cup (Target)
4. Just Hatched Bib (Target)
5. Green Eggs & Ham Dr. Suess Book
6. Fluffy White Bunny (Target)
7. Easter Feel & Learn Book
8. Peter Cotton Tail Book


  1. love the Easter pictures, we are taking Carter to see the bunny this week :)

  2. I can't get over how much Matthew looks like you!

  3. blue is definitely Matthew's color! His eyes just pop in these pictures! what a little stud!!

  4. SO cute! I keep going overboard on C's easter basket too! I don't care if he won't remember... I will! ha :) I also got that sippy cup (C has a few and they are the BEST) although my husband mixed & matched while we were there and we have the blue cup with the brown head! lol

  5. The pictures are so cute! I love his hair!

  6. I LOVE your dress, so cute and you all match! Sounds like a great weekend!