Thursday, March 28, 2013

33 Weeks Old....

Happy 33 weeks little man. It's practically impossible getting a good shot right away these days, he is so on the go, with all kinds of new skills & new vocabulary. I never realized how ever changing babies were in the first year, I guess you never really pay attention to those kind of things until you become a parent yourself, or maybe even an Aunt or something. Matthew will be 8 months old in a week!! 4 months away from the big first birthday!! I've already got almost everything for his birthday (sad I know) except all the presents, I'm talking decorations here lol. 

Health: Doing pretty good. I'm not sure on the height & weight, I can't believe we have to wait 3 months from his 6 month appointment to find out, he is getting so big. I'm just glad he won't be getting any shots next time around. So I guess we have a little over a month to go before his next appointment now. His hair is super curly, I contained it with a washcloth with water on it in this photo!! He had his first bloody lip this week, poor little guy fell in the pack n play, how does that happen to the point where a bloody lip comes? No idea. He has three teeth, & is still teething like crazy. None of the old things are working anymore, I need more teething ideas, I've literally tried everything, try me. 

Social: Matthew said DADA. It was adorable. It started off as DA and then dadadadadadada, so cute. Anyway, so now he says mama, dada, & eh. He crawls up our legs to get to us, screams when we leave, he is still screaming in excitement, crawling after us, laughing like crazy when we startle him or play with Snickers in front of him. He loves testing Snickers & giggles when she barks & growls. He loves patting his hands down on everything, & grabbing at our faces. He smiles every single time some one new talks to him!! My mom sent him this "Goodnight Moon" book today in the mail as a little Easter present, we have yet to read it because all he wants to do is eat it. 

I gave Matthew some grape juice in a Dr. Browns sippy cup for the first time. Well the juice for the first time, as for the sippy cup we have tried before but he still isn't a big fan, I guess I'm going to just have to incorporate it more into each day. Does anyone have any advice on getting him to like the sippy cup? He just sits there & swings it around & has it upside down trying to knaw on the bottom of it. He rarely gets anything out, because you defiantly know when he does, he makes a crazy face. 

Clothing: Matthew fits into everything 6-12 months, or 9 months. The 6 month stuff is a total no go now, I tried to buy some stuff in it a few weeks ago thinking it may still fit, I was seriously wrong. It's a lot harder than you think to dress a 7 month old, especially when the outfit is super tight & is impossible to get on. Most days Matthew is barely dressed, he trys to turn over EVERY diaper change & EVERY clothing change, some times I'm just like "whatever" he can be naked all day. He is still in size 4 diapers, seems like I have been saying that for a long time.  & obviously we are rocking our KANSAS JAYHAWKS gear. They ARE going to be in the final four, & win it :) I still remember when they won it my sophomore year in high school, we partied, hard, Mass street was full of drunk people, even our teachers lol, & honking horns & blaring music along with ROCKCHALK JAYHAWK KU being chanted!! 

Nutrition: So, Matthew tried green beans this week for the first time. We have been seriously behind on not only trying to feed him 2-3 times a day, but trying new foods. We have become the table scrap parents, grrrr, didn't want to do that, but what else am I supposed to do when my child is screaming & staring at our food until I give him some?! I still make all of his own food though for all his normal meals, the table scraps are just the snacks :) Don't let the smile fool you, he specifically did that for the camera, he did NOT like those green beans, I think they reminded him of the celery because of the texture, & he really didn't like celery. He is taking around 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours still of Gerber Good Start Gentle Formula. 

Skills: Matthew is crawling everywhere, but he is crawling with one leg behind, he is dragging it, almost like he is going to sit at any moment, my future sister & law Jody says that I need to stop him from doing it, but every time I try he stops crawling. It's frustrating. He is climbing on EVERYTHING, he keeps going to the stairs like he is about to go up them. He says three different words, & he can tranfer from object to object when he is standing up. He is getting really good at keeping his balance as well, he can stand up alone for like a second lol. Daddy had to get his wisdom teeth out on Monday, all four of them :( So Matthew & I went to Chic Fil A across the street & ate some breakfast, here is Matthew chowing down on some hash brown circles lol. 

Matthew also tried chicken for the first time this week. He did not like it either. This face you see above, it lasted for a little over a minute & while he was doing it my sister was saying "I said I wanted BBQ sauce" lol, it was hilarious  When he finally mustered up enough confidence to swallow it, he also made a disgusted face & refused to finish any more.

Toys: I should probably nix this section for now since he hates his own toys & only wants to play with our stuff. I will say he still loves the activity cube, & I just got him this fisher price singing table & he likes that too, anything he can stand on!! 

Some times I have to use something Matthew likes, like yogurt to trick him into eating stuff he doesn't like, like green beans lol. I would take a few scoops of yogurt & feed it to him & then when I fed him the green beans he would open his mouth thinking it was yogurt, it only works a few times though because after he tastes the green beans he doesn't like to open his mouth for the yogurt anymore haha. So much wasted food half the time since you aren't supposed to put it in the fridge after the spoon gets in it!!

"Mom, what am I supposed to do with this thing?". "Ohh, I eat it" lol.  It seriously kept him entertained for like 20 minutes, SCORE. 

Sleep: Still on the rough side. Matthew is now waking up 4-5 times a night, SOMEONE HELP. It's all the teething, & how active he is, I just don't know how to get him to sleep through the night again. He used to sleep 8-12 straight hours & now he wakes up all the time & when 10 rolls around he won't go back to sleep he starts talking & trying to manuver his way out of the nap nanny. I've tried to put him in the pack n play but once he wakes up the first time it's impossible, because he won't hold his bottle on his own at night, only during the day. We still swaddle him, it's hard not to, the pacifier obviously still, I really need advice to get him to sleep through the night. 


  1. haha,
    his hair cracks me up! he looks so big!!! when did this happen??

  2. Were in the same sleep situation. It's horrible!! She was waking up sometimes every 30 minutes, we give her her paci back, she's out...cycle continues all night long. I've seen a lot of moms at this stage complain of the same thing, so something is up ;)

  3. Same sleep schedule here:( ugh when you figure it out let me know haha

  4. What worked/works like a charm for us is in her own room, in her crib, when she was 8 months she was in her Woombie with arms out, lay her down after a bottle and turn the womb sound on on her sleep giraffe and fan on low. Good luck hope it gets better. Oh and also don't go to him every wimper her has to learn to put himself back to sleep now that he has more adult like sleep cycles.

  5. we were having the same sleep problems for months...and when our little one got sick with a cold about two weeks ago we eventually caved and let her sleep with us. Ever since then she has cut down her 1-5 wake ups in the middle of the night and will now sleep through the night or just wake up once to just have a bottle. I know you guys let him sleep with you already, but maybe try and take him out of the nap nanny and let him be able to stretch himself out just in the bed. It has worked for us for these last two weeks, which has been perfect as I am back to work in a week and was dreading having to keep getting up in the middle of the night so many times!!
    Hope this helps a little bit and good luck!

  6. looks like a great easter. i love your outfits. xx