Sunday, April 28, 2013

37 Weeks Old....

I'm a little late on this post, but hey, I have a lot going on. Matthew is growing before our eyes!! It's crazy to think we are missing the newborn stage where he was quiet all the time, sleeping 3 hour naps, & sleeping through the night ;) But, I will admit I love watching him get into everything & exploring. It's fun to see what he likes to play with, & what entertains him (as he is holding the top of a bottle, that entertained him for an hour, seriously). 

Matthew started clapping this week. I was wondering when he was going to pick that up. But sure enough, he has now. Every time I sat him back in the right spot to get a photo, he insisted on clapping with excitement, I managed to get the first photo by chance, the rest were of him clapping.

Health: STILL HASN'T BEEN SICK, phew. A lot of my friends & family have babies who keep getting sick & it makes me so nervous. They are already such helpless little human beings, being sick has got to really suck. Matthew got lots of bumps & bruises this week, even managed to shatter a glass of water on top of him, leaving three minor scrapes. grr. My only excuse is i'm a first time parent & i'm TRYING. Matthew weighs around 22 pounds, his appointment is coming up soon so we will see. The scrapes on his nose is from falling face first into the brick outside, he still drags his leg when he crawls so it causes him to face plant. He has five teeth, 3 on the bottom, 2 on the top. 

Matthew got his first hair cut this week!! Don't worry, we didn't touch the top, just the sides, since they were the really hectic part. I saved it all in a little zip lock of course :) He made sure he didn't let go of that phone!!

It was super hard getting him to hold his head still, & he would whip it side to side really fast!!

Haha, apparently he wasn't sure about what had just happened. But this is the aftermath :) So much easier to tame now.

Clothing: Matthew is in 6-12 month clothing, & size 4 diapers. 

We LOVE bath time. I signed Matthew up for swim lessons this month, I can't wait to take him. I know he is going to love it. 

Matthew is doing great with chunks of fruit & veggies. Its a little difficult to pick up the fruit because its slimy, but I think he enjoys it more than mushed food. I actually gave him a grape, cut in half & then he snuck behind me & took a whole one & chewed it all by himself, scared me, but that won't happen again for a while!! 

Nutrition: Matthew is drinking 6-8 ounces of formula every 5-6 hours, I think that's right :) haha. Also lots of snacks during the day, & 2-3 servings of baby food that I make. 

I've been giving him some waffles this week & he is totally loving it. I should probably feed him these at the table, but he loves taking it with him where ever he goes. 

Matthew is teething really bad still. I decided to try the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace, but it's not working :( so we are sticking to Hylands Teething Tablets, Tylenol, & lots of snacks. 

Matthew will do anything to get to something he wants like the cords to the computer, even get stuck under his walker & then scream about it because he keeps bumping his head trying to get out. 

I feel like I don't get enough pictures of just Matthew & I :)


  1. I am amazed at how quickly them grow! I love his hair! It is so cute!!

  2. He's getting so big. I love his hair!

  3. Ok, his haircut picture is priceless! And I love seeing the pictures of you two together!

  4. I am loving his little haircut! you are one brave mama, I would be so scared to cute Christian's hair at this age, he is constantly moving!!

  5. Love his first haircut pics!! What a doll :) Harper is teething too, she has two bottom teeth coming in. Orajel doesn't seem to help much, let me know if you find something that really works for matthew!

  6. The yellow amber necklaces work better. For us they keep Claire calmer but aren't a substitute for Motrin.

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  8. haha,
    he definitely has his own style!

  9. He is a busy boy and growing so fast! Getting those little locks cut already :)

  10. New follower through the Link UP!
    You have such a little cutie! Can't wait to continue watching him grow.