Thursday, April 25, 2013

7 & 8 Month Favorites....

1. Fisher Price Learning Table- After the B. toys activity cube was a success in the "standing & entertaining" category, I saw this & thought "even more perfect". Although, its a tad annoying, the volume is adjustable, ours speaks Spanish too, & there is so much to do on it. They learn to stand, the alphabet, songs, all kinds of things.
2. Imaginarium Walker- This is a recalled item, so unless you buy it via Craigslist, a friend, or Ebay....I don't think they sell it in store anymore. The recall is about the wheels coming off & the bolts that hold it together being a choking hazard. Adam checks them every time he plays with it, & screws them in if they feel or look loose. You can use any kind of walker, this one was just so cute, & he learned to walk on his own 2 days after I bought it, so ironic or not, I would recommend it :)
3. Radio Flyer Double Seat Wagon- Why yes I see that here we have a reason to pop out another child, HA, not happening before the wedding that's for sure. Matthew LOVES this thing. The squealing, the bouncing butt, we get the whole show. Plus his cousin can ride with him & his little baby friends!! I love that there are straps, there are 4 drink holders, you can put the seats down & it stores easily, store. Trust me a wagon, is not a stroller, its worth it.
4. Yo Baby Yogurt- Matthew is obsessed  & can't get enough. There are several flavors & as they get older they come in ready to go tubes too. Even I like the flavor of them.
5. Munchkin Sippy Cup- I guess it doesn't matter what sippy cup you use, but Matthew still has a hard time using the sippy cup over the bottle, but these ones are super easy to hold & totally spill proof obviously. 
6. Itzy Ritzy Snack Pouch- Love love love this thing. Some times I put pacifiers, & teething goodies in it, & some times I load it up with puffs, cheerios, apple & pear bits what ever fits. It's a little zip lock bag practically but is machine washable, comes in cute designs & your not wasting a bunch of plastic.
7. Hooded Towel- These fit Matthew perfectly, those infant towels don't do anything anymore, way too small. It makes it easy to put the hood on & then let go & wrap them in it if that makes sense.
8. Sassy Bath Friends- Matthew loves to chew on these & we like to squirt them at him & he just thinks its hilarious  I just dump them all in & we have an entertained baby.
9. Organic Gerber Crunchies- These go SUPER fast, but they taste really good (I tried) lol. I love watching him pick them up & eat them all by himself, such a big boy. They are perfect for him, because they still mush but they don't mush too much!!
10. Cheerios- We all know where to get Cheerios & what they are :) Matthew started doing really well with these at 8 months, not so much 7 months. But they are great for transitioning to harder fruit & veggie bites & such. 
11. Wiggle March Book- Matthew eats paper, paper books, paper straws, cardboard, anything like that goes directly in his mouth. This book feels like paper or card stock but it's indestructible  you can't rip it, its totally chew proof, LOVE IT. 
12. Aquatopia Bath Mat- Matthew is taking big boy baths alone now, well not completely alone haha. But, this means I'm right by the side on my knees, this is a mat that has the memory foam in it, & it has pockets & such for all the goodies you need for bath time, & then it sucks on to the bath tub on the other side.  


  1. I really want to get Avery a Radio Flyer!

  2. Love the radio flyer! I want one for Presley so bad but the sidewalk all over our neighborhood is RIDICULOUSLY jacked up. Kudos Midwest for crappy weather ruining everything over time. Grr. Maybe some day :)