Thursday, May 16, 2013

40 weeks old....

My little munchkin is 40 weeks old, that's a whole pregnancy!! Even though he came out at 38 weeks & 2 days :) 

Matthew hasn't crawled once in two weeks, I would consider him a full on walker now, he is a pro :)

I had a wonderful "First Mother's Day". Adam & Matthew took me to the Cheesecake Factory (My favorite place to eat), we did a little shopping & had a relaxed day. We spent an hour waiting to get in, but we got to play by the fountain while we waited, Matthew was everywhere, all over the place. I also got some lovely roses & a sweet card from my man :) It was such a lovely day outside, I'm so glad the weather is really turning around now, I was super tired of all the rain we were getting.

Health: Matthew is doing great. Unfortunately, we missed his 9 month appointment, but we will get in soon & figure out where our little guy is on the weight & height scale. He is growing each day, & learning all kinds of things each week, it's amazing. Matthew has SEVEN teeth now, whoa, now hurry up the rest of you, this teething stuff sucks!! 

Daddy wanted to be in the water with Matthew for some of his swim lessons as well. They had a blast together. He was surfing all around on his kick board, & we face timed my mom (awesome, the things technology can do for us) she was sick in bed, so she really enjoyed it, & I'm so glad she got to see him!! 

Matthew is starting to "jump" in, more like throw his body or just walk in, but it's progress right?! :) I love watching how excited he gets to get in the water, we say "1, 2, 33333333333" if that makes sense in our "baby voice" haha.

Social: We don't have any clear words yet, just the "mamamma" & "dadadada" that he has been doing for months now. BUT, he is now saying "blah blah blah" so he officially can say "blah" I guess!! He is now biting our legs & toes if they are in his reach, OW, it really hurts. He comes out of no where, like a hungry dog haha. He is loving his new friend "George" that Nana pulled out for him, it was a war between his cousin, when Thomas came after George. Matthew still laughs & "tests" Snickers (our dog), every time she is being genuinely mean or scared, he thinks she is hilarious!! He is clapping in excitement  screaming when we walk away from him, banging the table when he wants more food, tugging on our legs, all kinds of fun stuff ;) His vocabulary is starting to become more clear if that makes sense, its a lot of jibber jabber, but I love listening to him, some times he says it with concern, or anger, or scared, or super happy, its the best :)

We have totally been taking advantage of this weather. Matthew was having technical difficulties while Aunt Annie & daddy played catch outside, the ground was uneven, so he kept falling & rolling all over the grass! He refused to stay on the blanket, he is on the go!! 

Sleep: I think I've accepted that we aren't going to have a full 8-10 hours of sleep for a while, with no wake ups. The wake ups aren't bad though, he wakes up, he feeds himself & goes back to sleep. Some times he won't wake up until 8 or so which is awesome & then sleep till 11 again. He loves the "ocean" on the sound machine, we still are using the pacifier, but we have made significant progress, we aren't using it during the day only at night, well some times when we go out, but not a lot :) Some times we swaddle his body, & some times he sleeps how ever. He is certainly a bed hog, I stopped using the nap nanny last month, he has been sleeping with us, he sleeps on my side next to the wall, half the time I wake up with his feet in my face or his body is completely side ways, he is a CRAZY sleeper. He takes maybe 1-2 naps a day lasting anywhere from 30 minutes-1 hour, some times longer :) Check out the way he is sleeping above, priceless.

Matthew LOVES to swing. He really enjoyed swinging at his Aunt Jaime's house. I love how swinging makes babies so calm & relaxed. I need a mechanical swing, so I can do something while he gets swung haha!! But I do enjoy swinging him myself as well of course :) 

Nutrition: Matthew is drinking 5 ounces of Gerber Good Start Gentle Formula every 4-5 hours or so, along with some home made baby food lots of veggies & fruits, & snacks galore for his teething. We love Ella's Kitchen products, they are even packaged cute. We still love Mum Mums, & now we have recently tried "Yums" another organic goody, & he seems to like those too. OH & the yogurt melts, baby cheezits all the goodies :)

We had our first outside pool day yesterday, it was AWESOME. The sun felt amazing on my skin, the water was a bit too cold for my taste, but we put Matthew in & he liked it. We used a shaded float, which was the best thing ever. Matthew had a blast walking into the water for me to catch him, he loved chasing the other kids & trying to "play" with them lol. He also passed out for a little over an hour, gave me some quality tanning time :) Can I just say how amazing it feels to actually be able to tan & lay on my stomach?!?!?!!? Last year pregnant problems, I was pregnant, the ENTIRE summer, I didn't get ONE pool day where I wasn't pregnant, it was sad!! 


  1. He's getting so cute, and just as cute as ever :) Happy Belated Momma's Day!

  2. He is sooooo cute! I hear you about getting out to the pool not being pregnant! I did for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it felt so good! I am hoping to get my little guy in swim lessons soon.