Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wedding Planning, Month Three....

Well, I'm RELIEVED to say that pretty much everything is done. Everything is defiantly picked out, if it hasn't been bought yet & everything we can do until the last month is done. It's been a hectic three months, trying to get all of this planned. As you guys have noticed I'm certainly a "go big or go home" girl. So, I'm impressed with all that I've accomplished. This month I had my first full blown panic attack for the first time in almost two years. It was absolutely horrible, I even called 911 thinking something was seriously wrong with me, but of course it was the anxiety. I guess I just over loaded myself with wedding stuff, baby stuff, first birthday planning, & regular day life. I had a terrible migraine that whole day, which coffee ended up taking care of (caffeine). I finally realized how I was getting everything done, I was running on nervous energy!!

But thankfully, the date is getting closer & there are a few more little things to do & we are good to go. I will say planning a wedding is a little easier than I thought, but still really hard. The only reason I say a little easy, is because I never realized how fast I would get things done & how much fun it would be. 

This is my version of a "wedding checklist", I've left a few little details out (my own little special touches that I'm saving for the day), but these were what I considered the basics!! But of course don't forget the honeymoon, bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts, & thank you cards!! I have everything done on this list besides programs!! 

Ever since day one that I began planning I decided I wanted to write down every expense spent for this wedding. Since then we have spent WAY over budget. Not sure if I ever intended this to be used to keep a budget, but I do know what we ball park estimated is way out of the ball park lol. You have NO IDEA how much stuff really adds up until you write it down. Oh, 3$ here, 10$ here, no biggy. WRONG, it adds up faster than you think!! 30$ on stamps to mail off the invites, 55$ on cake toppers, 3$ to mail the "asking your bridesmaid" gift to you bridesmaid out of town, but I'm no longer surprised by MSN's article about weddings being an average of 25,000$ anymore, really. At first I was like THAT'S INSANE, well it's really not. This is also a great way to see what I have already bought, & so I don't forget anything.

I mailed out our actual invitations this month. I absolutely love them, they are ten times better in person. I had Peachy Keen Events on Etsy make them. She did a fabulous job, & even helped me make them a little personalized with pearl sticker accents instead of gemstone accents. It's on cardstock, with a soft pink ribbon, under a lace ribbon, with a ribbon flower. Along with black & soft pink font.

My bridal shower invites were also mailed out this month :) I absolutely love these too lol!! Etsy invites are seriously the best. I'm having my bridal shower at a Tea place, so these were just too perfect, especially with the little tea kettle. I had Shabby Country Chic on Etsy make them!! 

I had lots of invites to mail out :)

The bridesmaid dresses are in, arriving one by one, GRR, but they are getting here :)

These lovelies arrived in the mail today, I am just too excited to wear them on the honeymoon :)


  1. I can't wait to see the special day!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. Katie if you are interested in a seating chart rather than place cards let me know! Ill give you a discount :)

    1. Thanks girl!! I'm not doing assigned seats but I made table numbers Anyway because they were cute :) haha!

  3. Wow sounds like the wedding planning is going great. I still have 14 months till my wedding and I've already started planning and writing every little expense down!

  4. ahh i love those mrs earrings! way too cute and you are right things quickly add up when planning a wedding that is for sure!

  5. I had soooo much fun planning our wedding and look like you are too!! Yay!! So excited for you!!

  6. Girl, I cannot wait to see wedding photos. Ever since I started following your pregnancy, I just knew you two would get married. I'm loving be able to follow along with it all!

  7. I have an obsession with Etsy as well especially for invitations.

  8. I like this wedding planning invitations designs to invite us. Congrats to your wedding.