Friday, May 24, 2013

41 Weeks Old....

Even though my little baby is sick, he is still as smiley as ever. Even Snickers decided to join in the picture this time!! 

Float (Target)

The water was finally nice enough to get Matthew into the water with his float :) He loved being pushed around in circles & dragged around!! All this sun is really getting me pumped for the super hot summer weather!! Matthew has outgrown his baby sun hat, time for a new one!! I wish the older kid ones had the strap on them too!!

Nutrition: Matthew is drinking 5-6 ounces of formula every 4-5 hours. We normally give him fruit or yogurt for breakfast, he snacks during the day & then we give him what we are having for dinner or some veggies :) I can't wait till we don't have to use formula anymore!! I really need to get Matthew on the sippy cup & get rid of the bottle, any advice on how to transition? Because I still can't figure it out, he just gnaws on the sippy cup he won't drink out of it. 

Social: Matthew's vocabulary consists of dadadada, mammama, & bababbablahh, he is actually using DADA in the correct way, as in, he knows what it means. He will actually call Adam dada when he sees him, & even claps when I saw "dada is home". I'm not sure if he has really grasped mama yet, he seems to think everyone is mama lol, way to go me!! He is now pushing Snickers out of her bed, clapping at everything, shutting doors on everyone, all kinds of funny things. He loves when we run really fast towards him, he will laugh & run away, acting all scared. 

Health: Unfortunately we have still not had his 9 month appointment :( something went wrong with our insurance & it's all SLOWLY getting worked out, (not me being slow)!! Anyway, Matthew is sick for the first time EVER, we got a solid 9 1/2 months of no sickness!! It's horrible seeing him all stuffy!! He is still smiling  and getting into everything, but when he laughs you can hear the congestion & he woke up in the middle of the night crying for over an hour because he was so stuffed up. We are using the nasal aspirator, tylenol, all the good stuff. Any other suggestions? I know Nose frieda is supposedly awesome I will have to grab some of that. He hasn't had a fever that I know of, possibly just a little cold. He is even snuggling & acting all clingy (he never does those things) I'm actually enjoying my little lovey baby haha!! He still has 7 teeth, & still teething bad!! I did the step on step off the scale, it said he weighed 22 lbs but I think he weighs more than that, we will see. Possibly all this walking is shedding the pounds lol.

I love these boys more than anything. How cute are they? Adam is loving being a daddy!! 

Sleep: Matthew is waking up a lot during the night like 3 times, its ridiculous :( I think it's time for the crib to come out!! 

We had a week full of graduation ceremonies & parties!! 

I also wanted to share this link for Heather Von St. James. She is a cancer survivor & has asked me to post this link to her site, so everyone can be aware of Mesothelioma & help find a cure & better treatment options!! It's an amazing story & I hope you guys will take the time to watch the video & check it out. & Possibly share it on your page as well!! 


  1. That float is such a great idea, I've never seen one with a float attached before.Rx

  2. you both are too cute in the last pic, love your outfit :)

  3. I can't believe he's walking already!!
    My suggestion for the stuffy nose cause I just went through the same thing with Kendall. Saline drops every couple hours and a humidifier, those 2 things really helped her. Hope he feels better soon

  4. Matthew is so cute! We have been using the straw sippy cups because they have to suck out of them like a bottle and she does great with them. I don't know if that will help or not? I also put some watered down apple juice in it so she would want it more?

  5. Hi there...just happened upon your blog! Our boys are about the same age...isn't it fun and crazy at the same time?! I found a NUK sippy cup that has a rubbery top, not hard plastic, and that helped my son transition. He still can't quite get the harder plastic sippy cup figured out, but he's getting there. It's like this one:


    1. Thanks for your advice I really appreciate it :)!! That's so funny!! I love finding blog mommies with kids the same age, its fun to watch them grow!!