Monday, May 27, 2013

9 Month Favorites....

1. Baby Ipad- This thing rocks, this is the first non electronic toy (technically) that he actually wants to play with. It just makes music as he presses the screen.
2. Curious George- Matthew's nana pulled George out of a closet & Matthew has been obsessed ever since, he even pulls him over his face when he sleeps (like he is trying to snuggle) I bet he wishes I would let him sleep with him all night lol. I think every baby needs some kind of stuffed animal. Matthew walks around with George in his mouth, & doesn't use his hands he looks like a dog haha.  
3. Ella's Kitchen Nibbly Fingers- Matthew loves these, they are chewy & don't make that big of a mess. I know they say for older babies, but he has done great with them.
4. Swing & Canopy- I haven't heard of a baby that doesn't like to swing yet, but this is a must. Unless you have a swing or park nearby :) They are so calm in the swings!!
5. Swimming Pool Balls- I don't know what it is, possibly the easy to grab feature haha, but Matthew loves to chew & squeeze these.
6. Baby Banz- Now that Matthew is smart enough to take his sunglasses off, these are a necessity I would say, because they can't pull them off easily.
7. Shaded Baby Float- Not sure what we would do without one of these at the pool. I would say a newborn-5 months is probably too young, but after that they work great, keeps the baby quiet & you don't have to hold them.
8. Baby Bjorn Bib- They have lots of different brands for these, but either way I love them, less messes, the ones that are just plastic & aren't actually formed into a bowl don't do anything, I promise.
9. Baby Loves To Rock Book- I would say this is the sequel to his old favorite book "Rocker Babies Wear Jeans" I think he just loves the colors, & to chew on it obviously.


  1. I like that shades float. Smart!

  2. love these! and also hate when you do these cause i go a little shopping crazy! great pics for whats to come for us! :)