Saturday, June 15, 2013

44 Weeks Old....

Shorts (Gap)

This was the best I could do lol. This child kept turning over as fast as he could every time I got to 3 in the counting!! He knew exactly what he was doing!! Little stinker. When the power went off the other night, we had no light what so ever & Matthew was running into everything. Couldn't hold him the whole time because he would freak out. Anyway, he ran into the bed & now he has a big bruise on his eye :(!! 

Shirt (Walgreens) 

Health: Well as you all know Matthew had his first sickness ever a few weeks ago, then this week he had an ongoing fever for two days & it got up to 102 degrees. He didn't have a runny nose or coughing, but he was being super cuddly, calm & quiet. We're guessing it was from teething. We finally figured out the insurance, we said screw medicaid & peach care, took Adam off his mom's, got him his own & put Matthew under him. It may be 135$ more a month, but its worth it. We never should have dealt with the government in the first place. So once we get the card, in about 2 weeks I will FINALLY be taking Matthew for his 9 month check up. Dang. Matthew still had 8 teeth as of now. 

Even though my dad is 12 hours away, I always want to do the best job I can at making his day special without being there. This was when Matthew had a fever (you can tell he isn't feeling well). My dad turned 60 years old!! I feel bad that we can't be there for his birthday & Father's day, but either way I love him & I can't wait to see him in a month when he comes down for the wedding :) I can't wait for Matthew to get to spend time with my family!! 

Sun Block Shirt (Target) & Bathing Suit (Gap)

We have had some nice sunny days, with the exception of the tornado that touched down in our county the other night & left us without power for four hours, the longest I've ever been without power it was crazy, especially since it was at night, we had candles going every where. Anyway, Matthew was enjoying our adult float more than his own. He doesn't like feeling constrained. We were pushing him back in forth in the pool & he was having a blast. Don't worry, his hat is next to him, HA. It's impossible to keep it on him!!   

Social: Matthew is quiet the talker. He loves talking to himself & to his toys. He walks around the living room & kitchen just mumbling all sorts of sounds. He knows dada really well, mama is pretty good, I think he has "ball" down, we are still working on it. He is finally sticking his tongue out, haha I know that sounds strange that I'm excited, but he has never done it before. He loves to examine our faces & pull our lips & talk about it. If he sees us go down stairs, or outside he throws a fit. He loves being  chased, having us scare him, playing peek-a-boo, likes to make Snickers mad, reaches for us to pick him up, closes doors on people, gets shy around people he doesn't know, he is a total flirt & loves to scream & bang when he is angry!! (great) :)

Sleep: Well, Matthew has had a lot of sleep this week from getting over his sickness (cold or something) & from his fever. It was actually really nice to be able to hold him & him just let us without crying or trying to get down. He was very very calm. Matthew is sleeping at night really well. He wakes up once around 9 a.m & takes a bottle & goes back to bed till 11 or so. We normally go to bed around 12. So he is sleeping a lot of hours. We have him in the pack n play next to our bed. We have pretty much gotten rid of the pacifier, we haven't used it in a month with the exception of 2 or 3 times, but he takes it right back out now. 

Bike Trailer (Amazon)

We decided to get Matthew one of these bad boys. He really doesn't like when it stops, but when Adam is riding he loves it lol!! We are excited to go on some more bike rides with him!! It even has a handle bar so you can push it with out the bike just like a stroller, just to go on a walk or whatever!! 

Aden & Anais Bib (Target)

Nutrition: Matthew takes about 6 ounces every 4-5 hours, 3 servings of solid food, & multiple baby snacks through out the day. He always has a feeding right when he wakes up & right before he goes to bed. I have caved & started using some of the organic food pouches, I was slacking on making the home made baby food. I'm really good about fruits & veggies but I needed help with the strange veggies, & the protein like meats so I picked up a few of them. Not sure how much Matthew likes them. But as you can see, Matthew likes to eat with his leg up, with the TV remote, & normally with the bib over his face lol. Only 2 more months of formula & I'm switching to normal milk, I'm so tired of using this stuff. 

Apptivity Case For Ipad (Amazon)

I can't keep Matthew away from electronics. We have had the hardest time with the phones, the second you take them away from him he goes in to a horrific tantrum. We would let him play with our phones, but he drools all over them & already messed up the speaker on Adam's old phone, so we had to get a new one for him. Fisher Price has an apptivity case for the Iphone 4s & below, but they don't have one for the 5 yet, so since we have an Ipad, I decided I would get one for our ipad. It's drool proof, & protected on the sides from him dropping it, so it works out perfectly. He only wants to play on it so far when we are with him or if we are trying to play on it, go figure, but I think in the next month or so he is going to like it even more because he will realize when he touches it stuff happens, he gets that now, but not well enough. 

Fox (Target), Onsie (Old Navy)

Clothing: Matthew is wearing 6-12 months, & 12-18 months. He is in size 4 diapers, small or medium swim diapers, & size 5 shoes!! He is just getting so big. He had a tantrum for this little deer from Target. He played tug a war with me, & won obviously. I can't believe it starts this early.

I decided to give Matthew an entire piece of Chic Fil A chicken, he was screaming because he was teething & I figured why not. Turns out, it worked AWESOME & it lasted for over an hour. Score. Its just one piece, haha.

Matthew threw one of the biggest tantrums I've seen yet. He was blowing spit bubbles, screaming, & turning away. He REALLY did want to eat this spinach & rutabaga. I wouldn't either though.


  1. I hear you about getting lazy making baby food, so I just started feeding Grace whatever we were eating. You will be surprised with what they can chew with their gums. For example, last night we had roast with carrots, peppers, and potatoes. She gets it too just cut up in smaller pieces. The only thing I add is some fruit since we usually don't have fruit for dinner. BUt this saves a lot of time and money! And then hopefully she will get used to eating things that we like.

  2. Omg. That advice shirt from Walgreens is awesome.