Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower & Zumba Party Weekend....

Bride to be sash (Hobby Lobby)

For my bachelorette party we had food, alcohol, & cake. It was a Pure Romance party, for all of you who don't know what that is, its an adult toy, lingerie, lotion party. I'd never been to one or had one before, so I thought this would be the perfect event for one. Here is me with my "bride to be" sash, next to my cake & food. 

My Dress, Earrings (Stein Mart)

My best friend from Kansas (maid of honor, & God mommy to my little Matthew) was in town. I'm so thankful for her, she worked hard to be able to come down this last weekend, & she is turning around & coming right back next month for the wedding. She did so much for me this weekend & I can't thank her enough!! 

All my close girlfriends came & celebrated this weekend with me. Jacque is my go to workout buddy :) My motivator!! We have grown so close after the last few months & I love having her as a friend. 

We had SO much food. We had lots of pinterest food projects!! I made the banner hanging across the bottom, some circles are pink & the others are gold glitter. We had party spirals, apples with caramel & chocolate, cheese platter, chicken sandwiches  pigs in a blanket, 7 layer dip, BLT wraps, buffalo covered cauliflower  chips & homemade salsa, quiche, hummus & rock candy :)

Pecker Toss Game (Spencer's)

We played a lovely game of "pecker toss" haha.

"Bride To Be" banner that I made :)

Bride & Bridesmaid wine glasses I made with pink paint & modge podge with glitter. 

Pure Romance set up :) If you ever have or go to a party please get the "coochy cream" IT'S NOT JUST FOR WHAT IT SAYS, it works amazing on your legs & even on guys faces. Also get the heart massagers, they heat up & I've been using them on my jaw for my TMJ, they are awesome. 

The cake was made by a friend of my friend Lynn. She did an amazing job & even made the banner. It says "bride to be". 

The inside was ombre pink with a strawberry filling. I just tied bows around the cake knifes to make them look pretty :)

Game (Party City)

We also played "kiss the hunk" the girls insisted to kiss his bottom area instead of his mouth haha. But as you can see they were all pretty close!! Mine is the one on the elbow, I suck.

I saw these on pinterest & had to make them. They are butt cookies with thongs. I used a heart shaped cookie cutter & then cut off the point bottom!! 

My maid of honor made me this sign :) It just happened to be 50 days until my wedding which made it even better!! It's a wooden board, spray painted brown, hot glued ribbon, hot glued pearls, flowers, pink paint & gold glitter!! 

Doughnut hole & fruit kabobs, & chocolate covered marshmallows. 

Shot tray & gold chevron straws. 

Hat (Burlington Coat Factory), Dress (Know Style)

I had my bridal shower at Tea Leaves & Thyme. It was wonderful. I loved playing tea party for a day :) 

Shoes (H&M)

My future sister n law used my banner that I made from the bachelorette party to decorate a bag for me :) so creative!! I got so many goodies!! My mom sent a beautiful turquoise plate set, Adam's mom got us a Dyson vacuum  We also got essentials like a shower curtain, basket, kitchen utensils :) 

I knew my ladies would love these bridal shower favors :) OPI light pink nail polish. 

I had a tart let (sort of like a mini pizza without the sauce) & blue berry tea. We had trays of little desserts, sandwiches & fruit as well. 

The last event was a zumba party that I put together for my ladies, I just knew they would love this zumba instructor. She is so much fun, plays more of hip hop music & really gets you sweating :)

I had all the girls wear TUTUS for fun :)

All my bridesmaids wore their TUTUS & their bridesmaid tank tops :) Tracy (our instructor) is the one in the purple TUTU :) she is awesome!! 

We were totally exhausted after our zumba class!! 


  1. Looks like fun and you looked very pretty ! Where'd you get your dresses?

    1. The Bridal shower one I got from a store in our mall called "Know Style" & the sparkly bachelorette one I got from a website called Sabo Skirt, there is a link to it until the dress! They have some awesome dresses on there!!

  2. i love the pink and glitter decorations! that ombre cake looks amazing, did it taste as yummy as it looks?? what a wonderful shower and tea, only 50 more days!

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend!! Cute dresses

  4. So cute! Looks like it was a blast :)

  5. That looks like so much fun! And you look super cute in all your outfits!

  6. I am definitely using your photos to "drop hints" to my girlfriends about my party coming up! I am in love with all things pink!


  7. How is that cake banner made? Thinking I'll make a similar one for Brantley's smash cake!

    1. I'm not 100% sure!! But I know there are tutorials on pinterest for some of them! I know the sticks are just kabob sticks, & then string, but I'm not sure how the actual triangles were made!

  8. Looks like you had a lot of fun at your parties! I can't wait to see your wedding pictures, you're going to be a beautiful bride!