Thursday, June 20, 2013

45 Weeks Old....

I can't believe it's already been a week, wasn't it just yesterday I was writing the last post? Jeez, time is just flying bye a lot faster than I expected that's for sure. I'll spare the whole nutrition, clothing, social sections, they are pretty much the same as last week ;)

I've been shopping at Whole Foods a lot lately. I never realized they had such a wide selection of everything you could possibly need. My dad works for "Twinlab", supplements sold to Whole Foods, GNC, Vitamin shop so on so I've been in & out of these stores with him since I was a kid, & always thought they smelled bad & had nothing good in them, well once I was old enough to understand it all make since haha. I picked up these organic cheetos for Matthew, he ate way more than he should have yesterday, but o well, he loved them. They have a ton of awesome baby products there, & even sell the bottles (Life factory) that we use for Matthew. 

I think you all have seen a little preview of this before ;) But Matthew can't get enough of making Snickers mad & getting in her bed. It cracks me up. Why does he want to sit in that bed so bad? & laugh as she grows & barks? babies, they are so mysterious. 

Matthew all cuddled in his bed taking a nap. I probably have way more stuff than I should in there, but I truly believe it helps him sleep better. He always feels around for George & Winnie the Pooh to make sure they are there & loves having one of our pillows, probably because its super comfy & smells like us. As you can see he has two bruises :( The one on his eye was a result of the power being out for FOUR hours last week & the one on his head is from the bathtub. He can't seem to the grasp the concept of SIT DOWN, in the bath tub. 
I have completely baby proofed this place. I've got all kinds of things!! But I promise you even when you think you have completely baby proofed, they are still going to find things they can't have & especially as a new parent your gonna forget to put something up that you should have like a hot glue gun, a phone charger, you know, things that are SERIOUSLY dangerous. Ugh, its hard. Anyway I purchased two awesome gates off Albee baby, I couldn't find ones at babies r us & this place had free shipping if you spent over 49.99$ so I went ahead & got them, they are working awesome. The white one fits 52 inches, adjusts to a Bannister on one side & screws into the wall on the other side so it can be at the top of stairs, & the other is pressured at the bottom of stairs & looks like the wood on our stairs. Both all you do is press the button to get through, super easy. As for the cabinet locks, not really a fan, they seen adult proofed to me, but they keep Matthew out so that's what matters!! 

Matthew did so awesome when we went out to brunch with all the cousins, I think being around other kids keeps him calm. He enjoyed a fruit plate, avocado & apple juice!! Along with his mum mum of course ;)

I love when he sleeps this way, so precious. 

The boys were oh so serious on our walk today, not sure if they enjoyed it or not lol!!


  1. I see you got some gates too!! I love our gates it makes me feel so good and now I can take a shower!

  2. oh my! poor baby with those bruises! but I know it's just imposible to keep them calm during bath time haha...

    Lucas loves mum mums too ;)

    thanks for telling me about the paint :)

  3. Careful with blankets and stuff in the crib. Does he sleep on his belly? I've heard one too many stories about babies suffocating so my baby sleeps in a sack with her paci and that's it.

    1. He rarely ever sleeps on his tummy! But I have been SUPER paranoid ever since he was born. I only let him nap with the stuffed animals & I'm always in there with him. But at night I have a blanket over him tucked in the sides & a large pillow with the case tucked into the sides. We used to swaddle with paci & that was it, then we did the sleep sack & now he just sleeps with the blanket. I'm always very cautious! Its EXTREMELY scary all the things I hear, its so sad :(