Wednesday, June 26, 2013

46 Weeks Old....

It's so hard to take a picture of this active little one. Matthew is 46 weeks old, he can say

"mama", "dada", "ball", & "Bye" & he knows what they all mean, he will pick up a ball & say

"ball" or when some one leaves you can catch him saying "buh" like bye. He runs all over the

 place, yes, runs. He blows spit bubbles when he is doing something he doesn't like, like when

 we set him in bath water that is too hot or cold, put him in his car seat, try to put him to bed

when he isn't tired. He will also blow spit bubbles in the pool. He fights going to sleep every

single night & every nap. He had his first PB&J this week. Reaching on top of tables to get

things (tippy toes), runs away in fear when the doors open & he isn't expecting someone. Runs

to his boppy & lays down when I pull the bottle out. Throws his head back when he is throwing a

 fit. Loves to play "peek a boo", & loves being chased. He can also drink out of an adult straw

now!! I think I covered it all ;)

My little man & I hanging out at the pool :) 

We let Matthew have his first peanut butter & jelly sandwich while we were at the pool this last weekend. Needless to say, he ate three that day. He absolutely loved it!! He sat there entertained with his sandwich chowing down for almost an hour. 

Obviously we give him a phone once the screaming begins and we are in a restaurant lol

Success, Matthew fell asleep in his float, IN THE WATER. I got some quiet time :)

Sorry for the explosion of pool pictures, but this week has been just crazy. Our venue flooded, we now have a new venue, and a new wedding date!! 


  1. awe, that picture of him sleeping in the floaty is so cute!

  2. love his culry messy hair! so cute sleeping in the floaty ;)