Tuesday, July 2, 2013

10 Month Favorites....

1. Wallet- Obviously you can get a wallet anywhere, but Matthew loves the leather ones, he just loves to carry them around, & take all the cards & money out of them, seems to preoccupy him for an extremely long time. I'm all about things that satisfy him.
2. Life Factory Sippy Cups- We used the Life Factory bottles ever since Matthew was born. They are awesome. They are glass with a silicone cover. Then when your child is ready to convert to the sippy cup all you do is buy the lids, you don't even have to buy an entire new sippy cup.
3. B. Phone- I've had this on Matthew's favorites list before, but he is really digging this phone more than ever. We love to record our own voices on there, & he thinks its amazing when it rings on its own & even plays a busy dial tone!!
4. Bubbles- It doesn't matter what kind, but Matthew loves them. We don't let him blow them or play with it, he would probably attempt to drink the liquid. But he loves to chase them & has the craziest face when they pop, it's too cute. Great way to get them outside for some fresh air.
5. In Step Bike Trailer- We have an older version, but same concept, just a different color. You can push it around like a stroller with out the bike if you want or put it on the bike. Matthew loves it. It has two seats for a friend as well :) & lots of space on the bottom for shopping trips!!
6. Apptivity Ipad Case- This thing is awesome. Drool proof, enough said. It goes around your ipad & even if they drop it, its safe.
7. Apptivity case for I phone-  They don't have this for the 5 yet, but I'm impatiently waiting. We don't have it, but I know it would be even greater than the ipad one, since Matthew is still head over heals for our phones.
8. Ella's Kitchen Organic Food Pouches- I CAVED. I still make Matthew's baby food, but we eat healthy so I give him what we are normally eating which I've made as well. He really isn't into the purees anymore, but these were so easy & simple. We used them for about a month. It defiantly helped me out!!
9. Smuckers Uncrustables- I know some people say stay away from peanut butter, but they eventually have to try it. I've been giving these to Matthew for a month, he loves them, super easy for a meal & super soft obviously for his little gums to mash. Only 8 teeth still!!
10. Tupperware- This is one of Matthew's favorite toys, any brand, any color, just get some :)


  1. Always love your favorites! Keep them coming!

  2. My son just turned 0 months old a few days ago and I did our favorite for the previous month (9 mo) and I mentioned how he loves empty water bottles, tupperware and all that stuff. Lets be honest they love an empty box more than thye love that $45 toy we got them! Hahaha! I haven't thought to give Noah uncrustables that is such a great and easy idea!

  3. Claire only has 8 teeth and she's almost 20 months so he's doing good.

  4. oh my, his smiling face just melts my heart. he has so many teeth already. it feels like you just announced his birth yesterday