Friday, September 20, 2013

11 & 12 Month Favorites....

1. Munchkin Sippy Cup- This is beyond our favorite sippy cup so far. We have tried at least 10 different ones, totally different brands. Matthew doesn't really like the actual sippy cups, bu he loves straws. So if your little one can suck out of a straw this is the go to cup. Plus, this is the first one that really doesn't leak, like it says lol. 
2. Little Tikes Blue Rocking Horse- This thing is awesome, although Matthew likes to stand on it sometimes, he is starting to understand that's a "no no". He loves to rock in it now!
3. Be Little You & Me Tee Pee- I'm not sure if this will justify the 150$, but honestly number one played with "toy". Matthew & his little cousin can't stay out of it, they love running in it & hiding & then zooming out. They don't like when grown ups come in, & they like to run around it in circles & bring their toys in there, who knew a one year old would love a tee pee so much!!
4. Basketball Hoop- I don't think it really matters what kind, but we love this one. Matthew knew to put the ball in the hoop right away, it was awesome!
5. Smart Trike- Not only does it have a shade, but it turns into their first tricycle once they are old enough!! Right now I control the steering and when he is ready he can control the steering, it even came with a little toy phone attached, has a zipper bag attached to put phones & wallets in, a drink holder, and a bucket on the bottom to throw stuff in, they can be as young as 7 months old!!
6. Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair- I'm not sure how to justify this over 100$ purchase either, but I was just telling my husband the other day this & the tee pee were the most "played" with items & they were the most expensive, how funny (Adam not laughing) lol. But honestly, it doesn't have to be this chair, I just love this one. Matthew loves to sit in it & climb on it, eat in it, play in it, everything. He is always looking to sit down in it!!
7. Pottery Barn Kitchen- I found this gem at a consignment shop so I did not pay the ridiculous amount of money for this baby!! Matthew really likes to turn the knobs, shut the doors, and play with the plastic food & pretend kitchen utensils.
8. Inno Tab 2- Matthew really prefers his cousins Leap Pad (not sure if he just wants it because his cousin has it, probably lol) but anyway, this thing is great you can download games on it, it has a gel protector around it, it plays music, takes pictures, its like a mini ipad for a baby!!
9. Plastic Golf Clubs- These are a hit!! Well, literally, Matthew does unfortunately go around hitting stuff with it, but hey, it keeps him preoccupied & we have been trying to teach him to hit the little plastic balls with it!!
10. ABC Letter Factory- Ahh, this thing is awesome, the song is stuck in my head 24/7. But my mom used this with my little sister & she learned her alphabet extremely young & fast!! "M says mmm, M says mmm, every letter makes a sound, M says mmmm" and it does that for every letter ;) or you can push a certain button & it plays the whole alphabet. Matthew loves to carry it around & put all the letters in and out of the place you put them to hear the song.
11. Tickle Me Cookie Monster- At first Matthew was TERRIFIED of this little cutie, it was quiet funny actually, running around the house to get away from it, screaming at the top of his lungs, but he finally came around & loves to pick it up while its rolling on the floor laughing, its like he thinks its a little person lol.
12. Gyro Bowl- Matthew loves snacks, & loves plates, forks, cups, so on. This thing really works. He will just cart it around the house with his puffs & he is set!!

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