Sunday, September 8, 2013

13 Months Old....

Monthly Stickers Etsy & Pottery Barn Chair

I feel like its been forever since I blogged! Keeping up with Matthew has made it quite impossible to get anything done around here. The weekly updates became a bit much after he turned a year old, so I think I'm gonna stick with the monthly updates now. Plus its really hard to get a "good" picture of Matthew, he wants the camera or the phone so bad he throws a full blown tantrum. Anyway, my (not so little) Matthew is 13 months old, no longer a baby, a TODDLER. Crazy right? I'm still in shock. 

Health: Matthew is doing great. The doctor was extremely impressed with everything he has accomplished & learned. He has not been sick since way back in February, so we are still at only one time being sick for him. Thank goodness. He has a total of 10 teeth, 4 on bottom front, 4 on top front, & then one on each side on the bottom back. His hair is still super blonde & his eyes are blue (not sure if they can still change lol). He is in a teething stage again, so I can only assume more teeth are on their way. His weight & height are in the 25-50 percentile, but his head is in the 90-95 percentile, haha so apparently he has a large head. Not that they measure feet, but he wears a size 7, & everyone is telling me that's huge, so he has big feet too?

Weight: 23 pounds
Height: 30 inches 

One Onsie Etsy, Cart Cover Etsy, Moccasins Freshly Picked

Matthew LOVES to go "bye bye", as soon as we say "Lets go bye bye" or "Lets go outside" he runs to the front door, or the gate to go down to the garage, he is ready to go. He likes to shop, but he isn't a hug fan of sitting in the shopping cart, its got to be moving at high speed the whole time. Once we stop, its game over. Matthew is very good at telling us he doesn't want to be in the cart by screaming at the top of his lungs (yes, he is still setting off the doorbell & piercing our ears) this is getting old lol. He can wave "bye bye", but you've got to be the lucky one he wants to do it to, to see it! 

Wolf shirt & Black Leggings Carters (leggings were in the girl section)

Sleep: Matthew is doing really well with sleep lately. He normally naps twice a day anywhere from 20 minutes- one hour depending on how much he played & how tired he is. He always takes a nap a few hours after we wake up in the afternoon, & then he likes to take one towards the end of the day as well. He doesn't normally pass out on the floor, but if we haven't put him to sleep yet & he is tired he will pass out where ever he is (even in the high chair once). At night we normally put him down for bed between 11-12 & he will wake up around 9-10. Some times we have doozy nights where he wants to wake up at like 4 & come sleep with us. He sleeps in his pack n play next to our bed, sound machine on "rain", bottle right before bed (trying to cut that out, but we do give him water in it once he gets sleepy to wash all the milk down), & he has one stuffed animal & a blanket. So he is getting around 11 hours of sleep give or take, our sleep depends on when we finally fall asleep!! 

Red White & Blue Romper- Carters 

We didn't have a very eventful Labor Day. It was raining here in Georgia, we had a movie day & made dinner at home. More like an extremely lazy day. I think we may have went for a walk as well, I already forgot lol. Our days have been really calm lately with the wedding & birthday over. Our days normally consist of me picking things up, Matthew taking them back out & me getting him off of things he is climbing on. 

I decided to do a trial run of the "Honest Diapers". If you haven't heard about them, they are great diapers (in my opinion, & friends) :) They are co founded by Jessica Alba. They are about the best you are going to get (natural) without having to do the cloth diapering (which I tried, that was a NO go). You should see the list of chemicals that these DON'T have, that huggies, pampers, LUVS, so on DO have. It's really disgusting. They have all kinds of cute prints, girl prints & boy prints. Matthew wore these red white & blue ones on Labor day of course ;) I love them, so I decided to buy a months worth. If you do the (bundle & save deal) that's the best option. You get a months worth of diapers AND wipes delivered to your door every month, it automatically comes out of your account, how easy is that? You don't even have to go anywhere for 80$ total. Which is close to the same amount you pay for diapers & wipes a month anyway, at least in our house. They hold up really well as well if you are worried about them leaking, I wouldn't be!! Oh & the shipping is free!! They also have lots of house cleaning products, & baby wash products!! 

                                                           Shirt & Pants Osh Kosh

Clothing: Matthew is currently wearing size 18 months, we also have a lot of 24 month stuff that he wears, but the 18 months really fits perfect. I can squeeze SOME 12 month stuff on him, depending on the brand of course. But it takes a minute to get it on haha. Just trying to get the most use out of all the cute stuff!! He wears a size 6 or 7 shoe depending on the brand. His Nike shoes are 7s but his moccasins are size 6. We moved up to size 5 diaper, but then when we got the "honest diapers" the 4 still fit really well. I've noticed when I put a diaper that is a little big on him, he always sleeps better, so if your having baby sleep troubles try to bump up the diaper size, its worth a try when it comes to your sleep ;) 

                                                                Puma Outfit- Marshalls 

Nutrition: So, this has defiantly changed a lot I would say since the last time I did an update. Matthew is no longer on formula, he takes whole milk. He will generally drink 2-3 8 ounce bottles a day, depending on how much "real food" he has had. We haven't been able to get rid of the bottle yet, but we didn't even have to wean him off the formula, I did one half & half bottle & the next one I did whole milk & kept doing it & he never noticed. SCORE. We are also giving him a multivitamin everyday (drop form) because he was a little low on his iron again at the doctor. We generally feed him every time we eat unless he is sleeping. He will eat pretty much everything we eat. I just cut whatever we eat up into little pieces & he feeds him self with his hands. We are still working on the fork & spoon thing (feeding himself). He won't eat anything green unless its something sugary or it's avocados. Not sure why, but as soon as he sees green on the spoon he turns his face away & closes his mouth or feeds it to Snickers. He also won't eat pureed things anymore not even apple sauce or yogurt, he wants solid food. He drinks out of a straw when he is thirsty or a sippy cup, but takes the milk in a bottle. 

Hello Apparel onsie, Carter's gray jeans

Matthew isn't a big picture taker anymore. He is always moving or rolling straight over, I can barely get him to hold still unless he is tired (like in this photo) lol. Or he screams & throws a tantrum trying to get the camera or phone. Which turns extremely ugly lol. & when I say tantrum I mean laying on the floor, screaming at the top of his lungs, or begging to be picked up until he gets what he wants. He absolutely hates the word "No", as soon as we say it he goes into tantrum mode. 

                                                                  Smart Trike- Toys R Us 

My friend Lynn & I decided he had to have this!! It's a trike that I can push around to go on walks & when he is old enough the steering can be controlled by him & certain parts of it come off & it turns into a real first tricycle. How cool is that? This one even came with a toy phone that makes noise (totally up Matthew's alley) a sun shade, two places to put adult stuff like phones & wallets, it's really cool & Matthew loves it!! He does like to try & jam his feet into the wheel though which is really annoying. 

                         New Balance Shoes- Natural Strides, Shirt- Old Navy, Shorts- Gap

Matthew went down the slide by HIMSELF!! He lost it a little towards the end, but he was really stable & balanced I was so proud of him, & since it was a little high at the end I helped him off. He waited till I said "come on" to come down, so sweet. He even sat in the swing the "big boy way" & did really well. OH & he climbed up to the slide all by himself as well!! 

Overalls & Onsie Osh kosh

Social & Skills: Matthew can sign "more" & "Please". He can say mama, dada, nana, bye bye, no, hello, shoe, yeah, go, dog, ball, who's that, what's that, any other ones he says are normally flukes & he doesn't know what they mean. He can climb on pretty much anything, he can screw tops onto bottles, he knows to go to the door when we say "lets go bye bye" and knows to go to the stairs when we say "lets go night night". He will even go to his boppy when he knows we are getting his bottle with milk. He will brush his hair with the brush and brush his teeth with the tooth brush. He has already mastered all the cabinets & toilets but now he is busy trying to get doors open, ahh. He loves to put things back where they go, sing along to if your happy & you know it & clap, he loves giving hugs and big open mouth kisses. So sweet. He also chases after balls, & will put the ball in the basketball goal. 

Shirt- Gap, Leggings- Salt City Emporium

Matthew loves to sit in chairs, & on the couches. He laughs the whole time because he still thinks he isn't supposed to do it, but now that he can get down by himself we don't care. We will keep letting him think that though if it keeps him preoccupied. 

This is a little preview of what I have been dealing with lately. This was just the beginning of it. Scary right? I can't get him to stop, every time I say "NO" he cries really loud and will back away but then he will go right back laughing & looking back at me like he knows he is doing something wrong. How did you teach your kid no? To where they understood? My sister in law used the sign language, but Matthew seems to be laughing at that as well. I've even smacked his hand multiple times, once each time he does something but I really don't want to use physical punishment!! 

Shirt- Carters

Just making a quick night trip to Walmart. We are forgetting that Matthew doesn't have formula anymore so we have to keep stocking up with milk!! I do need to use my cart cover, especially at Walmart lol!! But it was like one in the morning, so give me a break ;)

Our family went to Dragon Con this year!! It was Matthew & I's first time. I really enjoyed it. I went to a "True Blood" panel, absolutely love that show & I got to see in person some of my favorite characters!! We went as Aladdin, Jasmine, & Abu. I made the costumes :) I was really proud of the turn out. If you don't know what Dragon Con is, its pretty much Atlanta's biggest nerd convention, there were thoasands of people there this year. You can see panels of some of your favorite (more sci fyi) shoes & you get to people watch (the best) & there is lots of things to buy & famous people to meet!! Like that cheapo shark stroller? haha forgot our good one at home, & had to run to Target. It's pretty cute though, but total crap for strolling around, one of the wheels barely moved!! But it was good for a convention so busy like this because you could barely move around, it was like Black Friday at Victoria Secret haha. 

Matthew's swim suit- Target, Mine- Victoria Secret
We enjoyed our last pool day this summer last week. OH MAN. I can't believe the pool closed today, rainiest. summer. ever. literally. We only went to the pool maybe 7 times, & I'm a stay at home mom, so you know I went every chance it was nice enough, so there for it was only nice enough 7 times haha, give or take. Here's to FALL!! I'm excepting lots of snow since we didn't get a awesome summer, only snow would make it an awesome Christmas ;)

Pajamas- Ralph Lauren

Matthew's tantrum face. 

We took Matthew to the Georgia Aquarium for his actual birthday!! He loved the fish & being able to run around the park. Adam & his Aunt Annie also took him on the new Atlanta Ferris wheel!! They said he did great & even face timed me while they were on it. I watched from below lol, I don't do heights, even in closed like that. 

Toys: Matthew mainly loves remote controls, phones, cameras, tupper wear, all the good stuff still lol. But on occasion he wants to play with his own toys. His favorites are his Tee Pee, Musical alphabet letters, Singing door house, kitchen, & laughing cookie monster. He also likes balls, plastic golf clubs  rocking horse, absolutely LOVES his pottery barn chair. That was the best money I have spent on him I think, he loves sitting in it ALL THE TIME. Who knew a toddler could love a chair so much, a mini chair that is lol. Anything musical or loud generally is good for Matthew's. When the commercials on TV come on with music he likes to squat repeatedly and dance, and turn around in circles. 

Matthew at his 12 month appointment. He had to get shots :( he did the holding his breath for so long the nurse was concerned cry lol. Poor kid. His 15 month shots are coming up now, this time I'm worried. The MMR one is the one people are talking about could be connected to Autism? How do you guys feel about that? I think im 85% sure I'm going to wait a while for him to get it. I mean he just got shots at 12 months, 3 months later is a little scary. 

Hurley shirt- TJ Maxx, Nike shoes- Nike Outlet 

I love when my boys match. Like father like son. I can't wait to have a girl & me & her can match, HOPEFULLY lol. We are talking babies, not sure when we are going to start trying, but were thinking this Spring or around Matthew's second birthday :) We don't want them to be too far apart. My little sister & I are only 2 years apart and super close, my other siblings are like 10, 16, and 4 years apart & deff not as close with them as my little sister, so I'd like to get going, maybe ;) We will see what God has planned for us. It depends on the day too, some days I feel like I don't want to have another kid, other days i'm googly eyed over the thought of another baby ;) 


  1. can't believe he's already running now!

  2. He looks sooo big! And way to go mama for continuing your monthly updates. I said goodbye to mine after one year!

  3. He is such a cutie & getting so big

  4. I feel like I'm reading my daughter's 13 month update, the two of them are so alike! I'm so glad that I'm not alone on the tantrum issue, it's been very draining. I was beginning to think that my daughter was the only (almost) 13 month old who can throw monster type fits. We've been trying to ignore the behavior so she knows she doesn't get attention from throwing fits. We've tried using the word 'no' and that just doesn't work for us, she either gets more upset and kicks/screams or laughs...little stinker!! I don't have many tips since she is still having many tantrums but what I heard is to be consistent. I think it's a bit young for time outs but we will be doing that once she can understand the concept.

  5. Tantrums are just part of being a toddler. As his speech improves the tantrums will to since he can tell you what's upset him. Hang in there! My babies are 19 months apart and I think it's perfect. Close enough that my oldest doesn't understand as much and only has the. Occasional jealousy moments which is normal no matter the age difference.

  6. I can't believe how grown he looks, I am loving the little leggings on him!