Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Symptoms at 12 weeks

1. Headache (top right side of my head)
2. Jaw pain
3. Excessive Saliva
4. Tooth pain ( mainly on top)
5. Throat (gunk feeling in the back of my throat making me gag)
6. Nose is stuffy and bleeds some times
7. Gum bleeding
8. Boobs are sore
9. Stomach, random sharp pains that don't last long, and nausea to the max when I brush my teeth or see something I don't want to eat, or gag for some reason
10. Uterus is tender to touch on the outside obviously, pain to vagina like a rubber band
11. Lots of white dishcharge
12. Pee is really clowdy, could be due to the prenatal vitamin I take
13. Gas
14. Knees popping
15. You can see all my veins in my skin they are a lot more noticeable, and my skin is very pale and kind of tinted red or pink.

Prenatal Pill  

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