Sunday, July 8, 2012

a month & 10 days to go

34 weeks

Here I am at 34 weeks. I now weigh an additional 6 more pounds, meaning I have gained 11 lbs in this last month, I blame the cookie cakes, cupcakes, & ice cream. Matthew's heartbeat at the doctor was around 140, & i'm assuming I'm measuring correctly because she didn't say anything. Unfortunately, I had to reschedule my maternity photos & ended up sitting through a two hour show that I did not want to go to, with extreme back pain & people yelling in my ears, poor baby Matthew was kicking like crazy because of the noise. But I had the love of my life rubbing my back & holding me which made me feel better. Thankfully, we have rescheduled to this Wednesday!! So pictures will be here soon. After the next doctor's appointment, I'll be going in each week. We took our first Lamaze class last Monday & our next one is tomorrow. Our first class was mainly the stages of labor & anatomy of pregnancy, but we enjoyed relaxing in the glider chairs. 

How far along? 34 weeks
Total weight gain? 34 lbs, 151 
Maternity clothes? Tee shirts aren't really even that comfortable anymore, their tight & HOT. Sports bras & comfy underwear are really the only thing that feels the best (of course in the privacy of my own home), other than that yoga shorts & tank tops.
Sleep? Tossing & turning from left to right, rushing to the bathroom in the morning once I wake up.
Stretch Marks? No
Best Moment Of The Week? First lamaze class :)
Miss Anything? Caffeine. 
Movement? Defiantly get the large strong kicks where there is loud noise, he is very smooshed in there I think.
Food Cravings? Chinese.
Anything Making You sick? Too much meat!! yuck.
Gender? Boy
Labor Signs? No
Symptoms? Peeing a lot, upper back pain, leg cramps, stomach pains, TIRED.
Belly Button? Flat.
Mood? Stressed.
Looking forward to? Second lamaze class & maternity photos.

Baby Matthew is now 5 lbs & 19 inches!! The size of a cantaloupe :)


  1. You look great Im 2 weeks behind you or maybe less- I feel ya on the back pain:(

    1. Also LOVE your dress- where is it from?

    2. I'm not 100% sure if this is where I reply!! but i hope you get it haha. I got it at a boutique called Lotus Boutique. BUT they sell similar items at i love that place :) the back pain SUCKS so bad....