Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Few of Baby Matthew's Things
(so far)

1. Aveeno infant care- we've decided to try the aveeno over the johnson's, only because it has better reviews & is more natural. Even though it is a little more expensive, its your baby's skin we're talking about.
2. Sassy brand toys- love the fun colors, & there are a ton of infant 0+ in this brand.
3. Satsuma Scratch mittens- I've heard GREAT reviews on these, commenting on how well they stay on, & you can't go wrong with organic.
4. Aquatopia bath mat- Even though I won't be down on my knees at first, I know this is going to be a life saver, its a memory foam bottom for your knees & has extra space for bath products or toys.
5. Baby Bjorn potty seat- Another one we won't be using at first, but I thought I might as well go ahead & get it. Everyone rants & raves over these.

1. My breast friend- There is a storage space on the side for extra pads or wipes & hopefully this will save my arms a little work.
2. Baby bullet- Sorry, but I will NOT be feeding my child food in a jar, I know its time consuming but it's worth it, you want your child to be as healthy as he can be.
3. Damask nursing cover- I have to nurse in style :) plus you want something to cover up with when other's are around, the neck tie is adjustable.
4. Life factory glass bottles- BPA free & all other toxins that plastic puts off FREE. Plus as they grow you can up the stage nipple on them just like a regular bottle.
5. Ktan wrap- I have this one & just a sling that is damask. Hopefully this one will be as easy as everyone says it is to put on.

6. Grovia cloth diapers- I only purchased a few, but I think they may come in handy, plus they are organic (I suggest using charley's soap).
7. Reclining space saver highchair- So glad I got this, I don't want to be carting around a huge highchair, or finding a place to put it. This just attaches to the seat.
8. Grass drying rack- Looks a lot easier than those spinning ones & easier to clean!!
9. Oneida progressive silverwear- this comes with the three infant, and then progresses as the child grows, I have oneida silverwear for myself & it's very durable.
10. Lanisoh breast pump- its purple, i love it :) will come in handy for those times i'm out in public.

 1. Bumbo chair w/ tray- I know about the recall, but I've heard these are awesome & I don't plan on leaving my child unattended in it.
2. Wipe case cover- stylin on the go, will go in my diaper bag.
3. Boppy Pillow- Not only can you use this for a breast feeding pillow, but i've heard so many good things about using it for tummy time.
4. Damask blanket- This is his first blankie :)
5. Changing pad cover
6. Pillow
7.Mobile- entertainment above the crib of course.
 1. My little lamb swing- Has a ton of different sounds, a mobile, & swings in two different directions, the inside is SUPER soft.
2. My little lamb- matching bouncer, vibrates & plays music.
3. Baby blooming bath- I saw this and had to have it, plus it came with four extra soft washclothes, I don't think those plastic tubs look safe at all & are a hassle.
4. Nap nanny- Mink cover ENOUGH SAID, only kidding, my boyfriend's sister has already borrowed this multiple times for her newborn & loves it.
5. City mini jogging stroller- stylish, matches everything, swivels & the wheels are small enough to maneuver around places.
1. Black sleigh crib- Love the color black, this crib is convertible & goes all the way to a full size bed.
2. Black sleigh changing table- to match the crib of course, has a lot of room!!
3. Graco snugride 35- this is the top rated car seat, holds up to 35 pounds. When it comes to the car seat you have to have the best. It's your child's safety at stake.
4. Snap & go- I'll be using this stroller till he is big enough for the jogger stroller, this one is supposed to be very easy.
5. Angel care video monitor- I'm about as paranoid as they get, the sensor pad will go off when your baby hasn't moved for 20 minutes, I can talk to my baby through the monitor & hear the baby, as well as see the baby. It also is a nightlight.

Please ask me any questions about where an item is from or what I have heard about it & I would love to help you :)


  1. You have some good stuff! We have the same monitor and many other things on here! Cant wait to hear how you like the nap nanny I have heard so many great things

    1. I love it, my boyfriend's sister's newborn falls right asleep in it!!

  2. You can turn your City Mini into a frame so you can snap on your carseat, instead of buying a whole other stroller. All you need is the Baby Jogger Carseat Adapter. They make one for Chicco carseats and another one for all others. We use it with our now 1 month old baby girl and love it.
    You're getting so close! Congratulations!

    1. I know!! I found that out after I already got both of them, atleast the first was a consignment item!! I had to have the city mini though :)thank you!! I'm so excited.