Tuesday, January 1, 2013

4 Month Favorites....

1. Gerber Rice Cereal (Single Grain)- Matthew didn't like this cereal alone, but when we added it to his regular feeding in the bottle, it was a hit. Not only did he stop spitting up as much, but he was fuller, leading to longer breaks in between feedings. We give him about 4-6 spoonfuls in a 4 ounce bottle of Gerber Formula. 
2. Gerber Rubber Spoons- I originally bought the "Oneida" kid's set, turns out I won't get to use those until his gums aren't as sore from all the teething going on. These are the perfect size & the rubber allows him to be able to chew on them without pain. 
3. Aden & Anais bibs- Bibs are obviously a neccisity, but I love this fabric & they are adorable. You don't have to use bibs for just feeding either, they are great to put on while your baby is teething, because they drool a lot & you don't want to be changing a ton of outfits. 

4. Infant Tylenol- I haven't tried any other brands, just this one that the pediatrician recommended. It's bubble gum flavor, Matthew normally makes a sour face when we first squirt it into his mouth, but after the inticial hit, he is begging for more (he thinks it is food). I try not to use it a lot, just because I'm not a big on medicine person, but it has been great to have on hand when he won't take any teething toys because he is in so much pain. 
5. Vulli Teether- Same brand as the Sophie the Giraffe, just boy style :) He doesn't have a great enough grip to grib on & teethe well with it, BUT the sound keeps him quite for a good while!!
6. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes- It may be annoying, but for some reason "big people music" doesn't do much for a screaming child. It's the annoying child music that is just right. The side is a great "nah" on addition as well. 
7. Boon Drying Rack Accesory- I love this thing. We have the boon grass drying rack that this goes with. The stem comes up from the grass rack & holds the nipples & the other part of the bottle that screws on. It leaves extra room for more stuff, after having spoons, bottles, teething toys, pacifiers, you'll understand. 
8. Johnny Jump Up- This was a hit the moment he got in it, he has yet to jump in it, but he loves the feeling of being able to stand up & swing back & forth. It's like being held, although I get to keep my hands free BONUS. 
9. Baby Bjorn- This is the ultimate baby carrier. I can't stand any of the "wraps", people say they are easy, blah blah blah. But they aren't, it doesn't get much more simple then snap & go. Wrap & go= disaster. At least, for me. This thing relieves all the pains of carrying a baby without it, you can put them towards you, or facing out. Matthew has now discovered that he can chew on it as well, which helps the crying. 
10. Feel & Learn Book- This has teething rubber on the ends of it,enough said. Just kidding, but it also makes a crinkley noise, which he loves, it has animals with different textures, & lots of pretty colors. 
11. Combi Walker- I love this thing. Daddy has a nice car, so Matthew has to have a nice car too!! The "hood" comes off & turns into a normal tray for playing & feeding. When the "hood" is on it plays 4 different musical tones on the wheel & honks. It has little toys on the sides as well. It also turns into a jumper, for when he starts jumping. Two in one!!

& to finish off this entry I didn't want to forget to wish you all a Happy New Year from Matthew himself ;) I hope everyone had a fun & safe holiday!!


  1. Thank you for all the helpful hints!

  2. I'm dying over them glasses! LOVE!

  3. I'll have to remember all of these in the future! Loving the car ;)
    xo TJ

  4. I love these monthly favorites, I have to bookmark them for our little lady. Your little man looks so stinking cute bringing in the new year in style!!

  5. Oh my that last photo had me giggling! Too cute!