Wednesday, January 2, 2013

5 Months Old....

Five Months already?! You never truly understand "time flying by", until you have a little one growing before your eyes. Honestly, I never notice the difference until I start looking through old photos & realize how much he has changed physically  I notice the new things he does, but physically he just grows with us. A month from now, & that's half a year, crazy. 

Health: We visited the pediatrician a month ago for his 4 month checkup. We found out, he weighed 15 lbs 2 ounces, & was 25 in. tall a month ago. He is ranging in the 25-50%. I won't know his accurate weight again until next month at his 6 month appointment. He still has yet to be sick, yet to experience a diaper rash, but he has officially started teething as of a few weeks ago. I don't think a tooth has broke through, but its on its way out for sure & It's coming in on the left side, not sure if it's on top or bottom though. 

Sleep: We tried the Aden & Anais sleep sack the other night. Total no go. I love the sleep sack, but Matthew didn't. He woke up 3 times, when he normally sleeps a 8-12 hour night with one feeding in the morning around 9. I don't think he is ready to not be swaddled. He wakes him self up with his flying arms & hands. Other than the other night, like I said, he sleeps 8-12 hours. Swaddled, pacifier, & a feeding right before he goes to sleep. 

Nutrition: Matthew gets a 4 oz bottle of formula (Gerber Good Start Gentle) w/ 4 spoon fulls of Gerber Single Grain Rice Cereal) every 2-4 hours. We give him about an ounce of solid food in the morning or at night, depending on our schedule & how he is feeling. We got the O.K a month ago to try foods. We decided to go with fruits first (that's what we had at the house & I was too excited). Some people say it will ruin their appetite for veggies, but some say breast milk & formula are sweet so it doesn't matter. He has had bananas, apples, pears, avocados, & now sweet potatoes today. Each food had a different reaction, but he gobbled them all down eventually. I make all the food with my baby bullet & all the fruit & veggies are organic. 

Social: Matthew has really blossomed these last 2 weeks. He has now started screaming. Not in a bad way, but he will make a shrieking scream for like 5 minutes over & over, it's like a talking scream. It's really cute, but may annoy you if it's not your child lol. He also has little conversations with us, & even makes the facial expressions like he is asking a question or he is angry. He giggles like crazy, especially when we scare him, or tickle him. He is super ticklish, I get a kick out of it. I also got my first pinch, right on my breast & yes it really hurt. His nails dug in & it was a good hard pinch!! I'm 100% sure that he knows how to say "mom" now, he has said it so many times & it is clear as day. The only thing is he doesn't know what it means, he just says it lol. 

Toys: It's official, Matthew loves women. My mother bought this Rapunzel doll for him from the Disney Store. I'll have to tell the story before everyone is like "OMG YOU BOUGHT YOUR SON A GIRL TOY". My little sister had the larger version of this same doll, she was playing with it & Matthew kept grabbing for it & she refused to give it to him because she didn't want slober on it. Well Matthew's grabbing turned into an angry scream where he was throwing himself towards the toy from my arms. We thought "no way is he old enough to want that toy & be mad that she isn't giving it to him", but sure enough he was ANGRY. He cried until the Rapunzel was in his arms. So we went to the Disney Store the next day, there were tons of this doll, just different characters, even princes, princesses, captain hook, cruella devile, all kinds of them. We showed him around 7 different ones, maybe more, he made no reaction. Then we showed him Rapunzel, smiling, talking, grabbing, the whole sha bang. So this is why Matthew has this doll. We think he likes it because it looks similar to me, or he likes purple!!  

Clothing: Wearing mainly 6 months. He can fit into a few 3-6 month, & a few nine month just depending on the brand. I really like this Old Navy out fit, them & Gap normally fit the best in my opinion. I can't stand how everything fits so differently, it makes it hard to buy some stuff. He is in size 4 diapers. The size 3 diapers are for sure tight, & I know having them in a size bigger is better, so i'm going to stick with the 4's. We use pampers & huggies, we tried the generic brands & they suck, blow outs, they don't even feel comfortable, & their sizes run a size smaller than they say, a size 2 fits like a 1, so on. 

Matthew was so awesome on the car ride home from Kansas. He slept the the whole time, waking up twice for a feeding & stopping to change his diaper, but we were already stopping to get fuel anyway. His "Dude" hat is from The Children's Place, they have cute stuff, some times!! I love his little eye lashes they are so long & his lips are so full!! The insert is still in, but we took it out today when we finally realized he was way too big for it to still be in there with him lol. 

This was on the way to Kansas, we left around 10 at night, & he slept till we got there, we woke him up to change his diaper twice, but he kept going right back to sleep. It was probably the best idea ever to leave at night. This picture is when we woke him up to go inside Grandpa's house, I was so excited for my dad to see him again, it had been a little over 4 months since he saw him :(

Little man eating his pears. I think pears were probably his favorite, he was really grabbing for them & making lots of noises. I think we may have to get rid of the bumbo. He started straightening his body to get out of it & almost going backwards or side ways out of it, I know there are seat belts, I just never bothered putting them on. His chubby legs barely fit into the slots, we have to push them in, so I think it's about time we retire the thing. Don't leave this anywhere unattended, because out of no where, he had literally never even budged an inch in it, & all the sudden he is about to fly out of it. 

He tried sweet potatoes tonight. I never knew there was such thing as a "white" sweet potato, but when I went in Publix they only had an organic white one instead of a orange one. Did a little research turns out they are pretty much the same things, orange ones are normally classified as yams though, white ones are supposedly sweeter & orange ones have more beta carotene. He really liked them, I say really liked them only because him grabbing for more, making noises, & crying when he doesn't get any seems like a clear indicator that he likes them lol. One potato made 5 servings of food, & the potato only cost like 40 cents. Saving money!! 

All swaddled up ready for bed. We like the summer swaddle me the best. It has Velcro on the straps that makes it very difficult for him to get out of, although in the morning when he is ready to wake up he always manages to get his left arm out!! There are too different swaddles one is better for the winter & the other is better for the summer time. They also have different sizes as well!! 

When his gums start hurting he does the same thing, sticks the same finger, in the same side of his mouth for the last 2 weeks. It's like hes showing me where it hurts :( At least he uses his finger to soothe the pain a little bit. I try not to give a lot of tylenol. I just picked up some Hyland's teething tablets, so I'm going to try those out next time, & I also got a Munchkin food feeder, I put a frozen banana in it, it helped, but he couldn't keep it in his mouth, his arms are so fidgety. I have lots of different teething toys, medications, but advice is welcomed on how to soothe a baby from teething pain!!  

Snuggled up at Grammy's house, it was 15 degrees there in Kansas at one point. Just walking outside put you into shock. He was naked a majority of the time for some reason, I think I just didn't want to listen to him scream when I put clothes on him, so I wrapped him up in large blankets. He used to cry when his clothes were off, & now he wants them off. 

My little sister has a phobia of having her picture taken, I have only shown one picture of her before on here & her face was down. But she is Matthew's favorite person. He doesn't even light up this much with Adam & I. When Annie talks, makes any movements he instantly starts giggling, & smiling. It's the cutest thing. I think it's the hat since she wears it every time she sees him :) You never see her without a hat unless she is straightening her hair at your house lol!! 

Look at that face, ugh he is seriously the cutest :) I caught him winking at me!! He loves to be stood up. He instantly stops crying as we hold him up. I think he will either try to walk first or walk really early. When did everyone's kids start walking? I want to get a rough idea of when to expect it. 

Hanging out with Cousin Iyla while we were in Kansas. She is 9 months old, but only weighs three more pounds than Matthew lol, Matthew is a little chub. Isn't she the sweetest, pursed lips & everything. Matthew does interact with other kids, but not as much as they interact with him right now, only because they are older. 

He started holding his own bottle in Kansas. You have to slowly give it to him, so he gets prepared to hold it & then he will hold it for 2-5 minutes & then drop it & scream haha. But hey, at least he is trying. Before he would hold it, but not lift it up. I'm glad my dad got to spend some quality time with him. 

Matthew & I, while my friend Jeni was visiting. He was a little fussy during the visit, but I was so glad to introduce him to her. He is wearing the Jayhawks bib I made him :) I love this scarf, I wear it a lot. It was on sale at Gap for 25$!! It's so soft. 

Enjoying a day out with my cousins, aunt, mom, little sister & tiny grandma. We went to starbucks to chat. Matthew was not excited that he wasn't moving in the stroller, or getting anything of what we had, but Iyla was there, & they entertained each other a bit & the loud noise of the mall kept them hushed. It's amazing how when your in a loud place, the baby doesn't seem as loud :)

Matthew & his God Mommy Katie. She is my best friend. Has been there for me through thick & thin & drove 13 hours here & back with my little brother to see me give birth, that's a true friend right there :) I can't believe how big he looks in this photo. 

My matching boys in their Adidas pants. They are so handsome. 

He is looking at Annie, but he may be smiling from my kiss ;) These are my "mommy" jammies. I figured since I was a mother now, I had to wear mom pajamas!! They are my favorite now, I got them at Victoria Secret on Black Friday. 

Matthew loves his B. Phone. It makes lots of noises, easy to hold onto with the strap & you can record something on it, so when he presses it he can hear your voice. He is also rocking his Tye Dye outfit. My cousin got it at a boutique in Kansas. It was his other New Year's outfit since it seemed fitting. 

Lunch with Anne Marie. She is my mom's best friend. Her & my mom were pregnant at the same time with her son Matthew & I. Matthew passed away a few years ago, in a car accident. He was the first person I lost that I was so close with in my childhood. We went to their house on every fourth of July, we went on camping trips, we went to Disney World together. It was so upsetting. I named Matthew after him. It just felt like the right thing to do, it made it extremely special to me. Matthew was her only child, she is such a strong woman. I truly admire her!! 

Matthew hanging out watching TV. He already loves all the annoying children's shoes. I think Sid the Science Kid is probably the most annoying. I can't stand watching it. But Matthew loves the shows will all the bright colors, & kids talking. I have to watch him carefully when he is on beds & couches now because he officially rolled over for the first time while we were in Kansas, it started with him turning his head as far as he could to the right & then he rolled over from there. I was excited, but suddenly very nervous!! He also randomly throws him self back & straightens his body out, along with throwing him self forward. 

We celebrated Christmas with Adam's family when we got home. I think Sera is enjoying his toy phone more than him!! It's good to know all these toys i'm getting are going to last another 5 years haha. 

Matthew's first official mess ever. I had him sitting on my lap while we were having a coffee date. He took his hand & hit my brand new frappuccino right onto the floor. It was quite embarrassing. At least I know not to put him near the table anymore!! 

This was the first time I had him at the table with me, before the Starbucks incident lol. This is what he does when we have food now. Look at that face, so intent on eating what is in front of him. I don't think Mexican food would settle nicely in his little tummy. 

Skying with Uncle Ethan (my little brother). It's amazing what the power of electronics can do these days. I see all the army wives with their babies & husbands that are away & it's so sad. I'm glad we have technology like this, especially since my mother is 12 hours away in Houston, & the rest of my family is 12 hours away in Kansas. 

This smile brightens my entire day. I feel so incredibly blessed. 


  1. He is too cute for words! You can see he is developing a little personality in all the pics & I love his little trapper hat!


  2. We tried the Aidan and Anais sacks too & Waverly was not a fan. Now se sleeps in the Merlin sleep suit ... Amazing!!!! And she does that scream thing, too! People think she's mad but she just likes to use her voice!!!

  3. he is such a little cutie! Totally get how time flies, i feel like only yesterday my little girl was just born and now she is 9 months already. It just makes you treasure these first year moments so much more! Looks like you guys had a great first christmas with him too!

  4. I highly recommend getting him a convertible Woombie. It's a swaddle sleep sack but has arm holes the unsnap when your ready. It was great for when we weaned Claire from her swaddle since we could do one arm out at first and once she got used to that we could unsnap the other arm. Then in becomes a sleep sack. We bought her the woof woof pattern which is a tighter fitting one so she still felt swaddled even with both arms out. It was worth every penny.

  5. I cannot believe that he is five months old! Feels like yesterday I was following along with your pregnancy! The little boy I nanny for walked right around 12 months old, still a ways off yet! Love getting to see all of Matthew's smiles!

  6. You are so good at taking so many photos of him! He looks so content swaddled :)

    I can't help but mention this, but your husband is RIPPED. Hope this isn't offensive, but I am sure I am probably not the only one to notice this haha. He's probably a great work out buddy. Devin and I are trying to develop that habit together.

  7. He is so precious :) I can't believe he's already 5 months! Victoria's Secret Pj's are my FAV. Love the flannel ones!

  8. I can't believe he is already 5 months old!! It goes by fast, doesn't it? He is just too cute. I know you are loving every minute with him.

  9. Oh my goodness he is TOO cute! You can obviously see that he gets it from the some good looking parents huh. You guys are adorable in your Christmas card. So glad you found me so that I can join in on your journey :)

  10. Love love love! They do grow so fast!!! And the sweet potatoes are always a BIG hit! Nomnomnom! Those teeth will be through before you know it! Fair warning, around 8-9 months he may encounter a separation anxiety/stranger danger complex.... :/ Going through it with my little guy right now. The kid who loved everyone suddenly wants no one but immediate family... I read up on it and it is normal but drive me bonkers sometimes with people that he has known this whole time or new ones he wants nothing to do with...

  11. love the picture of him in his car seat! Too cute!


  12. I'm due March 5th & can't wait to take pictures each month to show the progression like you are. It's so amazing to see them from month to month when you lay them out all in a row like that!! God bless you & your family, xo

  13. Oh my goodness! What a little joy!! He's soo cute and I love seeing him all swaddled up and cozy!! Keep the updates coming!!