Wednesday, February 20, 2013

28 weeks old....

The weeks seem to be slurring together lately. I've got so much going on & little man is growing right before my eyes. I'm planning a wedding, planning a first birthday, dealing with my car accident still, Adam is sick & trying to catch up with Matthew each week :) It's been a crazy week & my stress levels are very high. I was surprised I got the right shot there, because the rest of the time he was rolling over to get to the chalkboard, army crawling to it, & screaming when he couldn't touch it or put it into his mouth. He is defiantly what I would consider "mobile" now.  

Health: Matthew is doing good. He has stopped throwing up from the formula, unless we over feed him without realizing it. He has yet to get sick yet, thank goodness. His hair is extremely long, how early is too early to cut his hair? I don't want to, but Adam's mom & Adam are both saying we should get it cut, but I love it the way it is, I guess it could use a little trim since its all over the place. He has been a lot more fussy lately, every time we leave his side he starts crying, so I believe we are going to be in separation anxiety stage for a while.
Weight: 18 lbs
Length: 26 in. 

Nutrition: Matthew is taking 5 ounces of formula every 3-4 hours. He also takes 2-3 servings of solid food a day, 1-2 ounces at a time. Along with the occasional snacks like puffs & mum mums. We use both organic mum mums & organic puffs. Along with organic home made food by me. We don't use the organic pouches. He tried Yo Baby organic vanilla yogurt this week. We have finally found something that he loves just as much as bananas, he couldn't get enough of this stuff. It was defiantly a messy food & sticky. 

Sleep: Matthew has had a rough week, it may be because we are going to bed earlier rather than later, or he is just going through a phase. We are used to 8-12 hours of sleep with one wake up around 9 a.m, but this week he has been waking up 3-4 times in the morning, when we should be up anyway, but we are still sleeping, like late morning. He is sleeping in the nap nanny next to us in a sleep sack, sound machine going, and pacifier in the mouth. I'm not sure if Matthew is attached to the pacifier, but I think i'm going to take it away next month, we will see. 

Matthew's first time trying blue berries. I was cautious to give him berries because I thought they were on the no-no list, but I was insured by a lot of people that they aren't part of the strawberry family, or whatever they were trying to tell me, so we went ahead & gave him some. He enjoyed them, a little bitter, but he liked them. It looks like he has lip stick on, & by the time he was finished he looked like a vampire baby. 

We have hit the "pulling up" stage. I was watching TV while Matthew was playing in the pack & play, I turn around to find him hanging onto the side of it smiling at me!! Then I was folding laundry a few days later & he is on the bed with me & then I noticed he was standing up with the laundry basket. We are going through child proofing the house right now. He is also pulling on cords all the time, he finds them in our room, in the kitchen, & we are new at this, so we are doing better now, making sure we remember to put things away & hide things, but he is very good at finding stuff he isn't supposed to be in. 

Clothing: Matthew is in size 6 months. I kind of just throw on a mixture of 6, 9 & 6-12 month stuff because all the brands fit differently & he is such a in the middle size. He is in size 4 diapers. In on of his 6 month onsies, he ripped a hole under his arm pit, so they may be getting a little tight obviously, well, some of them. 

Social: Very talkative, loud, screaming, separation anxiety, army crawling to us, pinching, biting, grabbing. He has a lot going on. He makes the cutest little faces when he looks like he is trying to tell you something, then he will look up at you like he is admiring you, its the most darling thing ever. 

Onsie Old Navy
Electronic crazed. This is Matthew attempting to come at my phone. Even the slightest glimpse & this kid is on the go & will scream till he gets the electronic device, or you move it out of his sight. Even laptops & remote controls are getting his attention now. 

Matthew loves sitting in the high chairs when we go out to eat. We have to clear the table so he isn't after everything though. We have started giving him pieces of bread, or pizza crusts to let him chew on. Some people may think he is too young, but he loves it, & our parents did it with us & we came out alright. We heard freezing them is even better, so we are going to try that. Matthew likes to fall back in these, like "slip forward", he gets crazy in these things. 

Toys: Well Matthew loves toy balls, all kinds!! He loves blocks too!! Anything that is colorful & he can go for. Having toys to crawl after & things to get to has actually been helping him learn to crawl. Tonight he wanted the chalk board that I was taking a picture of him with, & he actually got up on his hands & knees & crawled a little bit, he was do it a little, & then fall to his tummy or stick his leg under neath him & sit. Or he tries to stand up rather than crawl, its very entertaining, until he gets angry that he can't get anywhere. The one legged, one handed army crawl is the best lol. You can really give this kid anything & he will stay entertained. 

Just a few of my fun outfits this week :) Even Matthew smiled for the first picture. 

& my mother made Matthew this darling book, it has picture of my family that doesn't live here & has their name so Matthew can play with it & see pictures of his family. I love it. 


  1. The chevron pajamas!!I die! they are so precious!! Hope your fiance starts feeling better & love that black skirt on you!

  2. The messy picture with the bib that says it all - LOL

  3. Wow he is so much further a long than Grace. Grace doesn't army crawl at all. Did you do something to help him?

    1. Well I think it started right at six months he used his right arm and left leg and would scootch his body forward if that makes since. He would only do it if he saw something he wanted. Now, as of three days ago he is starting to really crawl but will crawl three times at the most and sit down cause his leg will get caught. Honestly he learned because he wanted to get to stuff think of something that your little one loves like matthew loves mum mums and balls and electronics and put it a littlw infront of her and ahe will start im sure! :)

  4. Claire loved blueberries and bananas together and strawberry and bananas. Its so fun making your own food especially once you start making combinations.

  5. awe all those pictures are adorable! and that's a great gift from your mother! :)

  6. Sounds like you guys are busy busy! All that planning can get so overwhelming... I always tackled one or two things a week with wedding stuff. Can't wait to hear how plans are coming along. Matthew is just too cute, love the blueberry face!

  7. he looks like an angel when he sleeps!
    hope your stress is less now :) love your floral pants

  8. Such a cute photos, and you look really great!!

  9. I cannot believe how long his hair is!!! I wouldn't want to cut it either it's so friggen cute !!

  10. That hair! oh my goodness! Looks yum! I also thought blueberries were on the no-no list but I read online that I guess not! Our pediatrician also told us that people worry about strawberries causing allergies, but really they are just a natural histamine so it's not actually an allergy it's just that the baby can be more sensitive than we are to histamines. Hm. Either way I'm a wuss and Colson gets a new food like every 2 weeks :)