Friday, February 22, 2013

Making Home Made Baby Food #2....

I decided to do another little tutorial on making homemade baby food since everyone loved it, & I'm using different ingredients & mixing a few. This is all 6 month friendly, just make sure to follow the four day rule & do not mix two new things, only a new thing & an old thing, or two old things. This week I made blueberries, sweet potatoes, green apples, plums, butternut squash & bananas, adding cinnamon to two different foods. All of the fruit & veggies are organic. The blueberry & sweet potatoes are from the freezer section. I've been told multiple times that it is better to buy fruits & veggies frozen because the ones that aren't frozen are loosing nutrients every day they sit out. I also used organic cinnamon, you can find this at Target. 

Please excuse my misspelling of blueberries, clearly I'm not very smart. I started by washing all the ingredients, shaving the skin off all the fruits & veggies with skin on them, & then cutting them. I put the sweet potatoes in the microwave to steam since they come in a microwave bag, & I let the blueberries sit out until they were soft enough to blend. I don't have a picture of the butternut squash steamed only because it took forever (I got a really ripe one). It doesn't matter how you cut them, I just cut them all in small little chunks, as for the butternut squash I cut in half, took out the seeds & then chopped into small pieces. 

I went ahead & boiled the apples this time because I was in a hurry. Just put a good amount of water in the pot, around 1-1/2 cups in a small pot, let boil until soft & then drain, which is shown in the second picture, then they are ready to be blended. 

I had been eating some of the plums we bought & noticed they were a little bitter tasting even when they were ripe, so I decided to go ahead & add some banana to them to give them a little sweeter taste. Just blend both of them & then add them together. 

I added the remainder of the banana to the butternut squash. I wasn't sure that Matthew was going to like the squash alone so I added some banana to spice it up :) Along with the apples & sweet potatoes I added cinnamon to both. Obviously it just turned into cinnamon apple sauce, it tasted just like it. The green apples can be sour, so adding cinnamon toned it down. I also added cinnamon to the sweet potatoes (not pictured), I figured since we all like to use cinnamon in our sweet potatoes, why not let the little guy try. I wasn't sure how much to add but just a couple shakes & both tasted right.

& here are some photos of storage options. I like to put the new stuff in the large tube because I know I will use it all in four days & can leave it in the refrigerator. I use the small smiley containers for the stuff he will eat all the time & has already tried, so I can throw it in for one of his meals any day. 2 plums made 6 servings, the bowl of blueberries made 4 servings, the sweet potato bag made 4 servings, the two apples made 3 servings & the butternut squash made 9 1/2 servings!! 

To see my "beginner tutorial" for 4-6 month babies, go here :)


  1. I love this! I have been wanting to try to make my own. my daughter is 7 months.


  2. How did he like the cinnamon? did he seem to notice? love the tutorial :)

    1. I want to say he noticed, but at the same time i'm not sure lol! He ate the apples just like he normally does, but his initial bite made me think he was like "hmm interesting I like this".

  3. Thanks for this Katie! We just started eating baby food. We have only tried sweet potatoes and butter squash so far. I love knowing what she is eating!! I keep going back to your blog post to remind myself.

  4. Yummy, I think I would even gobble up some of these combos.

  5. Hi I am a new follower and I love your blog! I have to say my mind has been officially BLOWN by this post! I have been doing the lazymom way and buying the packets of baby food for my little guy but I have always been interested in making his food for him just to save a few bucks. (I mean seriously ONE packet is about $1.75!) Thank you SO much for this!

  6. i love that you make your own baby food! pinning this for the day when i need to re-look at this!!!

  7. PS. about to start solids in 2 weeks...what are the best bowls and spoons you like and number one thing you use to store the food?? Also what would be the very first food you think i should try??