Thursday, February 28, 2013

29 weeks old....

This week could probably be in my top "most hectic" yet. As you all know Adam proposed, I have been hard core wedding planning, I've spent around 40 hours on the computer, no joke. But I accomplished way more than I thought I would & I promise I will be sharing a "month one of wedding planning" soon. But, if you don't follow me on instagram you may not know that I am not getting married next year now, I'm getting married this summer. Long story short, his mom convinced us, I didn't want to wait that long & 2 weeks was already dragging on lol. Anyway, so since I've been so busy I've been neglecting in the photo category because I was so frantic with this planning. Since my family lives in Kansas & can only be here for like 4 days if that, we are trying to plan Matthew's first birthday, Wedding, AND Bridal shower in those few days!! It's going to be a CRAZY weekend. 

Romper from Carters & Uggs

Health: Health wise Matthew is doing just fine. He still hasn't been sick yet, so when he does get sick for the first time I'm probably going to be asking a lot of questions. He is accomplishing a lot of new skills this week. His hair is extremely long, & curls no matter how many times you brush it straight. When is it appropriate to get his first hair cut? He has experienced a lot of brusing lately (nothing serious just tiny tiny bruises) from crawling & bumping into things or loosing balance when he is sitting. His nails grow at 90 mph & his face is starting to chub out haha!! We had to hold the sign because he will keep looking for it until its completely gone & will not look at the camera, so we snuck it in!!
Weight: 19 lbs
Height: 26 in

Gap Bear Jacket

Sleep: Matthew has had a really "off" week. He used to sleep 8-12 hours, 1 wake up around 8 or 9 a.m & this week he keeps waking up a few times, the only thing that is different is that we switched our bed around & it's facing a different way now, that couldn't be it, could it? Anyway, he is sleeping in a sleep sack, buckled in the nap nanny in bed with us against the wall. We play the sound machine for him, & his pacifier lulls him to sleep. He still takes at least 3 naps a day, but our pediatrician paper said it should be more like 1 nap a day, but when hes tired I feel like I should let him sleep. I know I said I was going to take the pacifier away, but I can't help but give it to him when he is crying in the middle of the night, or when he is screaming at the top of his lungs when he gets excited. Lets shoot for next month :) 

Nutrition: We only tried one new food this week, which was plums & bananas together. He loves bananas, but hadn't had plums before, he enjoyed them as far as I could see. I wouldn't recommend the bib above, I like the ones that the scoop is like made into the bib, on these ones it doesn't really make a difference lol I just like that these are big. He has started throwing his hands above his head when he eats, not sure if he is telling me he is full or what. We have also given him pizza crusts & panera bread to naw on several times now, it seriously works like a charm. He is getting better at eating puffs, he gets them to his mouth but then drops them 75% of the time. Mum mums are still his favorite, he can actually tell a difference between mum mums and a pizza crust, I tested it twice, it's crazy how smart babies are. His eating has been off the week as well, I'll admit feeding him solid food 3 times a day is only happening once, but as his bottle goes he is drinking smaller amounts & waiting a long time or drinking a ton & then waiting a long time. I mean if hes hungry hes hungry if he isn't he isn't no biggy I guess. But I would between 9 a.m & 12 p.m he drinks around 25 ounces give or take, don't quote me on that lol. Matthew has had the following foods which are all 4-6 month friendly from what I have read & experienced with Matthew....
-Yo Baby Organic Yogurt
-Organic Puffs
-Organic rice rusks (mum mums)
-Farleys Rice cookies
- Pizza Crust
-Sweet Potato
-Rice Cereal
-Taste of a pickle lol just to be exact :)

Old Navy Onsie 
Clothing: Matthew's 6 month clothes are getting snug, he fits the 6-9 months, 9 months, & 6-12 months though. Every brand is different, but I would suggest sticking with the nicer brands of clothes because you know they are going to fit. He spends 80% of the time in onsies without pants, its just the easiest & since he is on the go now it makes it even easier. He can't walk in his walker with footed pants because he slips, & he can't crawl with pants on because he slips (we have hardwood floors everywhere) with the exception of large rugs. He is in size 4 diapers. We bought Pampers Dry the other week, they suck, seriously. So we got Pampers cruisers this time, but their not that much better. Has anyone noticed the very strong chemical smell that comes when you take the diapers out of the plastic?! UGH, I should have stuck to cloth diapering but I don't have the patience. 

Hadden & Co (Etsy) Cardigan Onsie

Social: Matthew is super social. He will poke his head around my shoulder when we are standing in lines just to smile at the people behind us, he screams in excitement over & over again when he is holding some kind of electronic, he talks to his bottle sometimes ahhbllaabblaa haha, he does this repetitive grabbing on us occasionally, he screams when he walk away, he laughs like crazy & smiles all the time, & his new word is "eh", we will say "Matttthhhewwww" & he goes "eh" & will do it with you so cute. He hasn't said ma ma since that video, I guess he just decided he didn't want to say it anymore!! He has also started pulling up on the bed to get to us when we have him playing on the floor & he likes to tempt Snickers to growl when he tries to get into her bed. 

Vera Bradley Diaper Bag

Toys: Well let me start off by saying the reason he is inside of his diaper bag is because my grandma works for a company that sells a lot of Vera Bradley & she wanted to send this picture to her boss :)  Back on to toys, Matthew loves electronics, he will do anything to get to them, which taught him how to crawl. If he is quiet, it's because he has a remote, phone, laptop, iPad  game controller, or anything shiny in his hands. He has a new obsession with lotion bottles & he really likes tuber wear lids. He hasn't been teething a lot recently but he likes to play with his wooden I phone & the zoli teethers. If paper is near him he will grab it & crinkle/rip it instantly. He goes after all the cords now, & will continually go back to the bathroom to get the lotion bottles & go to snickers dog bowls so he can spill the water, he actually put one of her dog food bits in his mouth, I freaked!! But he remembers to go back to places now, its crazy. 

H&M Cardigan & Old Navy Pants
Skills: Remembering places to go back to (to get things he wants), picking up food to eat, CRAWLING full on (but still drags his right leg when doing it some times & he is still pretty slow, pulling up on everything, holding his own bottle, walking forward/backward/sideways in his walker, going from laying down to sitting up, rolling over all the time (can barely change a diaper or get a picture anymore) & knows the difference between something he wants & something he doesn't want even when its practically the same thing, he also will full on walk if we walk with him but it really hurts our backs!!  

Both my handsome boys sporting their cardigans.

& Matthew & I sporting our KU JAYHAWKS gear. Even though Adam wasn't born & raised in Kansas, he admitted the other day that after watching all the games with my sister that Kansas was one of his favorite teams now, I don't blame him though, if your going to like a team, you should probably like the one that is the best :) 


  1. He is the cutest! I love love those curls, please don't cut them off just yet ;)

  2. Congratulations!! How exciting! Can't to see all the wedding details, I am totally digging him in cardi's :)


  3. Congrats on the wedding.
    He's getting so big and is such a cutie

  4. Yes on the chemical smell. Pampers are the worst with that. And the urine reacts with the chemicals, so you smell when they're wet. It's part of what pushed me to cloth with my second. Some aren't as bad ... I started using more natural diapers, which cost a boatload, so cloth (even nice cloth) was cheaper.

    One nap at six months is crazy. My daughter switched to one nap around 18 months. At 6-9 months, in my experience, two naps is "standard." But each baby is a little different. Follow your baby on that.

  5. Claire is almost 16 months old and she still takes two 1.5+ naps a day. She didn't drop her third nap until around 8 months. He will let you know when he is ready to drop it so don't worry. If you don't like cruisers Swaddlers come in size 4 and 5 now but I'm not sure what store carry them yet. You could get them from amazon I'm sure for probably cheaper if you use Amazon Mom.

  6. he is adorable!! and I love his hair long!! your pedi paper says ONE nap a day?!! Holy crap!! Christian NEEDS his three.. he would be a very unhappy little man without them lol!! And yes on the smell, gross!! When you talk wedding stuff on your blog it would be awesome if you could mention your fav etsy shops for this! I've been looking for wedding stuff too on there, but it's so overwhelming since there are so many options!! Thanks! :) :)

  7. Wow how exciting!!! Married this summer!!! Congrats!!! We have been going through the same issues this week with sleeping. It is almost that she knew she turned 6 months... She was taking 4 naps a day, so yesterday she only took 3 and she did better last night. Not great, but better????? Let me know if you figure it out!

  8. Aw favorite blogger baby of mine!! He seems like he is handful of energy and spunk!!

  9. I am just loving all of his har and cute outfits!! Such a happy little guy!!

  10. I agree with the pampers comments.. Not crazy about the smell and I hate pampers dry! I just returned a box because they felt like crap! A friend of mine just told me that they also have some gel in them that you can always feel and it always feels like the diaper is wet, when its not.
    What do you do for him when he teethes? Everyone I know has the necklaces but I don't believe in them

    1. We have used so many different products. He had two teeth come in around 5 months old & he really hasn't been teething since yesterday again so we are going to start again with the products. We tried Vulli not the giraffe one but the alien looking one, he didn't like it until 6 months, so when he was teething it didn't work. We love the wooden iphone teether, he obbsesses over it, you can get it on etsy. He also loves mum mums they are little rice rusks, seriously the best thing ever, and hylands teething tablets work like a charm! the freezer ring things didnt really work for us, but we also love zoli teethers, you can get them on amazon they are like litte sticks with stoppers on them and they can gum on them.

  11. SO happy for you! I love reading this post.I feel like McKinlee is growing so fast.. I can't wait for the social aspect of her getting older :)