Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Months Old....

Monthly Stickers

Time is flying by, especially with everything going on. It seems like just yesterday I was updating a post on Matthew's 6 month & I was rambling on about it being his half birthday & he would be one soon, well now he is even closer to being one. Don't worry I've gone into full first birthday party planning mode, along with wedding mode. You guys can only imagine how stressed I am, & no one can get my attention because I'm running around like a mad woman some times. I love the number 7, not sure why, but I like it. Matthew is learning lots of new things & surprising me everyday. It's such a privilege watching your little one grow each day!!  I know this month is going to be super busy, just like last month, but i'm going to hold tight of this little guy & cherish his baby year. He is going to be a toddler before I know it. 

Health: It looks like we have begun the teething yet again. Matthew has two front bottom teeth, right next to each other, all the way in. After he got those two he stopped teething for a month or more now, & lately I've been seeing him sticking his finger in his mouth, on the back left side & some times the right back side now, so I have a feeling some more teeth are about to make an appearance along with his fussy mood & runny nose. He has yet to experience being sick, 7 months down, life time to go haha, I wanna keep him as sick free as possible. He has been pooping a lot, suddenly it went from once a day if that, & now its like 2-3 times a day, gross. His hair is super curly blonde & bright blue eyes. He has also got a lot more bruises to show off :( Poor guy keeps bumping into things when playing with toys & crawling around.
Weight: 20 lbs ( won't know for sure until 9 months)
Height: 27 in. (same)

Bumbo cover & I made the KU bib :) 

Nutrition: Matthew tried butternut squash for the first time while we were in Florida. He liked it, not sure if it was because there was bananas in it (probably) haha, but he seemed to enjoy it just like all the other foods except carrots & celery. He is drinking 5 ounces every 3-4 hours, some times shorter or longer periods go by. We are still using Gerber Good Start Gentle Formula, & the life factory 9 oz glass bottles. I've been sucking it up royally on the solid food feedings & throwing in lots of mum mums, teething biscuits, puffs, & chunks of banana in to make up for it. I normally like to give him 2-3 solid feedings a day. He spit up today actually for the first time in almost a month, so that has defiantly subsided, it used to be everyday when he was younger. We actually started using the Gerber teething biscuits, they say for toddlers but Matthew finishes them off in less than a minute. Every time we are eating something he screams if he doesn't get to eat something too or he flings him self to get to our food. 

Clothing: Matthew is wearing some 6 month stuff still, but mainly 6-12 months, or some 9 month stuff from Carters. He is in size 4 huggies diapers. He grew out of his 3-6 month gap bear jacket, it was so adorable, I want to get another one now!! I never realized getting rid of baby clothes & them growing out of them was so sad lol. He is wearing size 3 shoes, but he is pushing to be in size 4 really soon here. 

Toys: Matthew & his cousins have now been fighting over toys for over a month now, it started really early. His older cousin here is Sebastian, he LOVES electronics & doctor's are saying he may have autism, but they aren't sure what's going on. He is such a great little guy, but mess with his electronics & he will go nuts!! Matthew is also obsessed with electronics even remotes.  Matthew also loves his wooden I phone teether, bath book, sock monkey, & activity cube. I wouldn't consider a pacifier a toy, but it keeps him distracted that's for sure. He does have favorites, but literally you can put anything in front of him & he will be entertained until he is ready for the next toy. He also knows how to close play laptops, every time you put one in front of him he closes it & crawls away its hilarious.  I think i'm going to start investing in more technology looking toys for him, does anyone have some suggestions?

Social: I hear a lot of nonsense all day, "blalalalalala, mamamammam, uhmhmanoomon" all kinds of interesting noises. He hasn't said anything other than mama. He loves to pull Snickers hair & go to her food & bed just to hear her growl or bark, he literally cracks up every time she barks, its the strangest thing. He has now began to start crawling to us, tugging on our legs, & grabbing us to help him stand up. He really likes to pinch, grab, & act like he is eating us. He also screams when we walk away or put him down, he loves attention. His new thing is banging things on everything, especially when he is eating he will bang his food or spoon, or toy on the high chair over & over again. He will close his eyes like the noise is hurting his ears but he keeps doing it lol & when we call his name he goes "eh" almost every time. 


Matthew is fully mobile & crawling every where. He is pretty good at just flat out crawling but most of the time he is still dragging his right leg behind, but still on all fours if that makes sense. He likes to crawl crawl crawl and then stop and sit & he repeats that lol. Today we turned away for a few minutes to let him play in the living room, we turn around & he is on top of the fire place landing, I couldn't believe he climbed up on there!! He also stands with the furniture & the bed now.  In Florida we had to cover up the entertainment center that had books in it because he kept going back to it, even when we covered it, its crazy how smart he is, he would pull down the pillows & everything. He also loves to be walked around the house, his little legs go 90 mph!! lol.

Sleep: His sleep has still been off a little for the last two weeks, well ever since we switched the bed, I guess I can't count last week because we were in Florida. He slept really good last night, so I hope he keeps it up again with the 8-12 hour thing. He is still sleeping in the nap nanny next to us & he is some times swaddled, some times with the sleep sack & of course he has music playing & a pacifier. We have the sound machine that projects images on the wall, but that only satisfied him for a few days before he didn't like it anymore. He has been such an awesome sleeper for 7 months so I can't complain about these 2 weeks. He is taking around 3 naps a day, & still sleeping a lot, so I'm not so sure about the 1 nap a day thing.

Gap shirt & Brown Shorts, Johnny Jump Up
Matthew loves jumping in his Johnny Jump. I was recommended to get the ones on the floor, but I really don't think he would like that one as much as the door way jump, he can go all directions this way & we can hang it where ever we are at the time & take it with us. His shirt was all messy because grandpa gave him a red bell pepper to chew on. I freaked at first because he had never had that before, but I figured it was fine after he went a few days & he loved it. He just  gnawed on it. I can't tell you how awesome it is to just give them food, or teething biscuits & you get a break for like 20 minutes!! When he was little I got 3 hour breaks every 4 hours, it was awesome, but now all he wants is attention & wants to play!! :)

Old Navy Chevron Onsie
We stopped at Chipolte (my all time favorite place) burritos are amazing, before we started our drive to Florida. Matthew was really well behaved in the car. We let him chew on mum mums, & I played music on my phone & he ate & slept!! When he gets excited he will stretch his whole body backwards & make a huge grin giving him a baby double chin!! Along with scooting his butt up & down on the floor & screaming in excitement when he is happy. 

Matthew does an awesome job when he sits in the high chair at restruants. He likes to play with the menus & straws (don't worry we watch him). He also loves to bang things on the table & grab for what we are eating. He is chewing on his new toy raccoon, made from PrettyFowFows etsy shop. I finally won a blog giveaway & I got 20$ to her etsy shop, turned out she lived in the same town as me, very ironic!! I won it on Autumn's blog!! I love this toy, such a cute little thing!! 

Onsie, UGGS, & I made the arrow pants :)
While we were in Florida we went to Adam's little brother Willy's weight lifting meet. You couldn't hear Matthew at all over all the noise, we were in a jammed pack weight room, but he was giggling & screaming along with everyone else!! Adam put him up to the squat bar & he told me that he was barely holding him & Matthew was doing all the work lol!! He is going to be a strong one. I'm still obsessed with our city mini jogging stroller, he is going to use this thing for a while!! 

We had a lovely dinner after the beach, I had my like third alcoholic drink since I have turned 21 6 months ago. I got a red apple sangria, it was delicious. It was so nice to be able to go outside with sandals & tank tops because this Georgia weather is STILL COLD. They say its going to be 70 degrees & I'm defiantly feeling 50 degrees still. 

Matthew got to experience the beach for the first time. That was him touching the ocean for the first time & the sand :) He absolutely loved it, he was sitting in the water screaming with excitement, he especially liked when we walked him around in the sand his little toys were moving around in it :) The water was too cold to swim in, but he liked sitting in it as it brushed up on him. 

Sunglasses, Sun Hat, Flip Flops, Bathing Suit, Sun Shirt

Matthew was more prepared for the beach than I was. He was rocking a sun hat, sun glasses, flip flops, bathing suit, & sun shirt. Along with the sunscreen!! I went ahead & got Burts Bee's sunscreen, it obviously worked because he wasn't burnt or even tan when we got home ;) We laid a bunch of towels out all over the sand & let him play with his toys while we laid out. I would recommend bringing lots of bottled water, not just to drink but to wash everything off with!! I would also recommend some kind of tent or large blanket!! 

My bathing suit

I was so glad we got to go to the beach. Unfortunately I didn't wear sunscreen & my back & shoulders got really burnt!! I should know better by now, but it was only like 70 degrees and super windy so I guess I didn't associate the fact that just because it doesn't seem like tanning weather doesn't mean you aren't going to get tan/burnt!! 

I love this picture. It was super bright out for Matthew, but I wanted to get a picture of him without his shades, but he closed his eyes anyway :)

He enjoyed chewing on his sunscreen tube most of the time lol. It's amazing what entertains babies the most. 

Our first family picture on the beach :) 

We did lots of shopping while we were down there as well. We hit up two different outlet malls & I tried California Pizza Kitchen for the first time & it was delicious!! Matthew was just cruising in his stroller having a good time in the nice weather. 

Matthew met his grandma, Adam's dad, for the first time this week. It was so special to see them bond & get to know each other. It's sad being away from both of our families, but it makes each time that we get to see them so much more special. 

Gap Shorts & Onsie

& obviously when I saw a baby palm tree my first instinct was to put my baby by it ;) So Matthew got to touch his first palm tree as well. 


  1. He is seriously adorable, I love the first picture of him in all his sun gear at the beach, I can't wait for summertime! Looks like y'all had a great vaca!

  2. He's just so so cute! i know i've said it million times but i think i'll keep saying it over and over again. ha.
    you're so right. time does fly so fast. before we know it, we already so close with mid year. then, in a blink of an eye the new year will come, babies turn to toddler and we get older. enjoy every minute.

  3. Oh my gosh, Matthew with his beach attire on is just too cute!! What a styling little man!

  4. Looks like it was a great family vacation! Love the beach pictures!

  5. I love the beach outfit! omg & those sunglasses!! seriously too friggen cute!! I am seriously jealous looking at your beach pictures, it's still so cold in New York! :)

  6. Oh my goodness! Matthew is adorable! I love his curly hair! We love curls :) He's as big as my 19mon old (who is tiny, by the way) She doesn't like to eat- not sure where we went wrong :) Hope those teeth come in easily. Glad y'all had fun on the beach.

    And PS that drink is HUGE...I think it counts for about 3 in and of itself so you can say you've had 6 now :)

  7. Hi! I posted a reply to your comment on my blog, but unless you go back and look for it, I don't think you'll see it! Such a small world it is! I was Knute's teacher two years ago and know of Koy! I also know exactly who your Aunt Dava is! And so crazy that you went to DHS! I bet I know some of your old math teachers. :) We have a friend who is {somehow} related to the Holden's down the line...but I'm not sure if it's Knute's mom or dad's side our friend is related to and I couldn't tell ya how either!

  8. aw he is getting so big! I love the beach pics (and your suit!). If he likes the toddler biscuits, have you tried baby mum-mums? My boys still eat them. I always have a couple in my purse and when they were younger loved that they occupied them for a few minutes!

    1. Oh yes I rant and rave about mum mums on here all the time weve been giving them to matthew for three months now he is obbsessed and knows what they are as soon as he sees them and starts scooting on his butt its hillarious :)

  9. Oh my his hair cracks me up. It looks like his eyes are getting bluer. He is going to be a heart breaker one day.

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  12. I love his overalls! They are super cute on him! I am so impressed how mobile he is, Grace is still just rolling. She hasn't figured out the crawling yet.

  13. Seven months already?? Time flies! He is so cute :)

  14. What a cutie! He reminds me of mynlittle guy. It goes way too fast! And we totally have what chevron sleeper, its the cutest! :)

    Xoxo Jamie

  15. Happy 7 months! The time is flying by isn't it? Looks like you guys had a blast at the beach!

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    Also, girl, you just had a baby. What's your secret? You look great.