Monday, April 1, 2013


We started Easter on Saturday this year!! We went to the Saturday church service to beat the Sunday traffic/rush & then we went over to my older sister's house to eat some stew & visit. It turned out to be awesome going to church on Saturday, for some reason, it was just so much easier than Sunday & it was at 5, at night, defiantly easier. 

Matthew & Adam wore (Semi) matching Ralph Lauren shirts, we wanted to all wear blue, it seemed like a nice springy/festive color!! & those little cargo shorts to match Adam's, so precious. I got my dress at a little boutique up the street called "Threads", they have some adorable stuff in there, it's actually a size large, I used safety pins, that's how bad I wanted it & it was the only one left!! 

So you all know that Matthew has been having an off sleep schedule for a month, waking us up 4-5 times a night, well GUESS WHAT, we have had TWO nights where he has slept like he used to 8-12 hours with one wake up. I seriously feel so rested, even kicked it into high gear with the boot camp conditioning class at the gym!! Literally the only thing different we did these two nights was change the sound machine from "twinkle twinkle little star" to the "ocean" sound. Not sure if that has anything to do with it, but defiantly not going to test it & turn "twinkle twinkle little star" back on haha.  

For Easter breakfast Matthew had bananas in the yellow egg, blueberries in the blue egg & pears in the green egg :) He ate them all chopped up, instead of blended. Proud of him!! 

Matthew wasn't too into the whole Easter basket thing, he just wanted to eat all of the plastic eggs that were in it, & chew on the books, go figure. All the effort & money we, still worth it to me!! I cherish the cute stuff :)

You guys have no idea how long it took me to get this photo. 

I even let Matthew have a few nibbles of a blue peep, I couldn't help myself!! Look at those little bruises on his leg :(( this crawling/standing thing is harsh for him!! 

haha, I don't think he is going to fit in here ever again. 

He hasn't mastered the straw, but he liked chewing on it. Does anyone know how to teach them to use a straw?

Thomas is now almost 11 months old & Matthew is almost 8 months old. These little boys are growing like CRAZY. Of course Matthew had to try & pull something, but o well, it's a decent picture ;)  All the cousins came over to Nana's house & we all ate home made lasagna & Easter egg shaped cake!!  

LJ came to visit too!! He is almost 4 months old!! I love Matthew's expression in this photo, he is like "Oh no you didn't". He enjoyed pushing LJ around in the car. 


  1. Love the matching colors and gorgeous dress girl!! He sure is a cutie!

  2. Matthew seriously has the best unruly hair!! It's too cute! And it looks like you all had a great first Easter :)

  3. Love the blue :) I think PFB was over a year when she learned how to use a straw....

  4. Love the matching blues! Very sweet photos. Happy Easter!

  5. Claire mastered regular straws at 15 months I just keep giving them to her and one day she just figured it out. However she mastered the straw sippys at 10 months when we transitioned her off bottles completely. They were the only sippys should would drink her milk out of.

  6. Obsessing over your blue dress! It's gorgeous :) It looks like you guys had an amazing Easter! And don't worry about the leg bruises, B has a lot of them too! Learning to get around is risky business lol

  7. loving the blue dress! Christian still sleeps swaddled (in an a&a blanket) and in his nap nanny too! we are still getting 12+ hours a night, so I don't want to change it until I absolutely have to lol! Nap nannys are the best!!

  8. Oh my gosh, GORGEOUS family!! Seriously, you 3 are just perfect :) Mathew melts my heart.... can we please set up an arranged marriage for our babies? Ha ha!
    What a perfect Easter!