Sunday, March 10, 2013

6 Month Favorites....

1. Wooden Iphone Teether- Matthew loves this thing, probably one of his favorite baby toys, even though the cellphones, laptops, & TV remotes probably top it, but hey, this comes close. It even has him name on the back, so it's really cute.
2. B. Toys Phone- We love phones in this house, the wooden I phone teether doesn't make noise, but this one does, so he likes the noise as well. I've noticed that anything electronic, or baby electronic is right up his ally. 

3. Aden & Anais Burpy Bib- This bib is awesome, it catches all the food & lays over his shoulders as well, so it catches all the messes. I would recommend big bibs either way, they are always the best buy. 

4. Sunglasses- It doesn't matter where you get them, but we go on walks & car rides all the time & Matthew actually keeps them on, so he isn't squinting or anything & his eyes are protected!!

5. Plastic Balls- These balls came with the elephant ball popper we have, but he loves the balls more than the toy. They are easy to pick up & he likes to put them in his mouth & chase after them. 
6. B. Toys Zany Zoo Activity Cube- Three days after Matthew started playing with this he started standing up on EVERYTHING on his own. It really worked for us, he uses this, the couches, the beds, chairs, all sorts of things to stand up, it's adorable. But this toy has so much to do on it, its perfect!! 
7. Organic Banana Puffs- Matthew loves bananas, they melt super fast, & they are easy to pick up. Only down side is they are sticky, Matthew gets him in his mouth about 70% of the time right now.
8. California Baby Lotion- Matthew started crawling this month & his little legs get super rug burned so we have been using lots of lotion. I think its a plus when something smells healthy, & is healthy :)
9. Ho medics Sound Machine- This thing rocks. We put Matthew to sleep with it every single night. It's not great for traveling, but we love it at home. It even projects images on the ceiling, it has several different sounds that even adults will like, & then several baby songs!!
10. Plum Little Cremes- These are similar to puffs but they are a mix of berries & all organic. They taste awesome to me, & Matthew eats them in seconds so I'm assuming they are good!!
11. Retractable Gate- I don't think it matters what kind of gate you buy as long as it keeps your baby from going where you don't want them to go, but this one is the only gate that will fit in a certain opening in our house, so it works for us!! Or you could go old school & just shove everything you have in front of the opening ;)
12. Baby Mum Mums- I know these were on my 5 month favorites, but they are the best thing ever. They are like oval shaped, super thin, & Matthew finishes them in like 5 minutes. They are awesome for teething, & all organic. They have several different flavors, but if your child is teething this is the number one product I recommend. 
13. Boon Spoon- We used this in Florida, & now I want to use it all the time. Its so easy just to put all the food inside of it & squirt it each time they are ready for more inside of using a regular spoon & getting the food from a container/bowl. It's really meant for traveling, & it works awesome in the car. 


  1. Hey katie! i love post like this! they make me have baby fever!! but i wanted to let you know;
    I nominated/gave you the Liebster award! Here are the rules:

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  2. I really think we will invest in the zany zoo!! & do you have the B Toys soft blocks!? They are soo cute! Also we have the keys by the same brand, a little hard but they are super electronic making a ton of sounds so I bet Matthew would like those too!

  3. We have that same sound machine and love it...and B toys are the best!

  4. ok, next time around I am totally getting that wooden iphone teether! xoxo

  5. I wish that carter would teeth just so I can get the iphone teether, I may get it just for him "to pretend" with. we love California baby products & the boon spoon was a fav of ours. I couldn't agree more about the shades, I have also heard if you put them on them while they are young they get used to them & will be less likely to rip them off when they are older :)

  6. Love this list!!! Wish we had gotten that wooden teether!

  7. We love our Zany Zoo and I love that I got at Target on sale before Christmas!

    DD loves puffs and yogurt melts of any flavor. I bought the MumMums once and after I realized they are made in China. I havent bought them again after that. Not sure why that makes me iffy.

    I love the all around bib. I am going to look for one of those!!!!