Thursday, April 4, 2013

34 Weeks Old....

 This week went by a lot faster than I anticipated. I just had to check the calender to confirm that Easter was only a few days ago. I have a one track mind of wedding planning & birthday planning right now, you guys would honestly be surprised at how many nights I have used Pinterest to help me fall asleep & pinned millions of ideas.  Matthew is going to be 8 months old in 4 days, seriously just crazy. I'll spare you my speech of where is the time going, but for real, people aren't lying when they say it goes in a blink of the eye. We didn't get too many pictures this week, Easter kind of took up two whole days of picture taking :)

What mom?!

Health: Little guy is doing great!! No runny nose anymore. As for the bumps & bruises, they just keep showing up, I feel like it's inevitable. Still 3 teeth in, but teething like crazy, you can defiantly tell they are teething when their finger is in their mouth & they scream every time you put them down, or crawl around just screaming. It's pitiful. I'm not sure on height & weight. I would guess around 21 lbs maybe, & possibly 27 inches tall. Waiting 3 months for another apt. makes me anxious. 

Social: Matthew says "Dada" all the time, 24/7. I say "mama" & he will say "dada" & he will go back & forth with me for 10 minutes, I want him to say "mama" again!! Lots of "Eh?" when we yell his name. I started saying "yuck" when I change his number 2 diapers & he is starting to copy off me & say "ukkkkk" or "kkkkkkkk" if that makes since. He is also blowing spit bubbles while he crawls around. He loves to mimic our facial expressions  chase us around the house, & now we can't even eat without him hanging on the chairs screaming for our attention. He loves to come where ever we are & just stand up on the next thing he can find & stare at us. 

Clothing: Matthew is out of the 6 month stuff for good, even some of the 9 month stuff (depending on the brand) is a little too tight. I like to keep him in the 6-12 month stuff, it seems to fit just right, & some of the 9 month stuff. I had him in a 18 month shirt the other day with no problems, ugh, baby sizes, you never know. Also wearing size 4 Huggies diapers. This is his new smile above, I believe he is mimicking a face I make at him all the time, because it looks awfully familiar :) 

Nutrition: Matthew is taking about 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours, it really ranges just depending what's going on, our schedules are so different everyday, we really need to get on a routine schedule for Matthew. He has no idea what's going on lol!! This would be another one of those mimicking faces, how hilarious is that? I always make this face when I'm about to tickle him or scare him :) We are also trying to get 3 servings of solid food a day in with lots of snacks for the teething. We use Plum organic puffs, Organic mum mums, Ella's Kitchen vanilla & milk cookies, & we just started using some organic little cheese puff things, they taste just like Cheetos! I'm not sure Matthew is liking them though. We also give him a french fry, pizza crust, what ever he is screaming for on occasion ;)  I make all of his normal food homemade with the baby bullet still!! Lately I've just been throwing lots of chicken in with veggies, mixing fruits with other fruits, & lots of yogurt, when we buy that stuff in bulk we always have a hard time getting rid of it before it expires!! 

Toys: Well, I figured I would add this back in, not like I ever took it out, but he really does like to play with some of the toys so I can't leave them out. His main focus is on this singing table & his activity cube. He loves to stand on them & play. Sitting down is NOT his thing. He also loves to play with remotes, plastic cups, plastic balls, kitchen appliances (like spatulas, & icing spreaders lol), along with phones, & exploring the kitchen & living room so that he can get into everything he isn't supposed to get into it!! I swear they are a magnet to everything they can't have!! Scary story- The other day I was on the computer & Matthew was crawling around, suddenly I hear something fall & stuff is rattling around, I get up AS SOON AS I HEARD IT, I'm literally a few feet away from him, get over there, & he already has a SCREW in his mouth, SERIOUSLY!!??!! I forgot those were even in there, didn't even realize he could get a hold of it, ugh I panicked. 


Sleep: In this picture he is literally half asleep, half awake. I had just woke him up, & he was smiling at the flash in his face haha. He is just too photogenic it's hilarious. So, we got 4 whole nights of 11 straight hours of sleep, not even to feed since the night before Easter. But then last night, he woke up like 3 times after like 7 in the morning, not bad, but still not as great as 11 straight hours. The only thing I did different was change the sound machine to "Ocean" instead of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", but then last night it was quieter than normal, so maybe that's why he woke up, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm certainly turning it up again tonight lol. It's impossible to sleep with him in the bed without the nap nanny, I wake up with back pain & every move we make wakes him up. So we are keeping him in the nap nanny, swaddled top half, pacifier in mouth & sound machine on!! 

& I can't let it go by, it was Snicker's birthday on the 2nd. She turned two!! My little girl is growing up. I didn't have any doggie icecream this year, but I gave her some chicken & whip cream & YES, I lit those candles & sung her "Happy Birthday"!! 


  1. this week seriously has flown by!! & the bumps and bruises are so inevitable ;/

  2. Oh my gosh...Matthew is SO handsome! What a cutie pie! Newest follower loving your blog...I have a 4 1/2 month old son and can totally relate on the time-flying-too-quickly stuff :(. We need to invent a time-freezer!

    Hope y'all are having a great weekend!

  3. He is getting so big! They grow so fast!

  4. cannot believe how well he is standing up!!

    1. He just started standing on his own this week!! The longest it has lasted so far was 15 seconds, and he has to have something in his hands, but still haha!!

  5. Oh my gosh. His crazy hair. I love it! He just gets cuter and cuter.

  6. LOVE all the phtotos!!! He'll sleep through the night eventually. Ours still wakes up every now and then, then bottle, change and back to sleep! :) Happy 8 months little man!