Saturday, April 6, 2013

Teething Must Haves....

1. Zoli Teethers- I was skeptical about these at first, but when I saw Matthew shoving the spoon, tooth brushes, & straws in his mouth, these ended up being perfect. They have a stopper on them to prevent gagging themselves, although Matthew would tend to chew on the wrong end when he was around 4 months. I would just watch them with it. They have a rubbery textured piece at the end that helps sooth the gums & Matthew just gnawed away at them. 
2. Baby Mum-mums- These things were life savors, I say were, because they worked like solid gold between 4-6 months, but after that Matthew started finishing them off so fast, that they didn't help soothe any teething pain for long. But honestly, these were by far my favorite, they just melt in their mouth, they are little rice rusks, we went through them like candy. Matthew still bounces on his butt when he is about to get one.
3. Wooden I phone Teether- Adam & I both figured this was just an unnecessary purchase at first, we just loved how cute it was, but turns out it was one of the greatest purchases we could have made. Although, nothing compares to the real cell phones when it comes to babies being magnets towards electronics, this was pretty dang close. Something about the wood, Matthew just loves chewing on it, kept him entertained.
4. Rubber Bath Book- Even if a toy says its for the bath, doesn't mean it's just for the bath, this was the perfect alternative to Matthew not chewing on card board books/paper books. Once you feel it, it seems obvious that a baby would want to chew on it.
5. Hyland's Teething Tablets- Love these things, just like the mum-mums these go like candy around here. Matthew loves when he is about to get some, wide open mouth!! They start working instantly. They are just an alternative to using Tylenol, & they are natural.
6. Baby Tylenol- Now if the Hyland's teething tablets don't work for some reason, or your baby is hard core teething, then give them the Tylenol, not only does it help instantly, but Matthew would sleep forever when we gave it to him & he always wanted more when he got it, possibly because it said it tasted like bubble gum lol.
7. Pizza Crusts- It doesn't matter what kind of pizza, if its a pizza crust it will work. Just pop a bunch of these in the freezer, & you will have hours of a happy baby. Literally. I don't care what anyone says about them not being ready for bread, or its bad for them, or calories, WHATEVER. These last way longer than the mum-mums, Matthew isn't crying, & his little gums are soothed, SCORE.
8. Munchkin Food Feeder- Love this thing, beware of putting banana in it, even when its frozen, its a total mess, keeps the baby quiet forever but then you have a serious mess to clean up. We used ice cubs, & apples most of the time. The thing is impossible to clean, but Matthew enjoyed it!!
9. Mam Pacifier- This is just a recreated version of the little freeze rings, but it has a easier to hold base on it, & a double top, which seemed easier for Matthew to get in his mouth, to be honest the string was what he loved the most.
10. Washcloth- Any brand, any color, it doesn't matter. Wet it down, throw it in the freezer, let it sit for a while, give it to your baby. Obviously you want to keep it clean to avoid mold or anything, but works like a charm!! & doesn't get dropped as easy as the toys.
11. Vulli Alien Teether- This is the same brand as the Sophie Giraffe, I just liked these little aliens better because they were more fitting for a boy in my opinion. Matthew liked the noise the most at the beginning, but around 6 months he actually started chewing on it, & really liked it.
12. Bright Stars Elephant Crinkle Toy- You obviously have to have a plethera of chew toys, this was just Matthew's favorite when he was smaller, I think the noise made him want to eat it.
13. Gerber Teething Biscuits- These say for toddlers, I don't care, Matthew finishes them off in .5 seconds & loves them. Any kind of food thing he can hold in his hands & chew on helps his teething. Beware the mess.
14. Razberry Teether Pacifier- It's just a pacifier that is super textured, Matthew literally just chews on it, he won't put it in his mouth like a pacifier.
15. Life factory Teething Rings- They can go in the freezer, they are easy to hold!! That's pretty much it :)
16. Skip Hop Owl Toy- Just another teething toy, buy as much as you can, it just gets to the point where you will be giving them anything to get them to stop crying & being in pain.

Now obviously, you don't need to purchase everything on this list. I went above & beyond to make sure I had everything to keep him from being in lots of pain. You can buy different brands, different colors, different whatever. I just loved these products & I hope this helps some of you mom's out there looking for a good product!! Matthew teethed between 3 1/2 months-5 1/2 months & then stopped until 7 months. The first time around it was a lot harder, he couldn't really grab things on his own so we resorted to a lot of Tylenol & teething tablets, & as he grew we would give him all the other things. Now that he is 8 months & teething we literally give him anything we can get our hands on that he seems to want, he is very picky & whether its a remote, ball, block, straw, anything, I'll just watch him & give it to him. Teething really SUCKS, for everyone. Matthew has 3 teeth officially in, but I know there are plenty more to come. If any one has an recommendations that aren't on the list, feel free to share :) I'm hoping I didn't forget anything important lol!! The next thing we are looking into more is the Jane chew beads, & I think we are going to try the Amber teething necklaces again!! 


  1. Thanks for these - Waverly still has no teeth but is definitely showed signs of them on the way! No fun! Anything that helps is great!!

  2. Our little guy doesn't have teeth yet but he is teething so bad! I'll have to try some of these :) Happy Monday!

  3. THANK YOU FOR THIS! Katelyn broke her first tooth and it has been hell-ish around here!