Thursday, April 18, 2013

36 Weeks Old....

36 weeks. Well, this week has been full of new foods, new bruises, new skills, & they were super exciting. I love watching Matthew grow, & learn. You get to watch your own little creation grow & it's seriously awesome. No words can really describe it. Now that I have certainly made way with the first birthday party planning I will be sharing soon some of my inspiration & plans :)

Matthew is totally digging all the stroller rides. We have had some super nice Georgia weather & have defiantly been taking advantage of it. I think its safe to say the cold weather has subsided, with the exception of those random crappy days everyone gets once in a while, till the fall. Matthew's little feet are hanging off the end of the stroller, can't believe he is getting so big. I remember when he barely fit in this stroller, sliding around, & his little head wouldn't even stay straight lol. I didn't notice until after the photo was taken that I got him to throw up the "rocker" sign :) Born to be a musician haha. 

Why is Matthew's hat like this you ask? Because Adam said it was awesome & insisted on a picture, go figure. Also, you can note that he is also holding a phone, ALL IS GOOD....AS LONG AS I GET TO HOLD A PHONE. Literally. If he sees the phone & can't get to it, we will have a screaming baby until he gets it, should I be worried? I got a I Phone 5 this week, I have an outer box, but I about lost it when I saw the phone in Matthew's mouth. You guys should have seen him last week, we have a plugged in wifi thing that makes the connection stronger in the house for phones, he kept going to it & taking it out, over & over again, I listened to screaming for around 20 minutes, while he had a tantrum over it. grr.

Matthew was SUPER unsure about trying mashed potatoes for the first time. I think it was probably the consistency. After I blended them & put them in the fridge they sort of dried if that makes since, so they were falling apart on his spoon. But rest assured Adam stepped in while I wasn't home & added some salt to them for him, WHAT, trying to feed this baby healthy stuff & the fiance is throwing salt in his food lol. 

How perfect are these two? You can tell they are related :) Even though Matthew took my genes over with the blonde hair & blue eyes, his little face & behavior is all Adam!! 

Matthew totally loves this thing. Remember how I told you all we got the B. Toys Activity Cube, & Matthew was standing on his own two days after we got it? Well, I got this walker, & a week later Matthew can take SEVEN STEPS COMPLETELY ON HIS OWN!!!! My little baby has taken his first steps this week, I can't believe it. His balance is awesome, he will just stand there on his own for a while & then take a couple steps & crawl around again, but we got seven whole steps out of him!! His very first steps were last week & he took two, then this week he took 4 while face timing my mom, & then the other day we got seven :)

We went over to Aunt Jody's house the other day & she had this wagon, Matthew loved it, so of course we went & got him one. This is going to be so perfect for the pool. I would seriously recommend this wagon. It has two places for kids & there are straps so they are getting out or all over the place, plus even older toddlers can sit in it too, for parents with little ones :) & four drink holders!! Screaming, arms shaking up & down, squealing, the whole shebang. 

Matthew was teething really bad this week. Finger in the mouth 24/7 & super fussy. You know he is teething when he takes a nap & wakes up screaming in pain. I think I may cave & try the baby Orajel this week & see how well it works. We are really just using pizza crusts, a lot of snacks, pacifier, & even rubber phone cases have seemed to help. He has FIVE TEETH in already, so now I guess we have to wait for how ever many more he is going to get. The three bottom are in, & the top two are in, in the front. We have also been using Hyland's Teething Tablets as well. Poor guy. 

Matthew was also unsure about the asparagus. I steamed it, but it still wasn't so appetizing. I probably wouldn't want to eat it either all blended up like that with no seasoning or anything. He surprisingly ate a whole serving of it, but I didn't want to force him to eat anymore lol. 

He no longer keeps his shades on, he has discovered how to take them off finally. I was surprised I actually got a picture of him with them on. Note, phone in hand lol. We took a walk down a nature trail this week, he was loving all the bumps & hills. He isn't afraid of anything lol!! 

Matthew got his first black eye this week :( It even happened on my watch!! We were taking a bath together, & he stood up on the side like he always does to look over the edge & normally I'm right there waiting for him to slip, but lately I've been lazy about it because he has been so good at standing on his own & keeping his balance, well go figure, this would happen. His little feet slipped underneath him & he hit directly on his cheek bone :( He cried for less than a minute & I didn't even notice a scratch or bruise until after we got out of the bath & he was just playing happy as ever, like it didn't even affect him, phew :( 

The boys seem to enjoy the wagon more when they are together, reaching for each other & squealing back & forth it's adorable. I took a bunch of photos within a few minutes, one minute Matthew is looking at the fountain, & Thomas is playing with the wheels & then vice versa over & over again. I love it when they both tap the wagon repeatedly like they are saying "LETS GO, GET THIS THING MOVING". 

I can't get over Matthew doing this. Totally calm not in a smiley mood, then I whip the camera out, the flash goes off & BOOM he smiles. He is trained, its sad lol.

Love these boys. They are going to be best friends, exactly 3 months apart. Already stealing toys from each other, screaming when the other one takes something from each other, not sharing, & squealing to each other. Classic :)

An odd way to pass out, but apparently the sun got to him today!! 

I figured I'd better share a photo of Matthew standing, showing off his awesome balancing skills & then walking towards me to take the camera away from me!! 

He is just too sweet when he sleeps, he finds the cutest little positions to get into. 

Matthew also tried strawberries for the first time this week, they were super messy in this food feeder that's for sure, but he was drooling all over the place so I'm assuming he loved them.

& of course, it was about time we let this child try some honey nut cherrios. He likes to eat on the floor because he doesn't like being contained in the chair lol. 


  1. Awe his poor little black eye. His hair is getting so long. Such a cutie. Love thst pic of Matthew and daddy sleeping, so sweet

  2. His first steps - good job Matthew!! Hope his black eye heals soon.

  3. Motrin works miracles for teething. Claire is getting her molars and canines right now and they have been hell for her. Her other didn't bother her much.

  4. Growing so fast!! Such a cutie!!

  5. What a stud! I'm loving all of the hair! I was thinking about getting E a wagon too but I seriously cannot swallow the outrageous price tag. Yes, I'm cheap like that. I would highly recommend the pool however. I'm sure he'd love to splash around!