Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wedding Planning....Month Two

So, I thought we accomplished a lot in month one, but now with month two down, we have accomplished a ton more. I should really look into this as a career, I'm loving it. My last post left you all knowing that we had finished & made our deposits on the following....

-Dress & Shoes
-Engagement Photos
-Asking my bridesmaids
-Color Scheme

We sent our "Save The Date" out this month, they are magnets (this way no one can loose them, no excuses ;) ) Our photos were taken by Timeless Photography & we purchased our "Save The Date" off etsy by Fifth Vintage. My dress is also from Dress Up

I finished making all decorations, & buying a lot of them off Etsy. Everything else I'm making now is stuff I never planned on making but I scour pinterest for hours looking at wedding stuff before I go to sleep & I come up with hundreds of more ideas. I made a lot of my stuff, it really went well with the whole "Country Chic" theme, & it kept me busy. For this "C" I used a wooden letter C, wrapped it in Jute, using a hot glue gun & purchased the flowers from Hobby Lobby, & glued them on, super simple, but very time consuming. All of my decorations were made using lace, burlap, jute, pearls, lots of paint, & bear bottles. 

I asked my little sister to be my flower girl. I also asked Adam's nieces Sera & Rose to be flower girls as well. So I have a total of three. They are going to be wearing the big poofy tulle dresses & with flowers on them, & TOMS. 

I used a calligraphy pen to write all 50 some odd "Save The Date" envelopes. This was the first one I did, but by the end I was a pro. I loved doing it, its time consuming, but it looks to original & fun compared to the plain boring stuff!! I got the calligraphy pen at Office Max :)

Adam got his wedding band this month. We got an awesome deal & I love it too. 

I also got a new ring, the original one we got was kind of a fast act ring, he wanted to ask during Valentines Day & our two year anniversary, so this time I went & picked one out with him. It's Vera Wang just like my dress, I love it. I love that it looks like the Edwardian style rings on the side & it's perfect size for my finger. 

I have also been having a ton of fun making Mrs, Bride, & workout shirts. The first one says "bride mode" & the second on says "sweating for the wedding". I just found the ideas on pinterest & bought some cheap tanks from Khols :) I forgot to tell you all that in the last month & a half I have been working out SIX DAYS A WEEK, or even 7 if I feel up to it. I've been taking Zumba, Boot Camp Conditioning, & Body Works Plus Abs at my gym (finally making use of that 30$ a month member fee) & I even have some friends to go with so its a lot more motivating. I lost quite a few inches & toned up a lot, no weight is dropping on the scale, but I think I'm building muscle so that's why I don't see a change. I currently weigh 127, I normally used to weigh around 120-123, but I'm very happy with where I'm at. 

I got all my bridesmaids together this weekend to go bridesmaid dress shopping. We found the perfect ones, Vera Wang, big surprise lol. So now my dress, my ring, & my bridesmaid dresses are all Vera, she is actually a lot more affordable then people think & she has gorgeous stuff. From left to right Beth I met when I worked at Hooters & she has a little girl Gracie who is a month younger than Matthew (the little girl in Matthew's Valentines photos) Lynn, I met in hair school, we hit it off right away & have been friends ever since, then me obviously, Jody is Adam's sister, & then Jaime is my sister. My sister Annie who is two years younger than me is a total tom boy & refuses to be a bridesmaid lol, but I saw that one coming. My maid of honor, Katie, lives in Kansas, but she ordered her dress the day after we got ours, I was sad she couldn't be there with us. The bridesmaids will be in a soft pink color, also wearing TOMS, but the wedges :)

Recent Etsy Store Purchases (The Stores I have used)

-Shabby Country Chic
- Liquid Courage 
-Sweetly Scrapped Art

This Month....
- Asking flower girls
-Adam's wedding band
-Bridesmaid dresses
- Booked Bridal shower place
- Decorations
-Save the dates
-My new wedding ring
- Favors for boys & girls
- Cake
-Chair Covers
- Adam's Passport


  1. Sounds like you've gotten a lot done. Wedding planning is so fun & I also spend hours on Pinterest getting ideas for my wedding. Love your save the dates

  2. Wow!! So exciting!!! Love the shabby chic theme!

  3. Aw Katie, everything looks gorgeous! I love you wedding planning posts!!

  4. You're rocking and rolling with this wedding planning thing! Good job girl!

  5. Oh wow, I love what you're going for with the decorations! Very nice!

  6. Hi Katie,

    Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog :)
    Glad that you liked those Save the Date Magnets.
    It was fun working with you.

    Thank you.

    Fifth Vintage