Tuesday, April 9, 2013

8 Months Old....

8 months, you have come way too fast. Obviously, I'm like every other new parent "wishing he could do this & that asap". I love watching him grow & learn, but it's getting to the point where I think it needs to slow down. Soon I'm going to have a little toddler running around the house & i'm thinking right now is hard, i'm sure I haven't even seen hard yet. Props to you momma's with 2 under 2, & so on. I love this little guy so much, he is truly such an amazing little person to be around & is always smiling & giggling, he is very mischievous now & I have a love/dislike relationship with that part :) 4 more months until his first birthday!! 

Health: Matthew is doing great. He has yet to get sick, 8 months down!! I'm very blessed for that, I really dislike seeing little babies sick :( so helpless. I'm not sure on the height & weight, patiently waiting for this 9 month appointment next month. He has three teeth, with a fourth one about to break through on top (last time I checked). Matthew has been dragging his right leg behind when he crawls for 2 months now, at first we ignored it because he was just starting & now its been two months, I called the pediatrician, she didn't seemed concerned, hoping he grows out of it in this next month so we don't have to do any physical therapy or anything. I think he may just be doing it because he learned to crawl by sitting every few "crawls" & I think its just a habit now. 

Sleep: Well, we got those 4 nights & that's what matters LOL. Unfortunately, I thought we may have broken the waken up every few hours thing after our 6 straight months of perfect sleeping, but I was wrong. I've been informed by many moms that this is normal & he is probably not going to grow out of it for a while :( For the last few days he has been waking up 3-4 times a night, mainly in the morning if that makes sense. We are swaddling upper half, pacifier, sound machine, & feeding before bed. I'm thinking maybe going to bed at 12 wasn't a good idea, maybe we should start going to bed at 2 again?!?! He probably takes 2-3 naps a day & they last about 30 minutes give or take. 

Nutrition: Matthew drinks 4-5 ounces of formula every 4-5 hours, some times sooner or later, but it seems to me like he has been able to go longer without drinking the bottle now. He eats lots of snacks all day, including milk & vanilla cookies, puffs, little cut up pieces of fruit, yogurt melts, mum mums, so on. We also give him 2-3 solid foods a day. Curious to know, when do babies stop drinking formula & breast milk? 

Clothing: Matthew is wearing 6-12 month, & 9 month clothing. He is also in size 4 diapers. 

Toys: Matthew is loving some of his toys again. Possibly because I loaded up on some more good ones :) I recentley purchased a bag of balls, he loves holding them, putting them up to his mouth, & playing in the pack & play with them. I think I want to get more to fill it up more like a ball pit!! We found his Iphone teether (it went missing under the bed) & he is sure glad its back. He is still very attached to the kitchen spatulas & spoons, remotes, laptops, whatever he can get his hands on. He still is also really into the activity cube, & the musical standing table. 

I recently got this little walker from a friend as well. It's recalled because the wheels can fall off (which one did) lol. But he seriously loves it, I just make sure to watch him when he plays with it. As soon as I gave it to him, he was off, literally just running practically through the kitchen & back through the living room. I would highly suggest a walker if you don't want to be the one walking them around & hurting your back haha. 

Look at this sweet, innocent smile :) 

Straight cheesin :)

Social: Matthew has lots of baby friends!! This is his new friend Kyle. My friend Destyni & I were pregnant at the same time, Kyle was born in November, & Matthew obviously in August. He was so precious & barely noticed Matthew, Matthew was busy taking his toys & crawling over him lol. Matthew says "mama" & "dada". The mama is more like mamammamamamam still but the dada is extra clear ha!! He loves to come up to us & smile at us & pat our leg over & over again like he wants something, he screams when we walk away, giggles at practically everything we do, loves when Snicker's growls & plays with us. He takes toys away from any baby who has something he wants, he also says "ukkk" when I say "yuck". Some times I get a "eh" when I call his name. 

Matthew & cousin Thomas were exhausted after our walk :)

I haven't seen him sleep like this in a long time, normally its "on the back or its a no go". I think he just drank too much ;)

Skills: Matthew obviously can crawl as you all have heard, he is all over the house. He stands up on everything & anything, even if its not stable lol. He knows when he goes to the stairs, because he will wave his hand over the edge & sit instead of go, but I still don't chance it :) always watching him closely!! He can stand on his own now, longest time was 15 seconds, he has also taken his first few steps, trying to get to something he wants or one of us. He loves to stand on his own and shake his hands up & down with excitement. He is closing & opening doors. He is into all of the cabinets. He comes when I tell him to "come here". He is SORT OF waving, almost there. Drinking out of a sippy cup, but no straws yet. 

Matthew saying "dada", at the beginning & at the end of the video.

The best baby laugh you will ever hear ;) haha! I watch this over & over again. I was tickling him!!


  1. As far as I know (from my pediatrician) babies are good to switch from breastmilk/formula to cows milk/soy milk/goats milk/whatever you fancy at one year. Not much longer!!

  2. Such a cutie! I can't believe he's 8 months already

  3. Dragging legs is normal with crawling. Claire didn't crawl "right" until months after she started crawling. She just started walking at 3 days shy of 16 months. Babies makes the switch to whole milk around their first birthday.

  4. I can't believe he is talking!! He is such a cutie! And they are usually on formula or breast milk till they reach one year.

  5. he is so cute ! did you guys cut his hair?

  6. He looks so grown up with that hat on! I have been meaning to write you forever.. I have been trying to start my own blog. Major props to you for your blogging; I never realized how hard it is :). Thanks for doing the schedule post. AS a FTM I am at a loss on those things. Also love the colors and fabric choices for your wedding. Are you planning for Matthew's 1st yet? Are you going to do a post? Would love to hear your ideas and inspiration. Thanks!

    1. Yes, I already have a lot of things for Matthew's first birthday, I love over planning & planning super early lol!! We are having his first birthday the day after our wedding since my closest family will only be here a few short days & his birthday is the week after our wedding. I would love to share, I will get to it this week :)!!