Saturday, June 1, 2013

42 Weeks Old....

Little man is 42 weeks, you know what that means? He is 10 months old next week, the double digits have began!! Has it really almost been 10 months? I mean I can't use the "I just had a baby excuse anymore", because he was only in there for 10 months, (they say nine, but its 10 I promise) haha. Anyway, still haven't had his 9 month check up. To be honest, we had him on medicaid, we never wanted to deal with the government or use medicaid, but they said we didn't really have a choice. Adam is still on his mom's insurance & I'm still on my father's (we are both under 25. So, his medicaid abruptly ended out of nowhere, something about me not sending something in, which wasn't true defiantly mailed it!! Now we are trying to get peach care. Adam will be 25 this November, then he will get his own & add Matthew on. Hoping this gets resolved soon :( Just one more thing to stress about!! I know I have been slacking on pictures, so I tried to get a lot this week ;) 

Health: Matthew has been sick this entire week, it was his first time ever getting sick, so no wonder it's lasting so long & of course right when our insurance goes hay wire. Anyway, It's mainly just congestion, there was a 99.9 fever one night, but only one night out of 7. Lots of runny nose, that's for sure. I've been using the nose sucker thing (that's what I call it ;)), Saline spray, & Tylenol. He isn't acting any different, just congestion, still running around, getting into everything & smiling a bunch, thank goodness. I'm guessing he weighs around 22-23 lbs, I'm sure all his walking/running is making him loose weight!! He has EIGHT teeth now, jeez & still going obviously, they are about to come in the back now, assuming by his finger in the back of his mouth 24/7. 

Nutrition: Matthew is drinking 5-6 ounces every 4-5 hours give or take. We are still using the Gerber Good Start Gentle, we did use one can of the number 2 one, supposedly for 9-12 months, but it was the same thing, at least it looked the same lol. I can't wait to stop using formula. Does anyone have any pre advice on weening, so that I can be ready in a couple months? I make Matthew's solid food, all organic. We try to get 2-3 servings a day, along with snacks. Our favorite is Yo Baby Yogurt, Ella's Kitchen Granola Bars & Mum Mums. Our favorite solid foods are chicken, avocado, & banana. Super easy to prepare too haha. That bruise? His father's fault, full face plant at the pool onto concrete, poor baby :( 

Matthew loves books, especially colorful ones, & he puts all of them in his mouth. The other day he was flipping through one speaking a ton of blahhblah mamama dddadd blah so on. I think he was actually trying to read ;) We love the touch & feel books, like these two above!! Our mornings are normally spent pulling all the toys out of the buckets & playing with them all for a good hour!! 

We have been LOVING this weather lately, total pool/walk weather. Matthew loves to be thrown up into the air. 

This is a daily occurrence on the outside porch, for some reason he has to go behind the chair & then get stuck & cry.

We were both sweating from our walk outside together :)

Skills: Matthew can fully walk, everywhere & anywhere. He has been walking since 8 months. He no longer crawls anywhere for about a month now. He can climb to the top of our 18 stairs (with us behind him). He talks a lot of jibberish, says dada mama and blah. He claps, does raspberries & all kinds of funny things with his mouth. He opens & closes doors. All kinds of fun things ;)

BABY TIP: Boxes keep babies entertained for HOURS, literally. Give them a box.

Social: Matthew is now trying to actually talk, his blah mama dada has turned into all sorts of weird noises & sounds, he just goes on & on & on!! Looks all concerned, looks like he is questioning us, angry, sad, I love his facial expressions, its adorable. He holds his arms out everywhere, he just wants to be picked up, he has been super cuddly all week I'm actually enjoying my sick little baby, he actually wants to snuggle with me & everything!! He pulls on our legs, bands & screams on the table for more food. He runs toward us & gives us a big hug, he gives big open mouth kisses now, He giggles like crazy when we chase him & squeals once we grab him. He claps when he is happy, we are still working on waving goodbye. 

We went to the pool with some of our friends & their baby for Memorial day to grill out. The boys were chilling on the way home :)

Sleep: YES YES YES, is all I have to say ;) haha but for real. We put him in the pack n play next to our bed, WE DID IT, I think this time he was ready because we have gotten FOUR whole nights of NO WAKE UPS. I feel like he is a newborn again lol!! I feel so energized!! We put George in there with him (stuffed monkey), & one our our pillows, & he is doing great. We still use the sound machine, trying to stay away from using the pacifier, (he is starting to take it out anyway) & we feed him right before bed. 

Toys: Matthew loves electronics, singing toys, lighting up toys, so on. He loves to chew on books, play with kitchen utensils & tupper wear, he loves anything that isn't a baby toy like keys and sunglasses. Stuffed animals, bath toys, blocks. All the good stuff!! He loves to chew on EVERYTHING.

Clothing: Matthew is in 12 month stuff, he can still fit in the Gap 6-12 months, & some of his things are 18 months depending on the brand. He is still in size 4 diapers & size 5 shoes now. I don't normally put him in just a onsie any more I feel like he needs pants with his outfit, he is growing into a little boy lol!! 

Poor baby is still sick :( but isn't he adorable in this outfit :)


  1. The first picture he looks like a little boy! No longer a baby! Loved his little updates this week and hope he gets to feeling better!

  2. oh my! that bruise!!! poor baby!

    double digits I know!!!! where has the time gone???
    adorable as usual :)

  3. Konnor is 13 months and still gets a sippy of formula at bedtime, whole milk hurts his belly at bedtime. But his doctor told us about 10.5 months to start mixing whole milk in with his formula, like 2 oz of whole milk, 4 oz of formula then just work your way up to only whole milk that way. It made the transition a lot easier for Konnor expect at nighttime, not sure why. Maybe that will help (:

  4. We had Claire on all table food at 10 months and for weaning her to milk we did 50/50 and she took it no problem and then 75/25 no problem and then all whole milk and she loved it. She was in whole milk the week of her 1st birthday.

  5. Walking!! Amazing! Cute little guy!

  6. Your little guy is so cute!! :)